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  1. outlaw109

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi, great mod, but one thing i want to know. is it possible to add this feature so that the osprey is able to sling load ?
  2. Hi, great mod. one thing i want to mention. the tracks of the Bv 206 turning false way round.
  3. outlaw109

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    hi fullerpj, can you clean up your pm-folder ? i just want you to send a new status-update of the sling loading osprey.
  4. outlaw109

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi fullerpj, great mod by the way :cc: BI Classifies ? I though that you can define the class in the config.cpp, what would happen if you do so. I have seen this ticket: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21623 But no reply at all, maybe you can find a way with a script or someone send in some help ;-)
  5. outlaw109

    HAFM EC-635 Helicopter

    Hi, great helicopter. three things i want to mention: - flight handling of the unarmed version is tricky, i can fly better with armed versions maybe the roll over the x-axis to sensitiv in this case - inventory, to much in storage (weapon, ammunition and grenates). only a pair of parachute would be enough - the bundeswehr-faction is not found in zeus, only in editor
  6. outlaw109

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    there is a mg3 weapon-station mounted on the "dingo", maybe you can use it: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?188332-Bundeswehr-Dingo-Reskin-for-ACR_A3-Dingo
  7. outlaw109

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    Great Work Aplion, and thank you for your permission to retexture that nice chopper. i got one question is it possible to replace the m134 with the mg3 ? it is easy to apply new paint than changing the weaponstation ;-)
  8. hi, great work. i know the dingo is a arma 2 port and build by amt but there are a few things you should know, maybe you have the ability to fix it: - vehicle is driving the same speed throug water like over land or streets, we notice it when we cross a river or driving a long time in a creek on clafghan - there is no correct damage-model, crashing it with fullspeed against a wall will only destruct a tire - shooting on it with a m2 machine gun won´t hurt the passenger, you can shot right through the windshield, break it but further shooting will not kill the driver - we are missing a destructible light-system, so you can shot down the front-light
  9. outlaw109

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    hi, you did a great job. just want to know if the m109a6 will get tweaked. soul_assassin´s arma 2 paladin was using a very good fcs (fire control system), you had to build up the gun first before shooting it and the two brace were animated at the back including a gunbarrel travel-lock also animated. so the arty-job was fun and challenging. http://merit-intl.com/meritnew/_images/AFV-AF35248/AF35248-4_S.jpg <- support brace http://data.primeportal.net/artillery/mike_high/m109a6/94%20travel%20lock%20n%20barrel.JPG <- travel-lock
  10. outlaw109

    Middle East Conflict mod

    hi, great mod. is it possible to get a islamic-state sign free version. the is-sign is forbidden by the german-law.
  11. Hi, is it possible to remove that shiny layer all over the plane ? i noticed that on a few planes ported from a sim too. it look´s like a skin over the real outside surface.
  12. outlaw109

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    thanks for your fast reply. i will set the ammo to zero and load the mod without mando missile. hope you can fix the couple of things i reply in the jayhawk-thread
  13. outlaw109

    Seahawk Addon By YuraPetrov

    Hi Yura, me again. Got a couple of questions. Is it possible that i can extract single choppers to create a own package ? i know that all types need the basic sh-60 model and most things are textures-changes. the reason is that in my missions we don´t need torpedos and buoy´s and the mando missile system it is to complicated to the most people out there. is there a light version without mando missles without making that heavy customisation ?
  14. Hi Yura, great work. Downloaded the complete set from your page. I found some bugs and they are easy to fix. Maybe you can fix them. - SH60.sqs spams the whole arma2oa.RPT with a error when you fold and unfold the rotor/blades and the tail -> solution remove ";" after ~0.1 (line 25) in SH60fold.sqs -> better would be to convert the fold and unfold-script into the newer sqf-form -> in the script you can set fuel of the helicopter to empty so it is not possible to start engine in the fold and unfold-progress. - HH-60J is not a standalone, when you try to start without the sh-60 package you get this error: Warning Message: Cannot open object sh60\mala vrtule blur.p3d Warning Message: Cannot open object sh60\velka vrtule blur.p3d -> the files mala_vrtule_blur.p3d and velka_vrtule_blur.p3d are inside the hh60j.pbo, maybe a path is not set correct. i can´t find that config file with the path to correct it... i just notice that error when i played only with the jayhawk. - some memory-points are not found in the model: Error: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/yup_MH60J/Turrets/MainTurret/: Turret body flir_turret not found while initializing the model hh60j\mh60j.p3d Error: bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/yup_MH60J/Turrets/MainTurret/: Turret gun flir not found while initializing the model hh60j\mh60j.p3d - weird hitpoints, sometimes you can shot that jayhawk down with only two or three ak-bullets and sometimes you can hit that chopper with an rpg and nothing happen, maybe because of that error: class HitPoints::HitMissiles not found in yup_MH60J class HitPoints::HitRGlass not found in yup_MH60J class HitPoints::HitLGlass not found in yup_MH60J Have a nice week, would be great to get feedback :bounce3:
  15. I can´t get ammo for the g3 rifle when i placed the ammo box and take one of the g3 out. can you give me the classname of the used ammo-type ?