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  1. singleton

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Being that OS said he was leaving for good and this mod is broken, there shouldn't be an issue offering a fix. He can easily make it a config if need be.
  2. Hey gents, I'm looking for some way to disallow certain players to change items on their weapons such as optics and rail accessories? I would prefer for this to be done by group but unit name will do. Or better yet, being able to add an array of units that are ALLOWED to change weapon accessories. Any ideas on how to facilitate this?
  3. Do all of the helicopters have working custom AFMs??
  4. You seem pretty angry. I enjoy RHS very much and I made that pretty apparent. I'm very sorry that I can't satisfy you in loving exactly 100% of your entire modification and having even the slightest bit of personal criticism towards your mod. You really just confirmed my initial post, with RHSAFRF having years worth of development, throwing out a USF pack to balance the AFRF in such a short timespan seems like 'scrambling' to me. Alot of the USF stuff was ports and placeholders...fact. Nothing wrong with that, I just stated that AFRF as a whole was of much higher quality, which is absolutely without a doubt true. As development continues, I believe the quality gap will close as I frequently take part in watching the RHS Twitch sessions and am just as excited as the next guy for the newest update. Again, I'm very sorry that I don't bend at the waist and worship all things RHS. - Awesome workAs I inferenced before, the USF stuff as a majority is of inferior quality to RHSAFRF. Nothing in AFRF was released prematurely, surely not RG33s because people cried for MRAPs, only to be pulled at a later date due to obvious incompletion. Again, I love the work of RHS as a whole. Just can't wait for the quality gap to be closed. Decent reasoning. But even then, don't you think that would be best in the long run for all? Even working with ACE which can be used as a go through for all of this? I mean it's your guy's mod. I would just figure as many modders that we can get on the same page as possible would be best for the whole community. Maybe it's just me.
  5. Since the update I am having trouble signing addons with both the official DSUtils tool from steam and manually trying through command prompt. Something about CPAuthentication Failed?
  6. Very interesting! Those results are definitely not in line with the tests which I did. I hawked over footage and tried comparing both little birds and had fairly different results! I am beginning to think that it may very well be a mod conflict as we do have a 13GB modpack.
  7. PhonicStudios just about says it best. As is, a good handful of skilled addon makers left the BI Community from A2 when A3 was released mostly due to development side decisions which turned away long time modders. Now RHS stayed and made true quality content (on the Russian side). However the community, filled with mostly Westerners clamored for Western type equipment and RHS scrambled to get content ready, which is evident with the 95% ported work of RHSUSF in comparison to the RHSAFRF which is gorgeously done and seems to be mostly from scratch. Theres a huge quality gap between the two, however they have a firm grip on the modding community because they simply have the most content and even their ported worth is higher quality than most. However it is a turn off because they refuse to work with ACE and add compatibility to their weapons and instead opt into doing their own system for nearly anything. So it's difficult to use other mods in conjunction with theirs as they have their own unique system for damage, weight, loads, inventory space etc. So we are forced to use their total modification. I just want to see more competitors making quality work which can stand up to RHS because honestly I would like to get away from it. I love their addon, I just don't like their work model as far as driving users into using basically 'all-or-nothing' rather than opting for compatibility with long time addons such as ACE. VTN is the same way as RHS but theyre 20x worse.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, and glad to hear that is what you guys are doing, which I personally believe is the best way. I definitely agree with your statement, everybody hears differently. Also different recording devices output drastic differences in sound. Glad to hear you're doing it the way you are, absolutely can't wait for more additions to CUP. I do wish it was easier to follow such as ACE. CUP honestly can break the RHS/AIATP monopoly on everything A3 if done correctly which I really hope happens.
  9. Any plans to release an optional compatibility patch so JSRS/SOS will be able to overwrite the sounds? I'm sure your audio will be great, however I prefer there to be unification with sounds/quality rather than having 2 or 3 of the same weapons that all sound different. Also are you making custom sounds based off of what you believe sounds right? Or are you making sounds to replicate the real-world counterpart?
  10. I am saying that the vanilla AH6's miniguns are both more effective and more true to life than the MELBs. I am not completely sure if it is either the guns being 'too accurate' or only a certain number of rounds actually being accounted for. Like in A2, the M240s were more effective than the M134 because only every 10th round of the M134 was a true round, the rest did nothing. Regardless, have a test for youself. Throw 15 targets down in formation and use both littlebirds miniguns, the vanilla ones are much more effective either due to dispersion, or more rounds are actually calculated. MELB is great, I completely agree our community used all of the MELBs with the exception of the dual minigun/rockets as the vanilla miniguns are more true to real life through both testing and examination of minigun footage through youtube.
  11. This is not the 'eject' I'm talking about. ACE Eject allows you to land, and hit eject and the rotors keep spinning. Default eject still turns the engine off. ACE Eject must be done by mod maker. Also miniguns are TOO accurate on the AH6 unfortunately. Grap a vanilla AH6 and a MELB AH6 with dual miniguns and practice hosing down 15 or 20 pop-up targets. You will see what I mean.
  12. Nkey have you thought of making radios a physical object that you can drop and place into backpacks? Perhaps only modelling certain antennas that will raise out of most backpacks? Also another question, every thought of having a helicopter radio effect? E.g. if two pilots have pilot helmets on in an aircraft, when they speak over 3D audio, they are actually speaking into a headset and have said effect (without the beeps). However if one doesn't have a helmet, it will be very difficult to speak to them.