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  1. Hello! I got a little question: Is it possible to run two different MSO missions on one server (inc. pdb)? If yes, what do i need to do?
  2. B1n4ry

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    Yes, that is the problem when you set your schedule to tight. It's a two-sided sword. One one Hand, the programmers have pressure and work hard on the game, on the other, it can lead to unfinished or even brocken content. That's what i meant. IF they see, there is no way to finish this before the deadline, just set it new. Of course, it will have an inpact on BIs PR, but i think it will be worse when they release an unfinished game.
  3. B1n4ry

    1-2 FPS on Altis and 60 fps on stratis.

    Isn't that the reason why the game is still in beta? And also, Altis is only available on the development build, which means it's not finished yet and still in "development". Also, as far as i remember, it says the content in the development build is still worked on and can break or make your game perform worse. However, i would give time. Im sure they are working hard on this game. :D If they need to set a new release date, i would be okay with it. Better waiting longer then having an unfinished game.
  4. B1n4ry

    Ac-130x (wip)

    J0nes, just do what you want. This is your Mod! If you say, you want to make it for ArmA 3, then just do it. You will be much more motivated, then just force yourself to finish it for ArmA 2, just 'cause we want to. I really like your Mod, and i personally think that one should finish what he began. BUT like i said, its your Mod, and your decision. ^^ Although an ArmA 3 version would be awesome too. So it doesn't matter ;)
  5. B1n4ry

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    For RH_Weapons and ACE you need the asr_rh_configs. Start these configs after the Main RH_Weapon mod. However, here is a link to the thread. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?120120-Robalo-s-ACE-configs
  6. Haha xD I made the german tutorial ^^ No problem, it was made for my Clan, but nice to see that it helped other too. :D
  7. B1n4ry

    Ac-130x (wip)

    Do you have good sounds too? If not, you can ask LordJarhead (maker of JSRS), he offers help to ppl who needs some sounds :D ;)
  8. This is a really good mod. I like the Sound (Jarhead ftw :D) and the Model is pretty nice. ^^ But i have some suggestions which could be changed. -There is a small texture bug when you use no Muzzle. (look at the barrel end in 3rd Person) -I don't like the FLIR mode of the Leupold scope -An Iron-sight when you use no scope -More recoil. The actual recoil is good for lying on the ground (deployed bipod) This is just my personal opinion. But keep it up, this is a damn good Mod. :) PS: Yes, i used 1.4 ^^
  9. Not yet, i'll take a look. Edit: Thank you, got it to work. Place trigger above Mannequin AI units. Trigger: Activation: ALL | Once On Act.: { _x disableAI "MOVE"; _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableAI "TARGET"; _x disableAI "ANIM"; _x setCaptive true; _x allowDamage false; _x playmove "aidlpercmstpsraswrfldnon_idlesteady01n"; }foreach thislist You have to do the disableAI commands, or the AI will stop the animation right after any event. (shooting, spoting target etc.) Still have to see how it works in MP. I'll test it soon.
  10. Hey Guys! I was about to make a small basic training mission. I wanted to add a small IFF lesson, for which i need some AI Mannequins. As Mannequins, they should not move nor kill them each other. Also, i would like to have them invincible and pointing there weapon at the ground. I got this problem solved by making a trigger around the selected AI and set it up like follows; Well, everything works, except the "pointing weapon at ground" part: Activation: Any | Once On Activation: { _x disableAI "MOVE"; _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableAI "TARGET"; _x disableAI "ANIM"; _x setCaptive true; _x allowDamage false; _x setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _x action ["WEAPONINHAND", _x]; }foreach thislist Any ideas, suggestions? D:
  11. Other Question: When/Where do we get the Digital Soundtracks/Maps/Tactical Guide? €dit: Yea, stupid question xd "[...] will be available upon release of ArmA 3" -> http://www.arma3.com/buy
  12. Funny thing is, i bought the game 24 hours ago, i have nothing. A friend of mine bought it later this day, he's already playing... D: That's so unfair :/ BUT i'll wait paitently. I have already waited 8 month for the Alpha, some more hours won't make any difference. :S
  13. Im frustrated.... Buyed the Supporter Edition 16 hours ago. I have send 5 Email to the Support since then. Nothing. Not even an order confirmation. :(