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  1. EOOQE

    Low FPS

    I know :-) BTW: New Nvidia Driver 327.23 from today seems to improve my frames a little bit .. i would say about 5fps. Could be my imagination, but seems to be more fluid now.
  2. EOOQE

    Low FPS

    Not ATM for everyone ... Alpha was much better for me. Think we have to wait for a few patches hopefully to optimize performance...
  3. Can you tell some details about GFX Card and Driver ? Overclocked ? etc ? best post a DXDIAG File here ...
  4. Awesome ! Tine for some real Navy Seals Action ... go on with this great Mod !
  5. great to hear it will be in ARMA3 ! and by then we sure have FXAA 4.0 and maybe SMAA 3.0 :bounce3:
  6. No, there is NO MORE : FXAA=0 WARNING this setting was removed in 1.61 beta as deprecated FXAASharp=0 WARNING this setting was removed in 1.61 beta as deprecated only via the the PPAA and PPAA_Level you adjust the settings of both the SMAA and FXAA Injection
  7. No, it means the level is the "strange" of SMAA : 0 - SMAA_PRESET_LOW 1 - SMAA_PRESET_MEDIUM 2 - SMAA_PRESET_HIGH 3 - SMAA_PRESET_ULTRA play with settings for your best results depending on FPS and look ...
  8. there is no FXAA and SMAA together :cool: it´s FXAA OR SMAA with the presets below : PPAA=0; setting not (yet) available in UI. Default is Disabled. Enables Anti-Aliasing technique via post processing: [2] 0 - Disabled 1 - FXAA [3] 2 - FXAA + sharp filter [4] (hard-coded strength of sharpen is now 0.15) 3 - SMAA [5] WARNING this setting was introduced in 1.61 beta 89223 PPAA_Level=0; setting not (yet) available in UI. Default is Disabled. Values determine for each respective PPAA type used: 0 - SMAA_PRESET_LOW or FXAA_QUALITY_PRESET_12 1 - SMAA_PRESET_MEDIUM or FXAA_QUALITY_PRESET_22 2 - SMAA_PRESET_HIGH or FXAA_QUALITY_PRESET_26 3 - SMAA_PRESET_ULTRA or FXAA_QUALITY_PRESET_39 WARNING this setting was introduced in 1.61 beta 89223
  9. As far as i know from my last A2FXAA Injections is that there are problems here and there with ATI GPU´s ... but on one System there are problems , on another with same gpu and driver are not ... it´s not so easy to figure what the problem causes
  10. DepthEdgeDetection on first pass ---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:57 PM ---------- @ kordax will try to duplicate your screens with my injection ... stay tuned ..
  11. almost the same :j: may i ask about your Rig Specs. ?
  12. NP, glad i could help you (Screens are 100% , Yes) sure, why not .. give me a few days more for testing and fine tuning ok ? but i can only test on NVIDIA System As my last A2FXAA was based on FXAA 3.11 i reached the limit with i i think ... the powerline problem cant be solved with 3.11 , maybe with 4.0 by TL latest info from TL : FXAA 4.0 should be out around GDC (March). Spatial-Only Algorithm Sharpen Over MSAA
  13. Here you get my Screens on my Site without Adds etc : http://blackarms.de/smaa-comparison/ # BIS_SMAA Screen is ULTRA , BLACKARMA Injection is custom but near your ULTRA setting I use also SMAA 2.7 with custom SMAA.FX File and SMAA Settings .... made several changes to the calculating because the ARMA2 Engine is different from other games in DX9. Floating Point seems to be not correctly calculated my rig : ASUS G74 with Nvidia GTX460M 1,5GB with latest Nvidia Beta Driver 295.51 / 1920x1080 / all high ingame, AA off , After Effects low. EDIT : if you need more Screens just tell me what you need (special location etc (as you know some objects are a pain in the ass on FXAA / like powerlines / in SMAA with my injection i get now a better result then on my A2FXAA injection http://a2fxaa.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-hate-powerlines.html
  14. Exactly , as seen in my BLACKARMA Injection the SMAA_PIXEL_SIZE is correct ...in BIS SMAA there seems to be something wrong ... SMAA_PIXEL_SIZE is automatically used by engine from active 3D resolution settings (so if You use 200% it uses that resolution correctly) dont seem so Dwarden ....
  15. Did a little testing today with the new SMAA BIS includes in the new ARMA 2: OA beta build 89223 . Here are the Comparison Screenshots :