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  1. Hey, partner, Looks like this is a known issue by the ARMA devs and there's already a solution waiting for the next patch to roll out. In the meantime, I can confirm that running the Profiling Branch fixed the issue on my end. I hope this helps someone else looking for solutions.
  2. Hey, gents. Glad to see an honest-to-goodness WWII mod for ARMA in the works. I'm a member of a small community of mod-happy ARMA players, so if you guys need play-testers who can help produce bug reports, or perhaps make some demo missions with your content, let me know and we'll put your products through their paces. Long way off, I know, but the offer's there all the same. Good luck guys!
  3. Hey, Massi. Love to see your work updating! I think, however, I've found a bug. http://i.imgur.com/JTLUIny.png Basically, that's one of your UH-60's sitting idle "on the ground". All I did was toggle AFM on, and WHAMMO. The entire aircraft literally jumps into the air a few feet, then settles back down with the wheels floating about three feet from the floor. Seems to be like that all the time when I have AFM on. The AI units don't use AFM, so you actually have to get into the aircraft yourself. http://i.imgur.com/YuZ3Bot.png That's your Chinook (a brilliant model, btw) floating a few inches off the ground, viewed from outside with no-one in the aircraft. He's one of the lesser offenders here, as when you get in, the jump is very slight. Unfortunately, it seems as if all your helicopters have this basic bug. They sit perfectly fine w/o AFM, but when it's on, they all (even the Mi's) jump a few feet into the air and float above the ground. I'm not familiar with what might cause this, so I'm afraid I can't be much help with a solution (if there is one). Let me know if you can reproduce this on your own. Maybe it's just me. TL;DR: Helicopters float above ground with AFM on. (Edit: Fix broken links)
  4. Citadel

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Hey Teriyaki. Nice work, as usual. I have found, however, what appears to be a bug. Check and see if you can hold a pistol while wearing one of the all-white hooded jackets (hood up or down, either way). It appears that, while in first person, the winter uniforms make the pistol disappear. Odd. While in third person or observing from a second person's perspective: Third Person While in first person: First Person Seems to only be with your uniforms of a winter variety. Has anyone else noticed bugs like this? --Sandwich
  5. I also have this problem. No idea what's causing it. I'm using the mod version.
  6. Did anyone else see that logo for this mod on the ARMAHolic frontpage and think "is that a lightsaber!?" While I'm crushed to see that there is yet no ARMA Star Wars mod, I'm quite excited to see an in-depth dedicated EOD mod take shape. I'll be giving this one a test, for sure!
  7. Citadel

