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  1. hey , actually, he had make a new instalation , and it is good =) just a smal bug!
  2. take on dayz! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Z_y7EYamQ enjoy!!
  3. hey ya all , the steam version of a friend is not working with rearmed.have you got a solution for this problem?
  4. this patch is ....I L O V E YOU BS Funky works guys!
  5. GG THIS GAME IS JUST AWSOME !!!! thx all , thx bohémia team
  6. bencroute

    FaceTrackNoIR on TOH

    wesh! me too that doesn't run waiting the final game
  7. bencroute

    bad key..(mauvais code)

    ok it run!!!!! Nice job guys thx =) Ihad just : to run OA from steam, close OA and then install TKOH public beta and it was run.
  8. Hi I have this message and I bought my arma OA steam. The first version of the preview works well, but the last two make me this message. I saw that a person had a similar problem but no solution ... I bought OA just for test HeliTO! ps:sry for my bad english...
  9. bencroute

    bad key..(mauvais code)

    thank you for your help I'll try that. Good job. I have a second problem with my joystick, I would make a new topic for that