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  1. Hi Kju, your discord suggestion is a good one I will definitely join... The main question is really how to do step 1 in the easiest way possible, I hoped I did not need to pack data but so be it... devbranch and diag.exe is a good starting point thanks ! Fred
  2. Hi, After having succesfully modded the flight models for Take On Helicopters I would like to improve the rotorLib parameters in Arma 3 to see if I can replicate the behaviors I have reached in Microsoft FSX using my own helicopter physics addon (Helicopter Total Realism or HTR) In TKOH it was quite simple as I just had to extract the XML files from the PBO's and put them in a specific Hsim Directory. I am not an expert in Arma 3 editing (but would like to become one) ,but I am pretty sure that with some help from the people I can get very realistic and improved flight dynamics. I actually would like to split the work in 3 steps: 1. Edit and publish the improved dynamics editing parameters from the Rotorlib XML files. 2. Change the config files of the helicopters to see if I can improve the behavior 3. More of a long term project, port my HTR library to Arma 3 for a completely realistic helicopter flight experience... Thanks Fred
  3. Hi guys, I have updated the dropbox links as requested, I am now looking to load the files in Arma 3... any help appreciated ! Fred
  4. I probably depends on the sim quality, HTR is being used extensively by pilots for training. I also had a canadian student who told me a story: This student had been practicing htr for fsx before his first lesson. The student was soo good at his first lesson his instructor drove 60 miles to his home to test HTR and really liked it a lot and encouraged him on practicing more....
  5. thanks RIE, I am looking forward to the dev branch release... and will be glad to help ! If anything changes in the new rotorLib, do not forget to update the wiki, makes things easier !
  6. Hi, After TKoH was released I did my best to improve helicopter handling fixing RotorLib XML files, and I believe this was much appreciated by the community.... I wondered if there is a way to access the beta product in order to have better dynamics before it is released. No problem for me in prebuying the product and working for free as long as dynamics are right from the start... Bye Fred
  7. Hi Arma 3 uses a completely different aerodynamic system, youo will find the xml files in the pbo's but they are not used. the parameters to change are mostly mass and moments of inertia, then it is a lot of trial and error, the mass you can get from the web, the moments of inertia are more complex I suggest using the same as the A3 and increase them if the helicopter is too sensitive, and viceversa...
  8. Hi, no I did not finish the heavy file and the last update was many months ago as I see the interest in TKOH helicopter plummeting.... Modding the XML files per se is easy , it is the numbers to put in that are difficult to find right... also I do not know if you can do a tandem helicopter with the physics engine....
  9. yes we posted way back in the feedback section but no news to date... http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15211 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12273
  10. vrs is there and is bad, I will ad an option to disable it as I believe most users will find it too difficult. also I partially fixed the velocity problem, there are more issues that I initially thought, the original model aerodynamics might have to be tweaked. Also the flight until setVelocityModelSpace and setRotationModel are implemented, managing vehicle physics from script is very limited, I hope they add this soon...
  11. fred64

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    If you wish additional manpower for this I think I can help..(free) I am already working on an advanced FM using scripts, see here but if needed I can go way deeper than that... Fred
  12. @brainslush thank you, I was thinking more about displaying my own values in the gauges, i.e. I will make the calculation and send the value back to them... do you think it is possible ? This weekend I worked on a beta of the script, I currently have implemented: - ground effect - vortex ring state - translational lift I would like to know if there is a way to read the input values for cyclic, collective and such, this would help a lot. Also I believe there is no easy way to set helicopter angular velocities (i.e. pitch, roll, yaw velocities) Please vote THIS on the feedback site as it would greatly help. Also I am currently facing a problem at high speeds since the script seems to slow down the update, maybe it is due to the script running too slow ? (it is less than 50 lines so it shouldn't) anyway I'll publish a beta mission in the next few days... Bye Fred
  13. fred64

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    I think ARMA helicopter flight model is spot on for the purpose it serves, i.e. use by non expert helicopter pilots, flying at low level in a battlefield. Implementing a realistic autorotations is no easy task since it involves several calculations (as I did in my Helicopter Total Realism FSX extension) which are IMHO way too complex for the above purpose. I will be doing some advanced helicopter aerodynamics in ARMA sometimes in the future, then you can have fun! I bet it will be way better than TKOH....
  14. theoretically yes, practically due to floating point errors any terrain above 16km x 16km is not usable... I have been there many times and there are several posts... here's one of the most recent. http://www.crydev.net/viewtopic.php?f=355&t=86359
  15. I believe that the FM of Arma 3 is not that bad, especially for modding, it is easier than TKOH... I am currently working on a series of "effects" to make it behave very much like HTR, nothing as complex as HTR but from the user perspective you should hardly be able to see the difference... then if Bistudio releases some more access to Physix I could do better... still digging in the wiki and such... I was wondering if there is any gauge documentation anywhere. As I understand in Arma Gauges are 3d objects with animations, but how do you control them ? (still a newbie)