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  1. tomeek

    An open letter on basic ARMA:CWA support

    ArmA Coop Corps (ACC), a co-operative community of ARMA series, strongly supports this idea.
  2. tomeek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    A while ago I was testing the AI subskills with different AI presets for my community server purposes. I created a spreadsheet with the results and i thought to share it here because maybe it can help in fixing and adjusting AI by devs. The only downside is that the test was performed while AGM_AI (we're using it in our dedi) was loaded which changes class CfgAISkill to the following values: class CfgAISkill { aimingAccuracy[] = {0,0, 1,0.8}; // {0,0,1,1}; v1.26 defaults aimingShake[] = {0,0, 1,0.6}; // {0,0,1,1}; aimingSpeed[] = {0,0, 1,0.7}; // {0,0.5,1,1}; commanding[] = {0,0, 1,0.8}; // {0,0,1,1}; courage[] = {0,0, 1,0.7}; // {0,0,1,1}; endurance[] = {0,0, 1,0.7}; // {0,0,1,1}; general[] = {0,0, 1,0.9}; // {0,0,1,1}; reloadSpeed[] = {0,0, 1,0.8}; // {0,0,1,1}; spotDistance[] = {0,0, 1,0.9}; // {0,0.2,1,0.4}; spotTime[] = {0,0, 1,0.7}; // {0,0,1,0.7}; }; Testing environment: Editor Preview Command used: skillFinal https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iCOY0FxWzDw5HGvogIiz4V3Im5EBuBgHqrz7vkQDCB4/edit#gid=0
  3. tomeek

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Are you even surprised? Because I'm not. JSRS3 has over 3k downloads only on Armaholic, with the other mirrors it could easily exceed 20k downloads. I knew way before the release that people will not vote for that ticket. Anyways... Great release LJ you're the best around here, I like the sounds how you made them. When I'm in better cash situation I will try to send you a donation and I think that everyone should consider donating! Also let's hope people start reporting bugs properly. Bad examples of reporting: I don't like this sound, it sounds different in that youtube video from Afghanistan; JSRS3 is not even working for me, this is my mod line with another 50 mods activated.
  4. tomeek

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Uncheck "Disable Command Menu" in AGM options.
  5. tomeek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Thank you for your response. I already submitted a ticket on the official Feedback Tracker. I did some more testing with the difficulty settings in mp lobby and by modifying the arma3profile file with different skillAI and accuracyAI while having preset set to 3 and nothing from this worked.
  6. tomeek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Should I open a ticket on FT if any DEV isn't ansewering to my issue?
  7. tomeek

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Anyone can confirm this issue? First I'm placing 4 units in the editor: - first unit with skill slider set to min, - second unit with skill slider set to default, - third unit with skill slider set to max, - fourth unit with skill set via setSkill array with the following code: this setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.5];this setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.5];this setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.5];this setSkill ["spottime", 0.5];this setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.5];this setSkill ["commanding", 0.5];this setSkill ["general", 0.5];this setSkill ["reloadspeed", 0.5];this setSkill ["courage", 0.5];this setSkill ["endurance", 0.5]; I'm checking sub skills using the following code: this addAction ["Show skills",{ hintsilent format["aimingAccuracy %1\n aimingShake %2\n aimingSpeed %3\n spotDistance %4\n spotTime %5\n courage %6\n reloadSpeed %7\n commanding %8\n general %9\n", cursortarget skill "aimingAccuracy",cursortarget skill "aimingShake",cursortarget skill "aimingSpeed",cursortarget skill "spotDistance",cursortarget skill "spotTime",cursortarget skill "courage",cursortarget skill "reloadSpeed",cursortarget skill "commanding",cursortarget skill "general"];}]; First I'm checking sub skill values in the editor preview and all of them seems to be correct: 0.2 for the 1st unit, 0.6 for the 2nd unit, 1 for the 3rd unit and 0.5 for the 4th unit. All of this with difficulty settings in game options set to Expert. Then I'm doing the same in multiplayer via Host. All of the sub skills values are the same as in the editor preview. And the issue begins with testing the same with dedicated (vanilla) server. Server startup line: -port=2302 "-profiles=C:\TCAFiles\Users\servers\A3\" -name=User -world=empty -cfg=basic.cfg -config=server.cfg When I'm checking sub skills on dedicated server I get max value (1) on all sub skills on the three first units (with skill configured via skill slider in editor), and then on the 4th unit (skill configured via setSkill array) I get correct values (0.6) for all sub skills. I'm missing something or the skill slider from unit creation in editor is broken? Edit 1. Units placed on the dedicated server via Zeus have correct sub skill values. Edit 2. Example mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0yzdstflrc3434/test%2520skill%2520ai.Stratis.pbo?dl=0 Edit 3. Unit placed via editor with skill assigned with command setSkill has a correct skill value on dedicated server.
  8. I already reported this issue about a month ago.
  9. Signed For LordJarhead and his JSRS3: DragonFyre!
  10. This monkey is saying GTFO to the people who are coming here and posting YouTube videos with crappy quality and say: "This is how this gun should sound!!!11OneOne" I've voted for the ticket. Can't wait for the release, BIS should totally hire LJ!!
  11. Very nice! Check this out: http://www.zoom.mon.gov.pl/galerie/polskie-jastrzebie-mega-galeria/ It might help you in polishing the skin.
  12. Very nice job. Finally after all of those years we will get a proper F-16C Will you include Polish skin in the first release? http://www.polot.net/samoloty/f-16-6rok/historia_pliki/image002.jpg
  13. I think that CUP will bring only A2, OA and it's DLC's assets.
  14. tomeek

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    AFAIK Ruthberg's Advanced Ballistics is very resource heavy and AGM aim is multiplayer where every FPS counts. I know that advanced ballistics improved a lot over the time but there's a lot of calculations in it. Correct me if I'm wrong, and say that AB doesn't impact the framerate in 20-30'ish multiplayer COOP session. You can just delete AGM_Ballistics .pbo to disable it.
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184842-RHS-Escalation-(AFRF-and-USAF)-Release-0-3-0&p=2814022&viewfull=1#post2814022 I can confirm that this is on AiATP side. Or maybe not. Now that I'm thinking, it's working fine when playing only vanilla+AiATP. But... Only vanilla+RHS=Normal crouch. Vanilla+RHS+AiATP=Unit is taking one step before crouching.