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  1. As mentioned in the title, I am unable to manually launch leaflets from any variant of the AL-6 Pelican drone (standard or medical, any faction). This issue also affects other vehicles to various extents. I have followed the instructions listed in https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Leaflets. I have also deactivated all mods to avoid potential interference. When connecting to an AL-6 carrying leaflets (whether I use pylon settings or the "addmagazine"/"addweapon" commands in the drone's init), in the UAV Terminal , I see "Leaflet Dispenser" and "1 Leaflet" listed in the drone's weapons (WPN). However, when taking control of the drone, the weapon info window in the upper right corner remains blank (no weapon name or remaining mags/ammo), and pressing the fire button or attempting to switch weapons does nothing. Scripted leaflet drops (e.g. through the use of waypoints with the "fire" command) appear to work just fine, though. I have done further experiments to isolate the problem, and it seems to affect all single-seat unmanned vehicles in combination with the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon. Single-seat manned vehicles (such as aircraft) also seem to experience the same issue, although I can't be sure that it shares the same root cause. However, unmanned vehicles with separate pilot and turret seats seem to be able to operate leaflet drops manually to some extent, but only if the "selectWeapon" command is used in addition to the commands given in the leaflets instructions link above. For testing purposes, I attempted the following: Adding the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon and "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F" magazine to the AR-2 Darter drone: I was able to do a manual leaflet drop, after adding the "selectWeapon" command in the init first. ✔️ Adding the "LMG_RCWS" weapon and "200Rnd_65x39_Belt" magazine to the AL-6 Pelican: I was able to use/fire the weapon while controlling the Pelican drone. The weapon and ammo were also properly listed in the weapon info window. ✔️ Adding the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon and "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F" magazine to the UGV Stomper unmanned vehicle - unarmed version (only other unmanned unit without a turret): not working - same conditions as the Pelican, although the weapon info window doesn't even appear.❌ Adding the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon and "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F" magazine to the A-164 Wipeout single-seat aircraft : not working.❌ Adding the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon and "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F" magazine to the BTR-K Kamysh APC : The weapon was assigned to the driver in the weapon info window, but I was unable to fire. Switching back and forth from the driver's seat to the gunner's seat removed the weapon, which had been assigned with the "selectWeapon" command. Attempts to assign the weapon to the gunner's seat using the addWeaponTurret/selectWeaponTurret commands were unsuccessful. ➖ Adding the "Bomb_Leaflets" weapon and "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F" to the AL-6 Pelican using the addWeaponGlobal/addMagazineGlobal commands: not working. ❌ Adding the "selectWeapon" command to the AL-6 Pelican init after addMagazine/addWeapon to force it to use the leaflet launcher: not working. ❌ Any help or further investigation to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  2. VoodooMTL

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    I was looking forward to using them on units that were not CSAT-related - I dig the futuristic look of those uniforms but I've never been a big fan of the A3 vanilla factions. Oh well, no biggie, but if you do bring back the armpatch-less version in a future release (maybe as an alternate next to the ones with the CSAT patch), I could certainly use them!
  3. VoodooMTL

