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  1. Do you use any mods? like for example ACE which have their own stamina/fatigue system. If so you need to disable those separately.
  2. Taxen0

    Tembelan Island

    you can make the index yourself and upload it to the alive devs: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Map_Indexing Also, great work @-ben-, the map is looking nice!
  3. Taxen0

    Custom Combat Patrol

    @basstard Thank you for this mod, I have had a blast with it and combined with vcom it makes for some really fun sessions! Now I am looking to make a slightly more advanced mission with it and have a few suggestions of features you might want to consider for the future, and some questions. To add some more randomization it would be nice if we could add an array with several custom configs for rifleman group, fireteam, sentry, tanks and so on, and pick one of those at random when spawning. That way we could for example be engaged by 2 fireteams with different setups at the same time. If possible it would be neat with an additional option for "insertion radius multiplier" so we can choose not to be teleported to the AO at all, this would enable us to have a base where we can gear up and then use whatever transport we want to get in position. EDIT: I just noticed that the radius is used for other things as well in the script, so I guess it would make sense to have this as a extra variable in the init instead of being a parameter option. Is there a way to not trigger the module directly at mission start? I would like to hook it up to a custom trigger instead. (syncing did not work at least) Lastly, a setting for not ending the mission once the task is completed/failed, and instead fade to black and return to the base (starting pos). That would go nicely together with the 2 suggestions above to add a "campaign" feel to the mission. Thank you again for the work you already put in, the ability to change factions and your custom made missions already improves this game mode immensely!
  4. found another general script error that gets triggered by placing a "M-557 Ambulance" Error in expression < _this select 2; sleep 0.25; switch (_camo) do { case 0:{ _veh setObjectTe> Error position: <_camo) do { case 0:{ _veh setObjectTe> Error Undefined variable in expression: _camo File uns_M113_c\scripts\randomClientNOCLUTTER.sqf, line 14 and this when placing the green hornet heli: Error in expression <gun\data\hornet_green.paa"] ]; _vehicle setobjecttextureGlobal[14, _roundels sel> position: <setobjecttextureGlobal[14, _roundels sel> Type Array, expected String uns_air\functions_csj_uh1gun\init_hornet.sqf, line 21 do you have a github or other place to report errors? or do you want it here on the forums?
  5. nice, and I actually managed to make a faction for unsung_east now. I have to give the mod plenty of time to load the units (~5min opposed to a few sec with other factions) and then it worked after a while. While doing it I also got the following script error a few times: Error in expression <_this animate ['camonet',1]> Error position: <animate ['camonet',1]> Error animate: Type Array, expected Object and when done and trying to start I got the following errors in popups: /CfgVehicles/uns_t54_nva/Turrets.FrontTurret: Undefined base class 'FrontTurret' /CfgVehicles/UNS_ASSAULT_BOAT_NVA/Turrets.PKM_Turret: Undefined base class 'PKM_Turret' /CfgVehicles.UNS_ASSAULT_BOAT_VC: Undefined base class 'UNS_ASSAULT_BOAT_NVA' but after removing the boats and t54 from my faction config it started without issues and so far it seems to work as expected with alive.
  6. When I tried to configure the faction I have a few times gotten the following error instead of crashing: 21:52:58 Dimensions in class pook_S60_NVA should be an array of size 2. 21:53:07 Dimensions in class pook_PUAZO_NVA should be an array of size 2. 21:53:07 Dimensions in class pook_SON9_NVA should be an array of size 2. 21:53:07 Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitTurret' in 'pook_PU12_NVA' 21:53:07 Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'pook_PU12_NVA' [b]21:53:07 Error in expression <rLadder_F" ], 200]; _objectList = _pos nearestObjects [[ "StaticAAWeapon", "Tan> 21:53:07 Error position: <nearestObjects [[ "StaticAAWeapon", "Tan> 21:53:07 Error Missing ;[/b] 21:53:07 File pook_SAM\scripts\SITE_KILLED.sqf, line 203 not sure if that is the only issue but maybe it will help somewhat. in general for the factions to work they need to be configured in groups of specific names (the default arma ones i think), but that is no longer an issue as mission makers can re-config that themselves. But if there are other issues im not aware of maybe it would be best to get in contact with one of the alive devs for specifics =)
  7. Is there any known issues between Unsung and Alive? whenever I try to create a faction for alive using Unsing the game freeze / crashed. Does not happen for other factions (modded or otherwise)
  8. Taxen0

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    is there a way to make a player unit start the game infected by script? @chronicsilence you could probably use "setcaptive" to make them ignore you, but that is not quite the same as repellant. otherwise you could have a script on the player that fetch all zombie units in a radius and assign them move commands away from you. not sure how well it will work though with the AI being what it is.
  9. Taxen0

    ASR AI 3

    What is the point of the RHS extra addons, what difference will I see if I use them as well? And is it possible to get them as script-versions so I dont have to add even more dependencies?
  10. Taxen0

    NEW MAP : Gunkizli

    Is the latest version uploaded to steam workshop as well, seems to be an older one? Looks like a great map so want to make sure I grab the right one!
  11. Taxen0

    ASR AI 3

    Does ASR add any functionality to placed mortars? If I add a group will they engage enemies spotted within their range?
  12. Taxen0

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    As I said I haven't testet it yet, just wanted to confirm if it should work or not. Hopefully It will work if I run both scripts and not only the insane preset. How does it do this? Do it always load the file from the "Userconfig" folder, or is it included elsewhere? I dont want to use the Userconfig folder if it can be avoided so it is empty (could have been the issue), thats why I thought that running it manually first might solve the issue. Again I haven't had the time to test it yet so I dont know but I will give it a go once I'm back home. *fingers crossed*
  13. Taxen0

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    thanks again! Haven't had the chance to test it yet but it looks like it should work =) regarding the difficulty, I only used the insane script (from 1st page) in my init, I don't have anything else. so maybe some variables are missing in that one, I just assumed it had everything in it =) So If I understand you right it should work if I first run the original settings and after that one of the presets? like this: //init.sqf [] execVM "default_settings.sqf"; [] execVM "AISettings_Insane.sqf"; and this way I, or any one else playing the mission, don't have to care about the userconfig folder at all?
  14. Taxen0

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I don't like the Userconfig either, so I'm happy to hear i can just ignore it and execVM the settings I like in the init instead, by doing this I don't have to copy any files to the userconfig folder right? as they don't get used? I'm asking because I used the "insane" preset and the AI cant seem to hit anything, I killed 2 of my AI friends and the rest of the squad unloaded several mags at me before I got hit =/ Is it jsut the settings or did i do anything wrong? this is my init: [] execVM "AISettings_Insane.sqf"; You also mentioned on the last page that using the CBA event handler for disabling pilot AI could work, but Im getting a script "error in expression" when I try, do you see what I am doing wrong? [{{Driver _x setvariable ["NOAI",true];} foreach (vehicles isKindOf 'air');}, 0, []] call CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler;
  15. Taxen0

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    @crewt Thank you, Does this mean that the users have to add the "correct" difficulty script in their userconfig, or can I take one of the scripts from the first page (or make my own) and exec it in the init to override all other settings?