    Missing Units

    Hey Sparfell. Just wanted to say "thanks" for this awesome mod. My group and I play almost exclusively as AAF, so having more hardware added to the AAF (even if it's just retextured from other factions) is a huge boost to our immersion and morale (all the better to take the fight to those damn FIA dogs!) Keep up the awesome work. Green Daggers 4 lyfe. P.S. I let PWS know your mod updated to 1.2
  8. Yes, it works great now! Blew me away the first time I heard it. I tested it a third time and yes, it really does seem the PWS version's userconfig is different and non-functional compared to the Armaholic version, and that is a make-or-break for the mod's functionality. I'll look for a way to let the PWS guys know. Keep up the great work!
  9. Hey, Wak. Thanks for the help. I've adjusted for different sound mods by checking videos which don't appear to have sound mods installed, or using them when I recognize the sounds. Also, yeah, I always run with 128 samples. Good thinking, though, I actually forgot to check (which would be a reasonable source of the issue). Still, was 128 before, and still is. Hey LAxemann, thanks for your quick and thoughtful reply. Unfortunately, I've already run through that very same checklist when I was troubleshooting on my own. -I DO have the latest CBA (at least the one available on PWS, and I don't see any newer ones than v1.0.8.140725) -Userconfig was copied (even though it seems to install to userconfig properly when running with PWS) -I ran with the version from Armaholic for my "PWS Failure" testing, and I have the same results Wait... hold on a second (I'm writing this as I test all the steps again from a clean install). I didn't check for THIS variable, and I think I know what's causing the problem. After adjusting, it worked! Read on. It appears to be the USERCONFIG file from the Play With Six version of LES! The PWS version uses a different setup for the userconfig files than the Armaholic version. When installing CLEAN from PWS, the userconfig file seems to be mis-configured, causing the mod to not work. I'm willing to bet that if you tested this yourself, you've got the RIGHT config (the one similar to the file from Armaholic) still in your userconfig file from your work on the mod itself, giving a false confirmation of the PWS version's functionality. Check out my steps to reproduce: 1.) Clear userconfig folder of all LES-related configs. All of 'em. Both from the userconfig file itself and get rid of any sub-folders related to LES. 2.) Install PWS version. Note the mod does not function. 3.) Uninstall mod, being sure to clear userconfig as in step 1. 4.) Install Armaholic version. Note the mod functions. 5.) Uninstall mod, being sure to clear userconfig as in step 1. 6.) Install PWS version. This time, install userconfig file from Armaholic version before testing. Note, the mod works. Alternatively, you could clean the userconfig folder, test the PWS version, then install the Armaholic version's userconfig and test it. I think something got dorked up with the version on PWS. Let me know if your testing gives you similar results. In the meantime, I'm going to test out these sounds. Now that it works, it really is noticeable!
  10. Hey OP. So, maybe I'm just going nuts here, but I can't seem to get the darned mod to work. I've installed via PWS, and tested it with only it and CBA running, but I just can't seem to notice any changes. When I watch your videos showing the mod, however, it's pretty obviously different from the vanilla sound effects. I checked the userconfig, re-downloaded the mod, etc etc. I don't see any special install instructions anywhere, and it seems nobody else on the forum here has this issue. Any guidance? Edit: Let me clarify. The mod seems to load just fine, no errors. The icon appears on the main menu. Just when playing, there seems to be no difference in sound. I've even tried to re-create the scenarios from the videos, just to be sure.
  11. Done. #74997. I'll be sure to send any bugs that way, first, rather than clutter up the forum. Keep up the good work, gents!
  12. Hey Glowbal. Love your work so far. I think I found a bug, however. I was lying down, incapacitated after being shot up by some AI, using the medical module with instant death turned off, when, for the heck of it, I tried throwing a grenade at my would-be killers-- and it worked. A grenade flew out of my motionless body, and more followed as fast as I could press the button, to hilarious results. Anyone else have the same issue?
  13. I'm with Savage on this one. This could make a brilliant testing tool! Also, it just looks like a lot of fun for those missions in which we want to have a more "run 'n gun" action. Good work.
  14. Citadel

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Glad to hear there's a fix for this in the works. Keep up the awesome work!
  15. Citadel

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Hey Raven. Awesome mod! It's become one of the essentials for my little group to use in our ARMA missions. We've noticed a pretty dramatic bug, however, when using the addon. When flying a helo as Zeus (remote control the pilot), and anyone, whether one or all of the passengers use the fast-rope feature, the helicopter can get stuck in the sky over the drop point. Here's how to reproduce: 1.) Go into the editor. Either by having MCC active or by placing the Zeus module on the map and synching to the player avatar, make the player capable of Zeus-ing. 2.) As Zeus, place a helicopter and a team of infantry, and have the infantry board the helo in any manner preferred. 3.) Remote control the pilot, take off. At a safe altitude, drop the infantry using the pilot's begin fast-rope command, or if you have a player helping out as the infantry team leader, have that person initiate the fast-rope. 4.) After the fast-rope action completes and the helo is free to move again, fly away. For complete variable control, keep the infantry where they stand once disembarked. Notice that the aircraft functions normally. 5.) Return to the airspace directly above where the infantry disembarked via fast-rope. You should notice the aircraft becomes stuck in the air, as if the script which fixes the helo in place during fast-roping is active again. I was actually able to turn the aircraft fully up-side-down at one point, to humorous effect, while remaining fixed in the air. I've made a video showing the bug. Linked below. http://youtu.be/0jQ1ZYEGojM Anything I'm doing wrong here? Is there a workaround?