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  1. Of course... it is completely understandable so no apologies necessary. Besides, had you made the vegetation as dense as in RL here not only would it tank the frame rate but you wouldn't even be able walk thru it in most places. 90-95% of the island would simply be impassable :)
  2. Westsailor

    Real Warfare Soundmod

    So I just downloaded rws.rar from pg 1 OP Do I need anything else? Need any patches?
  3. Well, you hit the nail on the head. I live very near the Eastern coast of Guatemala and when I saw your first screenshots I said to myself 'damn... that could be where I live'. I told my teammates the same, offering RL pictures in/around the area that aside from the density of vegetation could have been made in game (or vice versa?) Great work!
  4. Westsailor

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Since the last update I've lost player names. I have no idea who I'm talking to standing in front of me :) I was advised by our 'ACE expert' this issue was ID'd & patched and just to run SU verify/repair on ACE. I did that (on all ACE mods in fact) yesterday and discovered last night I still don't display player names. Any suggestions?
  5. Westsailor

    Sepia toned visuals?

    the colors aren't so much 'brighter' as they are richer. gamma would adjust RGB mix of more/less red, blue or green. It's probably the closest adjustment for what I'm seeing. Brightness would just make the existing colors well, brighter, sacrificing some depth/saturation. I figured it was maybe a mod.
  6. I've seen screenshots where the graphics aren't as 'sepia' toned as what I see. No matter what map/island I'm in I seem to have a more subdued color tone, like I have a tad less saturation or something. How is it some have a richer color? Is it a configuration setting?
  7. Westsailor

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    thanks, just what I needed to know. Also, I presume I need to rename the new sound to 'jsrs_zsu23.pbo'? Or does the new sound just need to be in the folder in place of the original jsrs .pbo?
  8. Westsailor

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    After trying a few others I just started using JSRS and it is a definitely a keeper. However, there is one sound that seems 'off'... at least for me anyway (it's all subjective, right?). I haven't nailed it down exactly but I'm pretty sure it is the Shilka ZSU-23. It's a kind of light, 'pingy' sound that my head just doesn't associate with such a wicked adversary. My question is which .pbo it is that I would need to 'exchange' with another .pbo sound 'more to my liking'? For example, let's say it is the ZSU-23. There are 3 different .pbo files (and bsign) files associated with the Shilka : jsrs_zsu23 jsrs_zsu23_c jsrs_zu23_c Do I need to replace all three or just the main (13.9K) jsrs_zsu23.pbo. I notice most (all?) of the sound files have a 2nd _c.pbo file associated with it. What are the _c files for? Thanks, your help with the answer to this will allow me to eventually create the 'ultimate custom sound mod' for myself :)
  9. Westsailor

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Not unless war_fx1.41 is one of those files in the list. I don't have a 'war_fx1.41'. Otherwise is warfx_particles_beta_1.41 a complete FX mod (w/ smoke, explosions, etc.) like warfx_blastcore or blastcore_visuals? I 'assumed' by the name it was just particles alone and not containing any other FX elements ala warfx/blastcore_tracers. Like I said, given all the various releases (some complete, some individual) and inconsistent naming it's hard to ensure which of his many releases to use, especially in conjunction with (or not) with his other mods. For example, should I use his latest Blastcore_tracers (standalone tracer FX) with his latest Blastcore_visuals_R1.2 (full visual FX)? Do the latest full visuals include the earlier standalone lighting & sunlight components (i.e. warfx_lighting & warfx_sunlight)? And again, I don't mean to be critical. I love his stuff. Maybe it's just me but I just think OpticalSnare needs to get a handle on his 'brand name' and define his 'product line' better, explain what is exactly what, what can/should be used (or not) in conjunction with his other all too similar mods. I'm sure it would prevent many unintentional problems that might arise when someone like me tries to use his mods (mods in the plural being the operative word).
  10. Westsailor

    WarFX : Blastcore

    I never thought about a potential issue between ACE & Warfx/Blastcore & aiming/hitting until someone mentioned it. As you, I just thought it was me, having a harder time hitting something it being ACE and all. Once it was mentioned though I started picking up on it. Kinda hard to overlook having to unload half a mag into an nme about 100yds away to get a hit/kill. OK, those .pbos are within a number of various warfx/blastcore_addon folders. You mean the latest of them, i.e. the ones in Blastcore_Visuals_r1.2? I'll try your advice and five it a shot, drop everything but Blastcore_visuals (R1.2?) and of course the Blastcore_soundFX_beta. I don't mean to sound critical. I love the WarFX/Blastcore mods otherwise I wouldn't bother trying to sort it out. Besides, defining your own custom Arma 2/OA is icing on the cake :)
  11. Westsailor

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Apparently not. I've been using warfx_tracers for a while and everything was or seemed fine (ACE ball tracers off and loading after anything ACE related) until the R1 version. Since I d/l'd Blastcore_tracers R1 they're back to the big 'Starship Troopers Plasma Ball' size. And yes, ACE ball tracers are checked off and anything WarFX/Blastcore related loads last. Doesn't make sense but nonetheless Blastcore_Tracers are going back on the shelf for me unless I figure out or someone can show me how I'm f***ing something up. Also it seems WarFX/Blastcore 'something' affects aiming and/or the ability to hit targets with ACE. I just know when I (and others) run under ACE I get far more hits/kills without the Blastcore/WarFX mods running than when they are. It's a shame too because OpticalSnares visual effects simply cannot be beat. But it seems if you run under ACE you either have to choose between it working or being pretty . Who knows? TBH, it could very well be the combination of various WarFX/Blastcore mods being used. For example, I have the following to choose from in my library of warfx/blastcore mods: @blastcore_soundfx_beta @warfx-blastcore_beta @warfx_particles_beta_1.41 @blastcore_visuals_R1.2 @blastcore_visuals @warfxparticles @warfx_blastcore @warfx_lighting @warfx_sunlight @warfx_tracers @blastcore_tracers @tracers (warfx/blastcore?) WTF? Now one might logically assume to simply use the latest & greatest release and be done with it, right? Not necessarily since one mod may/may not have what another mod does not/does. e.g. warfx_tracers is a separate mod to be used in conjuctin with other blastcore mods. Or at least that's what I understand. It's VERY confusing for instance, right now I'm running (in this order) @blastcore_visuals_R1.2 (epic) @warfx_particles_beta_1.41 (nicest/most particles) @blastcore_tracers (going back to warfx_tracers) @blastcore_soundfx_beta (can't wait till the R version) Seems the best overall (for me) but I am constantly experimenting to find the best combo and if anyone has any advice I'm all ears.
  12. Westsailor

    WarFX : Blastcore

    That is pretty sweet looking lighting for the streetlights, etc. What mod is that?
  13. Westsailor

    ASR AI Skills

    True, but not supermen. I got dropped dead in my tracks from a distance, a 'one shot one kill' head/heart shot while I was running. To me that might be a little TOO good. And it wasn't just a lucky shot. Others have experienced this amazing marksmanship as well.
  14. Westsailor

    600+ camo faces unlocked

    Awesome easy/simple mod. Works great in MP and yes, others see whatever face you choose even if they don't have the mod. but once they do see a 'new' face they want the mod as well for themselves :)
  15. Westsailor

    WarFX : Blastcore

    SWOoosh... Sorry... I just couldn't hold my breath any longer