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  1. While I don't mind the focus on infantry in the campaign (indeed all through ARMA3) 'Win' is still a bit of a let down. Where's the sense of being part of the larger re-invasion of Altis? Where are the side missions? What happened to use of the campaign map? As the above poster says, it does really feel like the project ran out of money and steam at the end. :( (Still I'm not complaining about ARMA3 overall - I've got over 220 hours logged so far...
  2. Well I'm stuck on "Moral Fibre"... When entering the Hunter for the second time to go help the pinned down squad, the game autosaves, then vehicle just lurches forward a couple of metres and stops. After 20 minutes or so the game autosaves again, then gives me a 'Mission Failed' for not following orders. *EDIT* Removed all mods (@CBA_A3;@ASR_AI3;@Baked_AIS;@TPW_MODS;@WW_AICover;@WW_AIMenu;@Blastcore-A3;@JSRS2.0;@blastcore-tracers) - played the mission again, and this time the Hunter parked a lot closer to the warehouses and when I entered, the mission progressed - so it was something mod related.
  3. I think there is a problem with how the results of that mission get carried over.../
  4. Lobstris

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    I agree with this. During the day all of the tracers look white-ish, with a slight hint of red or green. At twilight or night they look fantastic.
  5. For those of us who find the side missions a little too 'Rambo', any chance of them being reworked to allow the option of taking along AI colleague? Also any news on getting stuff saved in the crates - some AI git has nicked my NVGs again... :-)
  6. So a simple answer would be to add a few more opposition AI to the scouting missions if you feel like using a team. (Sorry that's a bit glib I know. :-) ) I agree that there *REALLY* should be a 'drop whatever you are doing and run that way NOW!' command for the friendly AI (or more perhaps a fifth mode 'override' to compliment 'stealth', 'combat', 'aware' and 'safe', to get the AI to ignore known targets and just do whatever you say. :-)
  7. I agree with what some people are saying about the solo- 'Scouting' missions. Please, at least let us take a small (up to 4 man) team with us, and provide some kind of default transport. Using TPW_MODS is a godsend here because at least you can wait by any road and commandeer passing civilian vehicles. Also a radio check in before leaving on a scouting mission would be a nice touch - just some dialogue between Kerry and Stavrous/Miller to acknowledge and endorse Kerry going off as a lone wolf. At the moment it feels weird sneaking off a supposedly secret base to get stuff done. (At present, If I were the FIA, I'd be suspicious, and watching Kerry very closely as to what he got up to and why he kept sneaking off all the time. :-) )
  8. Same crash here. Currently running with '@CBA_A3;@ASR_AI3;@Baked_AIS;@TPW_MODS;@WW_AICover;@WW_AIMenu;@VTS_Weaponresting;@Blastcore-A3;@JSRS2.0'. Will try without mods and see if that fixes it.
  9. Lobstris

    Combined Arms Showcase

    While we're on problems with this mission - I always get a 'mission failed' on the current Dev branch as #1 fails to board the helicopter at the end (i.e. Squad leader tells us all to board, but then never does so himself. Helo waiting eventually times out).
  10. Only that mission so far. Will report back if it happens again with the latest version.
  11. Quick report with the latest Dev Build 111171, with WW_AIMENU, WW_AICover, ASR_AI as well as all other TPW mods (20131015), bar TPW_LOS active. When playing the 'Defend Camp Kujo' mission off the steam workshop I was constantly being spammed with 'Zero divisor' errors from line 239 in TPW_ebs.sqf.
  12. I love what TPW_Fall is doing, but I'm finding the constant doubling of AI units as they fall, then the slight 'teleport' as they hit the ground off putting. Some pages ago it was mentioned that this was due to changes in functions used for multiplayer? Would it be posible to get a single player only version as earlier iterations didn't seem to suffer from the problem? Or is the solution just to overwrite the current version of TPW_Fall with one of those earlier versions?
  13. Hi. I was trying to play Worthy85's mission 'Op Grim Reaper' off the Steam Workshop, with the TPW_FALL mod active (tpw_mods.pbo version, dated 15/09/2013). The mission includes an initial HALO insertion, though opening the parachute at any level with TPW_FALL active seems to cause instant death when hitting the ground? Does the mod work with parachutes?
  14. Issue now appears fixed for me with 0.77.109799.
  15. No - all saves/reverts are with the current dev version (0.77.109751), with missions from the Steam Workshop. Without the '-nologs' parameter in the command line (indeed command line cleared of all parameters), when saving then immediately reverting any mission on this build I'm getting a 'You cannot play/edit this mission; It is dependent on downloaded content that has been deleted.a3_modules_f_uav' error. I presume this is an issue because the mission was created prior to the current Dev version, and a linked module has changed name in the current build? :-/