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    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Here, the last 3.
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    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Sorry for the delay, I tried it on another PC which is practically new, so I reinstalled everything there but no difference, even BattleEye. I launched the game with Steam, with a bat and with PlayWithSix but no difference. My conclusion is that it requires a Dedicated Server to be able to play the newer ones, I will try that tomorrow. ArmA 2 CO. I couldn't find any post related to crCTI KB on ArmA 2 section, so to avoid having many of them I posted this here. :P I'm using the latest ACE+CBA versions: - @ACE v1.14.0.597 - @ACEX v1.14.0.372 - @ACE_RU v1.14.0.77 - @ACE_SM v1.14.0.107 - @ACE_USNavy v1.14.0.79 - @CBA_CO v1.0.1 Apparently this is the only bundle of ACE+CBA that doesn't bug the ammo on the tanks. And I only could download it through PlayWithSix. Same machine, no Dedicated Server, the 'v1.17 r34' worked fine that way. I found weird that this is happening with Warfare BE v2.071 as well (ACE only), all Islands except Zargabad, the only one that loads the ACE configurations (the splash screen when initializing). I tried everything. From not touching a thing to lowering everything e bit, Etc. :P Also stuck on Initializing Client with the Vanilla KB (I've only tested Takistan), this seems to be the problem, it must need a DS. That would be nice. I appreciate your concern about my problem, do not take it as a 'must to fix' since I only play this on solo :P, there are just a few people interested on playing crCTI on ArmA 2, which is almost impossible to do so because the Time Zones (and ping). I have you to thank you and the team for making this incredible CTI, and for keeping updating it. For me it is the best mission out there that have the OFP essence on it, too bad most people prefer to play DomiTrollation and Lagfare, they are missing so much. :)
  3. ghostsweeper

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    Hello, Is there any Archive of crCTI KB Edition?, I want to try an older version because I'm getting stuck at the Initializing Client screen with the latest two (r28 and r29). I only have a super old one, v1.17 r34. By the way, I'm playing on LAN+ACE. v1.17 r34 works fantastic but the newer versions fixes a lot of issues, the major one is "Force AI to fire on base buildings if able". Thanks in advance!
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    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    Hi, I was wondering if the ACE versions of Warfare BE only works with OA and not with CO, in Takistan the loading screen freezes and it is not possible to build in Zargabad. I'm playing through Steam and the only way to load these ACE versions is by playing them with 'CO Lite' and not with the full installment.