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  1. Me too lol. Hope to get Dustoff version too!
  2. EPIC, EPIC, EPIC, EPIC! This came of of nowhere! Just small question- does "custom flight model" mean RotorLib? Hope it does :)
  3. Too bad, some people never mature apparently.
  4. Cool, it's late in the night at my place, but I hope to join at least for an hour, or so. See you online and thanks!
  5. I would love to fly as pilot. Have experience etc, actually I am flying a joint ops mission next day, so it'd be a good practice. I fly AFM, would pilot RHS UH-60. Would it be OK for me to join?
  6. http://ace3mod.com/2016/03/02/ace3-version350.html Two words: “Fast Roping"! Hope you guys integrate it into next update! EDIT: too excited to notice a post above, lol.
  7. Digging this up- any options for dual screen Arma 3 pilots?
  8. @diesel5187 It's great to hear you are improving this mod even further! One more minor feedback would be the artificial horizon display- it has very small contrast in NV, other gauges are very clear and visible on and off NV. I don't know if the fix would make it less visible in normal light conditions, but if that'd be the case, then maybe alternative lighting mode for low light use selectable via menu could be the way to go? Thanks once again guys, you make Arma fun!!!!
  9. Yeah, MELB is addicting! I have a small request. Comming from DCS, I really appreciated a small feature helicopters had- they display a controller position (cyclic, collective, anti torque and throttle). It would be usefull when swithing controllers mid air- the pilot who is about to get controls would be able to match his input with current pilot's controllers position. The transition would go much more smooth (there is a small bug in Arma temporary increasing collective when unlocking/ locking controllers, so that'd still be an issue). The other thing is- it makes it easier to put cyclic on neutral, and for those who trim helicopters- they could trim it while on the ground. Here is what I mean (red box on top left).
  10. OK, gentleman. I've finallly found some time to fly this beauty after a long brake. I had a blast!!!! Now my feedback regarding FM: I find left yaw tendency on hover not accented enough. I couldn't find an onboard video of Little Bird showing a anti-torque input when hovering, but I found MD 500's one, here it is I tried to make a screenshot of me hovering on and off the ground effect, but I somehow couldn't get any screenshots (yeah, I'm noob). Anyways- you can check it for yourself- it is nowhere near what we can see in the video above. Actually, the yaw itself is not that strong during hover even when anti-torque pedals are neutral. I would be gratefull if you guys could increase yaw a bit. As for transitional lift- as I understand it is not modeled by AFM, so I won't go into that. Otherwise it is really, really, really nice. Never expected Arma 3 to give me so much fun, but you guys nailed it with MELB. Thanks, great job! :wub: EDIT: Found it: Roll tendency could be pronounced a bit more too ;)
  11. samb


    Great, thanks for answer!
  12. samb


    GREAT idea, great execution. One request I have is actually the same across vanilla based models- Would You please consider swapping Artificial Horizon display on MFD with Navigation Compass on pilot's side? It is much easier and more intuitive to refer to AH that is situated directly in front of pilot. Thanks and congrats on what You've achieved so far!
  13. I know how helicopter physcis work in RL, but I was trying to explain that it is exaggerated right now.
  14. samb


    +1 We would really appreciate an AFM addition!