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  1. Something more post-apocalyptic, yet non-zombie
  2. Today, I visited Bohemia Interactive office in Prague, I met project lead Martin "Dram" Melichárek and saw work-in-progress Expedition One update. Later, I wrote preview article for Czech gaming magazine Zing.cz. There it is: http://www.zing.cz/preview/1119/take-on-mars-expedition-one-dojmy-z-expedice-do-kancelari-bohemia-interactive You can see new screenshots and two pieces of artwork. The text contains lot of new info, but it is only available in czech language and I am not sure if Google translator can be trusted, so I decided to write little summary: You can build little structures as well as bigger instalations. I saw even pool and greenhouse Yeah, greenhouse. You can grow plants and thanks to them, you can get more oxygen and food Manipulation with objects, indicated by pair of gloves on the screen, is similar to the object manipulation in Half-Life 2 (or any similar Source engine title, especially Gmod) or The Dark Mod. You have to keep an eye for weight of the object; some heavy objects have limited options of manipulation (fridge, for example) Suit of the player is divided into 5 parts - Helmet, Life support, Torso, Arms and Legs. Damage of arms or legs is quite OK. Damage of Life Support is serious problem and damaged helmet is fatal problem (I believe there should be some "You don't say" meme) The suit has many added functions: Flashlight, NVG/thermal vission, inventory, camera working as binocularis, camera for taking photos, PDA for viewing photos and maybe even for remote controlling of rovers. There will be some hand tools, as well. There will be two new vehicles: Buggy, used primarily for transport, and bigger truck with 6 wheels, which includes living space with beds, air lock and pressure chamber. It may have addons such as a little crane. Both vehicles can be seen on those pieces of artwork on the page of the article Cydonia map looks huge and great. There is no need to say something else You can find caves with water. Water looks also great, thanks to the effect following contact of water and free-fly camera You can use water in editor, as well. There is possibility to change parameters such as density Many objects visible in Control Room and Mars Yard are now available in editor. Including trees and bush. Yeah, you can create a whole forrest on the surface of Mars Dram is working on interesting total conversion of Take On Mars. Development is in early stage, but you can expect enviroment similar to Carrier Command and possibility to control steampunk-like airship Expedition One will include new music and achievements Final version of Expedition One could be released about 3 months from now. This also means the release date of the whole Take On Mars and ending of Early Access period Dram has little model of Half-Life 2 Headcrab on his desk. Thanks to this little fact, he deserves my respect :cool: That's all, ladies and gentlemen. And thanks again to Dram for the chance to visit their office.
  3. Cvrnda

    Take On Mars Media Coverage

    My older, but I believe still informative interview (czech language only) Rozhovor s Martinem Melicharkem, vedoucim vyvoje Take On Mars Zing.cz games magazine
  4. As far as I know, Take On Mars might have Trading Cards after release, but it's not official of course. And other games? I can imagine this would cause a lot of hate from fans. Trading Cards system is very popular at this moment and it's possible that fans owning retail version of any game (Arma 2, Carrier Command, Take On Helicopters...) would be quite annoyed because Steam version has something new, something unavailable for their boxed copy. I know, it's just some virtual stuff, but it's still something. This was seen in case of the Witcher 2 from CD Projekt. Lot of owners of retail/gog.com copy were annoyed because Steam version has achievements and now Trading Cards as well. And I'm sure it would be the same in case of Bohemia Interactive games. Only game that makes sense is Arma 3 (and DayZ, of course) because every version of the game will need Steam. Badge, emoticon and background for my Steam profile with Arma 3 or DayZ theme is great idea, but I'm not sure that Trading Cards support before release of the full version would be productive. As a huge fan of Trading Cards system, I would be glad for it, but I'm sure it's not necessary before final game
  5. Cvrnda

    BI games for PS4?

    You are right, at first, original team was in Prague, but they moved to Mníšek between Flashpoint and Arma. I think that's the reason why they often call it "Mníšek HQ". So technically original team is in Mníšek at this moment, but they were born in Prague (specifically area named Košíře, same area where we can find current Prague team)
  6. Cvrnda

    BI games for PS4?

