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  1. Archosaurusrev

    Will the distance view be fixed?

    Indeed, there is no option like that for Arma 2. Damn shame, air and armor combat are near useless.
  2. Okay, so my idea is to make a squad move to an area in formation, then make everyone get out of the group and move to a waypoint near some cover or something to make up a defensive lane of fire. Right now, I have the waypoints set up, and I have the AI as single units which at the start of the mission join the group of the leader and move with him to the disbanding area, but I'm stuck now. EDIT: Found out how to do it. In short, I made a trigger with a domove command to a marker for each member. As they got to the marker area, a trigger played where they were put into prone mode, AI move and attack was disabled so they stay there and shoot at enemies in sight. Reply if you want the codes.
  3. omg u copy ACE fuk u fuk u fuk u Just kidding, looks pretty nice, models and textures look superb, and I don't think they're ported from Arma 2 either.
  4. Archosaurusrev

    Iraq 2003 Invasion. An Episodic Mod - ARMA 3

    I can't mod worth shit, but I wil support the project, this is something I wanna see.
  5. Archosaurusrev

    AI can drive, finally.

    Thank you, BIS. I was expecting the AI to suck at driving, but I was shocked when I put two cars in a town, gave them a single waypoint a few miles away and they got there fast with only some small slowing down because the lead car sped off. You have redeemed yourself, this was so horrible in previous games, bar OFP1.
  6. @Teyker What does the _x command do? The way I see it, the script makes BLUFOR/OPFOR = _x set their behaviour to combat every time _x enters the area, _x being the unit that enters the area...?
  7. Is there any way to specify an area with maybe a marker as hostile, so when units from the opposin side cross into it, they go into combat mode/move around cautiously? I could do that with waypoints, but my point is that I want dynamic AI. Second thing, is there any way to make AI attack a marked waypoint/area dynamically without any kind of AI mods? I mean, like, if you place a few vehicles and some infantry then assign them to attack the area, they'll use things like flanking maneuvers, covering fire and so on that COULD be achieved through waypoints and script, but then it wouldn't be dynamic. I'm probably asking for too much, and should come back in maybe 5 years, but the RV engine can do a load of things...
  8. Archosaurusrev

    Towable AT gun

    @Blake I didn't understand anything of that, I'm not very savvy of advanced scripting, but I might figure it out. The Arma engine needs a feature that lets you define something for every unit of the specified type and lets you set some named units that don't apply to that.
  9. Archosaurusrev

    Towable AT gun

    @Blake Alright, thanks, I'll try that out later. Is there any way to make it work universally for every type unit of the same gun and car, like what they did in Liberation 1944?
  10. Archosaurusrev

    Towable AT gun

    @Blake I have some kind of idea how the script works, but I don't know how to implement it into my own. Could you, or someone else, go and modyify my init.sqf with a distance script, just the script with no additional text, just an "if less than 5 meters, then action is visible". Get what I mean?
  11. So. My idea is to make a towable AT gun that can be towed with a jeep in the I44 mod. I know how to make the attach and detach script just fine, but I can't get the attach script to work ONLY when the gun is, say, under 5 meters from the car. Righ now, I can attach it from the other side of the map. init.sqf: ATgun addAction ["Attach gun", "Attach_gun.sqs"]; ATgun addAction ["Detach gun", "Detach_gun.sqs"]; ; Can you modify it with a "If in this distance, then activate the below scripts." solution.
  12. First off, I know this is the wrong section, bear with me. My HDD and OS were wiped out, and I never made a digital backup, so now I need to re-install Arma 2. Only thing is, I'm an idiot and I appear to have lost the Arma 2 manual. Is there any way for me to recover it digitally, through a registry to IP check or something? EDIT: It was at the bottom of a huge box full of papers and whatnot. I was just saying that "It can't be here, this is a waste of time..." Thread closed.
  13. After searching for fixes and trying things myself to no avail, I cannot fix the horrible anti aliasing shimmer in my Arma 2. The only way to partially make it disappear is to use ATOC, but even then its not really gone. The still image is fine. but the jaggies start popping out and moving when I move my view. AA worked fine on my 5850, so its not an Arma 2 problem. Yes, I've tried setting that one texture filtering option to "clamp".
  14. Hello, I don't know if this is the appropriate section as this is not a problem, more of a fix. In your Arma 2oa.cfg, set both "rendered frames ahead" to 0 and then go to the properties of the file, then set it to read only. (Right click, properties) Set your CCC or Nvidia CP to use either 0 frames, or application controlled if you can. If you're having high FPS like me (45 to 60) but horrible mouse lag and stutter when frames drop or rise, try this. I have a damn MSi GTX 670 PE, I don't really have a need for frames ahead because personally, it makes the image refreshing "feel" slower, and gives me mouse lag. Put both to 0 and bam, no mouse lag, ever, and the image refreshing feels a bit better.
  15. I set up a sizeable battle near Misty Peak and my FPS plummeted to the 30 region. Never happened before, always kept at least 50. I'll try that. Also, Pine trees do not give me a loss with AA on, only the "summer" trees.