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    Thank you Larrow!
  2. Hello all, I have been trying to find a solution with animate command, without success. In Altis Map, North of Charkia, there is a warehouse complex. I am tring to have the gates at the east of the complex totally open (there are 2 of them). Does anybody know how to do that?
  3. Thank you JShock. The first link would be perfect, but it doesn't display the unitID, but the name. I am searching for displaying the unit ID, like the radio calls (Bravo 2-3, etc...) Somebody knows how to do it?
  4. Over their heads permanently....(if possible) Thank you for your quick reply!
  5. Hi all! I have been checking around for this topic for awhile. I am trying to display the units identities (famous Alpa 2-1, Bravo 4-3, etc...) in a SP mission. Does somebody know how to make the unit ID appear? Thank you!
  6. Thank you both. I will try immediately.
  7. Hi all and Happy New Year! I am trying to place a specific soldier class (from a Mod, or soldiers wearing a particular helmet, a specific weapon...etc) in a Site Module, but I am unable to figure out how. Does anybody know how to do it? My goal is to have more diversity in Sites Module, instead of the boring-standard Arma 3 soldiers.
  8. Hi all! Does somebody know a script to activate a trigger when a certain number (ie 20) enemy soldiers have been detected?
  9. lucki


    Hi all! Somebody knows the classname of the NVG goggles? I've tried to remove the standard NVG goggles, and I can't find the class name for this item. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Toxicsludge, I always set height at 0.81 and it works for me.
  11. Beerkan, It worked fine, thank you. Finally I was able to put 3 rifles over a table. BTW, in your FARP script, appears portable lights, but I don't see them in current version of Arma 3...
  12. Somebody knows an easy script for multiple weapons placed on a table? I've tried through addweaponcargo in a game logic, but it places one rifle on the ground. Long story short, like the tables appearing in the campaign.
  13. Hi all, In Arma 2, when requesting artillery support, either from a real Arty unit or virtual, the artillery range radius was displayed on the map, showing its range. However, in Arma 3, only when you're the gunner using the ballistic computer you're able to see this function. Does somebody knows why when asking for arty support, you can't see the arty range, like in Arma 2? Thanks!
  14. lucki


    When loading an already created mission with the BWMod installed (no BWMod unit yet placed or anything else), the following error appears in the editor: Somebody knows the reason?