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  1. Hey all, I have lowered all parameters for mission difficulty, AI Skill, etc however I am still having an issue with battalions of armor and infantry being spawned on an objective especially the "Download Intel from UAV" mission. We run a 32 slot server and have roughly 18-28 on at any given time. The amount of AI that spawn is insane. Where could I go to tone down the armor/enemy spawns for these objectives? Is it done in the task itself or somewhere else? Thanks
  2. Excellent. Thank you so much Kju
  3. Config.cpp (cfgVehicles **DMARPAT LIght Structure** - cfgWeapons)
  4. RPT didn't show anything in regards to the addons except that they were loading. Other than that, there is no errors pertaining to the addons. Reached the character limit for a post so I have to divide out the config.cpp Config.cpp (Start - cfgVehicleClasses) ---------- Post added at 14:13 ---------- Previous post was at 14:11 ---------- Config.cpp (cfgVehicles **DMARPAT Heavy Structure**)
  5. It does. I have full structure for both DMARPAT Heavy and DMARPAT Light. I still can only get the DMARPAT Heavy to show up.
  6. Hey all, Having some weird issues. Essentially the issue is this; I have my faction created. It shows up no problem. However, when I go to add my cfgVehicleClasses, only one of the additions shows up. When in game, the only one that appears is "DMARPAT (Heavy). I cannot for the life of me get the "DMARPAT (Light)" to appear in game no matter what I try. Any suggestions? class CfgFactionClasses { class 1msob_units { access = "ReadAndCreate"; displayName = "[1MSOB] Units"; icon = "\msob_uniforms\msob_icon.paa"; author = "Alex Holmes and Tyler Lightsey"; priority = 2; side = 1; }; }; class CfgVehicleClasses { class 1MSOB_H_DMARPAT { displayName = "DMARPAT (Heavy)"; }; class 1MSOB_L_DMARPAT { displayName = "DMARPAT (Light)"; }; };
  7. Any idea how to make the AI populate all buildings verse only a select few? Also, how would I go about increasing the amount of AI? I tried modifying this line: And changed the "3" to a "6" and I have not noticed any difference. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. "The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, military, tiltrotor aircraft with both a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft." Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Boeing_V-22_Osprey Please don't go by the arma website for how things are classified lol If we could have the MV-22 even just a port over with improvements like the current helicopters I'd give an arm and a leg for it. Only thing I would require is obviously ramp lower, SLOWER fold speed from the ARMA2 version, and a walkable cargo area.
  9. Any chance you are working on porting the MV-22 Osprey over? That is one aircraft I'd love to have in ARMA3. The current port by Hotshotmike doesn't meet my standards.
  10. Holmes

    Scope Mod A3

    Can you confirm that the SpectreDR is currently WiP? Can't wait for the release of it!
  11. Holmes

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    What would I need to change in order to either A) Lessen the amount of AI that spawn or B) Add additional parameters to make the AI spawn ratio cover a larger span but NOT based on the number of players in the server IE 100% = 100 AI, 75% = 75 AI, etc etc?
  12. Please share the proper syntax. Im sure others are looking for the proper way of getting this working. I am one of those people looking for the answer. Thanks!
  13. Hello MSO Team, I know the PDB project was closed since those involved have moved on to MSO however I was wondering if you may be able to help me out. Below is what I originally posted on the PDB topic on the BI Forums: Firefly was able to tell me the general area of the issue but I am unable to ascertain how to fix it. The reason I do not wish to use MSO currently is we aren't able to sustain normal performance with the mission. It starts performing poorly after the first few hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Is there any indication of where this can be fixed? I've looked through all the PDB files and only found one with tsc contained in it and I don't see what the issue is or if there is what I should change.
  15. I am attempting to establish a persistent Insurgency mission however I get an error. I believe I had gotten this error when trying to set up PDB for an MSO mission as well but I do not remember how to get around it. Here are my log files and RPT. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Arma2Net Log: http://pastebin.com/JkDZR4be Arma2MySql Log: http://pastebin.com/Er4jm26N RPT File: http://pastebin.com/M0fy63J6