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  1. could you make the check ignore the altis bipods that come with asdjr because it causes the animation when used with tmr, and the bipod switches from "secured" to "deployed"
  2. I want the Ai in my mission to not venture out of a pre determined area, as in trying to flank and whatnot, i want this to be a fight down the fallujah highway, and i want them to stay on the highway. any ideas of how to set an invisible boundary for them?
  3. logandog1240

    Diving Under Water

    is it possible to cycle it faster then, to make you swim fater?
  4. Is it possible/ has it been done before, where certain addons are loaded from an external hard drive? I have a laptop with a shared hard drive and i can move/ see addons between both desktop and laptop, and when i launch arma ill get the directories right but the addons wont show up. Any help will be appreciated!
  5. logandog1240

    Diving Under Water

    are there any other swimming animations, anything similar to the arma 3 kind?
  6. logandog1240

    Sounds of Steel v1.0 Released

    I think you need to work on your config alittle because some weapons have the old sounds while some have the new, as in the ak74 has the new but the ak74 gp25 has the old, you need to make it so the sounds override the weapons of jsrs
  7. logandog1240


    Thats default for me, and when i took out the pbo ctrl + M worked fine, idk if something is conflicting but it only happens with the gps top pbo
  8. logandog1240

    daveygarys Rangers

    from the looks of the new Marsoc guys when you put on nods you take them off your helmet, possibly you could ask him how he did it and do tha same for yours?
  9. logandog1240

    MARSOC Marine Special Operations Team

    Does any1 have plans on making a replacement of the force recon guys with these units?
  10. logandog1240


    Crtl + M doesnt bring up the gps when i use the gps top addon?
  11. Do u have another version uploaded somewhere? megaupload is quaranteened by the gov ....
  12. I know this thread is dead but does anyone know how through a script in the init for example i could give all the opfor ai in the mission gasmasks?
  13. logandog1240

    Diving Under Water

    An idea for a later release would be if you could make a backpack with all these scripts attached to it, and make that backpack a suit type thing with the flippers all in the package, i dont know if this is at all possible im just going by the survival vest that the f18 pilot has.........
  14. logandog1240

    Diving Under Water

    Any ETA on your first release. im making a campaign and i wanna know how to structure my missions
  15. logandog1240

    Diving Under Water

    @[APS]Gnat I take it if you make this,youll make it deployable from the delta class such as the crrc is?