    Yes, it can be DayZ, but I bet on some completely new title from Carrier Command creators. Current Bohemia Interactive is created by three studios across Czech Republic. Original team in Mníšek pod Brdy (Flashpoint, Arma, Arma 2, Take On Helicopters), ex-Black Element Software in Prague (Arma: Queens Gambit and Carrier Command) and ex-Altar Games in Brno. In Mníšek, they are working hard on DayZ and Arma 3, as well as in Brno, but what about Prague? Carrier Command was released few months ago. Since that time, there is no sign of any DLC or expansion pack, just some patches. It looks like they're working on something else. And i think it's that game for PS4, but I don't believe on PS4 port or Carrier Command 2. For me, CC is a perfect game, but I can't imagine meaningful sequel and I think that if they are interested in PlayStation version, they would create PS3 port at first. So, I think that can be just some completely new game from creators of Carrier Command. Or DayZ port of course
  7. Thanks to the project I'm currently working on, Bohemia Interactive gave me five artworks from GAME2, old project especially known thanks to Marek Spanel's 10 year summary http://www.bistudio.com/english/company/developers-blog/233-from-flashpoint-to-arma (thanks again). I think that they have never been published. Yes, we can say that it's just equipment later used in Arma and Arma 2, but I think it's still interesting, mainly destruction, buildings and vehicles. You can see the source and my original article in czech language on http://www.zing.cz/novinky/15265/omrknete-artworky-ze-zruseneho-projektu-game2-od-bohemia-interactive Actually I am working on something big related to Bohemia Interactive and its history (first part will be released tomorrow), but it will be available only in czech language, so I hope this can satisfy anyone. http://www.zing.cz/gamefiles/filesystem/743/74369.jpg (1884 kB) http://www.zing.cz/gamefiles/filesystem/743/74370.jpg (3389 kB) http://www.zing.cz/gamefiles/filesystem/743/74371.jpg (2460 kB) http://www.zing.cz/gamefiles/filesystem/743/74372.jpg (2318 kB) http://www.zing.cz/gamefiles/filesystem/743/74373.jpg (1487 kB)
  8. Cvrnda

    ARMA:CWA Updated on Steam

    New singleplayer and multiplayer missions? Wow, i really hope it will be available for normal version soon
  9. Unfortunately, I think we must still wait. But, I see the complete czech version on Sprocket, so maybe update will be soon. We must wait... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bohužel, myslím že jeÅ¡tÄ› musíme Äekat. Na Sprocketu ale vidím kompletní Äeskou verzi, takže nás možná nÄ›jaký update Äeká brzo. Musíme Äekat...
  10. Thanks, and sorry for my anger, I only hoped the preview will be more simpler, I didn't expected errors
  11. Really great, I installed Take On Preview, I allowed it in the game, and restarted it. And now? Game is crashed, when i want start the game, I see only error table: "Error compiling pixel shader PSSSSMSpecularAlpha:1" Thanks anyway, I'm enjoying reinstall of ArmA II, Operation Arrowhead, Reinforcement and tonne of patches...
  12. Cvrnda

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Launch of ArmA: Cold War Assault is great. For me, it's good chance to remind good old times and one great game. But, when I found CD key of my old OFP Platinum copy and installed the game, I saw the game doesn't contain czech language. Original campaign and separate missions are all right, but Resistance expansion without CZ language? It's also good, but Resistance is much better with original czech voices
  13. Cvrnda

    Take On Music

    This screenshot http://takeonthegame.com/full/wp-content/gallery/screenshots/tkoh_screenshot_06.jpg?14229 shows that Take On will include some army helicopters, so I think implementation of Fortunate Son would by good. I know, game is primary about civil machines, not about army, but if we'll can control army helicopters, Fortunate Son is best choise for it
  14. Cvrnda

    Take On Music

    Yeah, Fortunate Son is fantastic song, great choice for the helicopter game