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  1. harakka

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    Client FPS != server FPS.
  2. harakka

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    Chiming in with our community's experience. We have a Xeon E3 @ 3.4GHz on 100mbit connection. We play primarily coop missions taking from 30 to 90 minutes, no Domi or any other long running public server mission style stuff. All missions are custom made (using the F2/F3 framework) and are usually fairly simple, with minimal scripting, and based on monitoring with ASM there's no runaway object generation or anything similar going on. We do not run any mods aside from minor clientside ones such as STHud. As background, with Arma 2 we've been able to play 80 player coops with ~300 AI with SFPS tanking to 5-10SFPS. Usually we have playercounts of around 30-50 players with 3-4 times the AI, and A2 can handle these numbers with 20-35 SFPS. We could accept losing some performance but being able to sustain playercounts up to 60 is almost a necessity for us, and we've had no problems with that on A2. With Arma 3 we run into trouble with coop missions as playercount exceeds 30 on Altis, we've not experimented much on Stratis. With 20-30 players we see 40-25 SFPS. With 30-40 players and 70-150 editor placed AI, SFPS is around drops to around 10-5. With 40 players we go below 5 into the realm of completely unplayable. No amount of tweaking server settings, such as MaxMsgSend and min and max bandwidth, will alleviate the issues, or in fact have much discernible impact at all. Pure TvT missions run much better, 35 players still can get 50SFPS on a good day, and we had one instance of 50 players and 5SFPS. Unfortunately not being able to sustain anywhere near our A2 playercounts in A3 is starting to make A3 seem like not an option. For us the issue isn't with missions or scripting but with a combination of 30+ playercounts and seemingly any 50+ number of AI. As a strange sidenote, it seems dead players in spectator mode have much, much smaller impact on server performance than live ones. Will happily post example missions if so desired, but as far as we can tell it really isn't up to specific missions, but in general coops with decent playercounts.
  3. harakka


    A new version is out, link and info updated in the 1st post. Support added for the new left and right prone stances, and V2 key and signatures.
  4. harakka

    item slot usage/storage info needed

    There are no slots, it's all based on weight as far as I can tell.
  5. harakka


    What Head meant is of course version 1.1, which is in fact out now! Details in the first post.
  6. harakka


    Version 1.0 is now out, first post updated with new info and download link. The addon now includes an userconfig file for customizing the stance indicator's position on the screen, and some graphics updates for better visibility. Please read the included readme.txt for install instructions, especially if you're not familiar with userconfigs!
  7. Nice work Kerc Kasha, sent you a PM about this.
  8. harakka


    The stance system in Arma 3 is pretty cool, but it's sometimes hard to tell which stance you are in, especially from first person view. FA_stance to the rescue! Your current stance (stand, crouch, prone) is displayed as a human silhouette on the HUD, and an small arrow next to the silhouette shows the current stance modifier (high, low, sidestep). When player is in one of the three basic stances, the HUD element fades out, and it's hidden completely when you're in a vehicle or in a cutscene. The HUD element can be positioned in any corner of the screen by editing the included userconfig file. Latest version: 1.2, released on 17th April 2013. New features: support for the new left and right prone stances, V2 signatures. Here's the download link for FA_stance. You will also need the Arma 3 version of CBA. Please read the installing instructions in the included readme.txt file, especially if you're not familiar with installing mods that have an userconfig included! The authors, Head and myself, thank Folk ARPS for support and testing, and JamesF1 for the UI hiding and main loop code. Here's a video of showing the addon in action: ksDqtnQhfbI Here's a cropped screenshot of what the current version looks like in the top right position, next to the ammo/weapon indicator. Version history 1.2: The new prone left and right stances are now supported. V2 keys added. 1.1: Darkened silhouette outlines are now used instead of a background image to improve visibility. Fading can be customized via userconfig. 1.0: Improved modification arrow and background graphics for better visibility, display now fades in main stances and hides when player is in vehicle or in a cutscene, debug or some other view. Stance display's position can be customized by editing userconfig\fa\stance_config.hpp. 0.9: Initial release. FAQ Q: Why don't you have a separate icon for each stance? A: It is difficult to make small graphics for each of the stances and their modifications that can still be distinguished with a quick glance. We found the arrow system to be more informative and recognizable.
  9. Thanks! Your solution worked, even though Kegetys' script itself needs a lot of adaptation. If you succeed in updating the script please post a followup here or PM me, we would be very interested in seeing it!
  10. We're trying to get the venerable Kegetys's spectator script to work. However we are hitting a hitch even before executing the actual script. Good old spawning as a seagull works, but attempting anything else, like overriding onPlayerRespawnAsSeagull.sqs and onKilled event handlers, seem to both result in a black screen that we can't dispel by any means. Any ideas on where the black screen is executed from and how to get around it are welcome.
  11. harakka

    In game VOIP does not work

    As of yesterday afternoon, the VON issue has magically fixed itself. Would still love to know what was behind it though.
  12. harakka

    In game VOIP does not work

    First of all, if this post would better be placed in Multiplayer or Servers & Administration, I apologize profusely, this is the only thread I could find on the subject. Our group may have run into the described issue , and it still persists as I'm writing this. Yesterday evening (3rd March), somewhere around 16:00GMT we got a report that VON wasn't working at all on our server, which is running on stable Windows OA 1.62 (not beta). This was troubling because we use a combo of VON and TS3 for our comms, and caused some feverish troubleshooting but nothing we tried had any effect. Server box was rebooted, firewall disabled completely, etc. We also had done absolutely no server config changes whatsoever in the prior week. The issue is also present on two other stable Windows OA servers we have running. We also tested with the last beta server version before VON port change (95417), but it didn't help. A few people even hopped on a random public server running 1.62 stable, and VON wasn't working there either. A few hours later in a session of about 60 people on our server, all of whom were (hopefully) using the OA 1.62 stable client, the issue persisted. There was apparently one person who could talk and was audible to everyone else for some reason. Weirder still, we run an A2Free server as well and VON works absolutely fine there. We have a tentative report VON was working on our server on Saturday evening (2nd March), and we know for certain it worked on Tue (26th Feb). My only two ideas are that this could be something either Gamespy, or Battleye related. Any info and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm curious, can anyone elaborate on what changed in betas > 100697 that broke the previous CBA versions?
  14. harakka

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Possible bug: I was testing 1.5 by playing some Flashpoint Zargabad, and managed to get an error popup with the message "Sound snip2_tail3 not found". I didn't notice any sniper weapons on people I killed in the vicinity, though there was a Lee-Enfield. Otherwise, amazing job on the audio! I loved the previous release already and this is even better, the interior echoes and gun mechanism sounds are great. The latter work particularly well with silenced weapons.
  15. This post by Maruk explains what the various PP levels do.