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    Lol, I didn't have the Gear Pool module either, adding it in fixed the raiders in underwear issue. Traders are now working too, but this might be because I added a few more Ravage modules. Thanks for the help!
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    I made a ravage mission a few months ago and it was working fine. Starting playing again yesterday after a break and ran in to 2 issues: Raiders spawned in wearing only underwear and had no other gear. Renegades spawned in with uniforms, but no weapons. screenshot of raiders: https://ibb.co/JsyQsWR Traders have stopped working, cannot access trading menu. I placed one of each trader and made sure the code was correct in the init field. Has anyone else encountered this, or know of a fix? I've already tried repairing Ravage through the Arma launcher and also deleted and reinstalled Ravage.
  3. Yea, I hope this project is still in progress. Lol, this map looks like it would be good for a zombie apocalypse mission.
  4. Celery, thanks for helping me with the nil trigger error. I have also discovered another issue, apparently disabling ACE stamina also disables backpacks and putting weapons on your back (if using ACE). I just wanted to share this for anyone else having this problem. I fixed it by enabling ACE stamina by editing the init.sqs file. Even though I have found 2 issues, I would like to say that this is still one of the best missions I have ever played on Arma.
  5. Yup, Im using CBA. What did you do to fix the trigger ?
  6. Great work Celery, this mission is loads of fun, but there is one problem. Every time I make it to the control tower, I get a Nil variable overridden error. Has anyone else gotten this error ? Is there an updated version of this mission, or is there some way for me to fix the error ?