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  1. hey , actually, he had make a new instalation , and it is good =) just a smal bug!
  2. take on dayz! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5Z_y7EYamQ enjoy!!
  3. hey ya all , the steam version of a friend is not working with rearmed.have you got a solution for this problem?
  4. this patch is ....I L O V E YOU BS Funky works guys!
  5. GG THIS GAME IS JUST AWSOME !!!! thx all , thx bohémia team
  6. bencroute

    FaceTrackNoIR on TOH

    wesh! me too that doesn't run waiting the final game
  7. bencroute

    bad key..(mauvais code)

    ok it run!!!!! Nice job guys thx =) Ihad just : to run OA from steam, close OA and then install TKOH public beta and it was run.
  8. bencroute

    bad key..(mauvais code)

    thank you for your help I'll try that. Good job. I have a second problem with my joystick, I would make a new topic for that
  9. Hi I have this message and I bought my arma OA steam. The first version of the preview works well, but the last two make me this message. I saw that a person had a similar problem but no solution ... I bought OA just for test HeliTO! ps:sry for my bad english...