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Nice mod Foxfort! I've been looking for the CSAT uniform variants without the CSAT red and tan hexagon arm patch, know where I could find them? In the 1.40 preview picture posted on Armaholic, the units don't seem to have the armpatch, but all the variants I found in the mod itself have it. Thanks!
  4. I really love what you've been doing so far with the beach and container packs. Details like these have been missing from Arma IMO and I'm glad someone would take the time to create them. I've got a small request for you regarding the next update of the container pack: would you consider making some of the larger objects (such as shipping and high-sec containers) sling-loadable by helicopter? I had something in mind the other day while making a mission and I wished it would have been possible for a Chinook to haul around one of those high-sec containers. Thanks!
  5. It's funny that you would release this last weekend as I was precisely thinking about how to put unmanned vehicles in the game at that time. I'm not nearly as experienced as you (read: at all) in making complex addons, but I was looking at how the various BIS unmanned vehicles worked, and if any vehicle in the game could basically be made unmanned. Strangely, they seem to have nailed the concept with the MQ-9 and even more with the AH-6X, which remains empty to the point where you can send one to your location to extract yourself. But on the other hand, the Pchela and the KA-137 have that problem with invisible crew ejections, so I rarely use them. I was wondering if you considered/tried making your addon work like the BIS UAVs do - module and triple sync (UAV, player, and object as terminal). Also, do you think they could work one day (even if not in a completely realistic manner) as standalone AI? I can already think how fun it would be to try to avoid those bad boys. Anyway, I'm glad to see someone playing around with unexplored game concepts. If in can be of any inspiration, I remember seeing a video about 15-20 years ago where a team of scientists had made a Humvee drive itself over a short stretch of terrain - and it had this big computer and camera system on it that made it barely recognizable. Then, nowadays, you've got Google sending their almost inconspicuous self-driving cars on public roads. That's the kind of think I'd like to experiment with in Arma. Those smaller helicopter drones - some of which you can buy off the shelf these days - might also be an interesting idea to explore.
  6. VoodooMTL

    SF/Contractor Mi-17 Pack

    Well I reinstalled your mod today and the bug seems to have disappeared somehow so... good news, I guess? The weird part is that I haven't added or removed any mods in the meantime. I'll stick to my "nice choppers" comment though, they are definitely a great addition to the game.
  7. VoodooMTL

    SF/Contractor Mi-17 Pack

    Nice choppers! However I noticed a weird bug: the rear gun on the standard MI-17 is pointed towards the inside, even on the vanilla MI-17s. When in first person view, you'll be looking at the inside of the chopper, and you can only move the gun up and down, not left or right. When I uninstalled your addon, the guns on the vanilla MI-17s went back to their original position.
  8. VoodooMTL

    Skoda Octavia Addon

    I noticed that Vilas' latest release of P85 took care of the shadow problem his UAZ van used to have as well as the HitEngine pointers. Do you have any plans to update your UAZ van pack to the latest model?
  9. VoodooMTL

    Altering OA models

    Wow, so a lot more work went into piecing those units than I thought... Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but at least I'm glad that I did get answers. Thanks to everyone (and sorry if I brought up a touchy subject). The learning curve for Arma modeling is a bit too steep for my taste, so I guess I'll stick to retexturing for the moment. Maybe one day the MLODs will be released, who knows?
  10. VoodooMTL

    Altering OA models

    Upon further examination and comparison between models, it appears the models are indeed a bit different. However, they do have some parts that I'm pretty sure are BIS OA stuff. ` Here's a pic for comparison. On the left, the OA takistani rifleman. On the right, Schaps's Middle Eastern Army rifleman: http://i45.tinypic.com/a0guoz.jpg So I'm guessing that even though BIS' models are locked shut, there are still some parts (like hats, vests, pouches, scarves, etc) that can be "called" from a source file or something? Perhaps by proxy? (Bear with me if none of this makes any sense, I'm very new at this). Either that or Schnaps DID reverse-engineer some stuff and I guess I uncovered it accidentally... Heh, it would have to work first for that! But thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of this and I do respect that. I'm guessing this does not apply to textures, judging by the amount of retextures going around?
  11. Ideally, I'd be asking this to Schnapsdrossel, but it seems he hasn't been around for a few years now... Hopefully someone else knows the answer to this. In his SpecOps, Mercs, BlackOps, OpFor addon, I noticed he has slightly altered BIS models by removing helmets, pouches and other slight details. So far, all I've heard was that it was impossible to modify BIS models as they have not released MLODs for Arma 2/OA - but obviously Schnaps proved that wrong. > snip < So is there someone who knows of an easy way/tool to do this? Am I using the right tools, and/or is there something I should be doing to ensure that my modified model doesn't crash my game? Thanks in advance...
  12. VoodooMTL

    GSEP Miroslavl' Beta

    I hope you'll have enough time in the future to complete this map - or that someone may be able to finish it for you. This is already an outstanding map, and has the potential to become one of the best out there once completed. To me, it is to Arma 2 what Zargabad was to OA. I also like how you were able to achieve such an impressive result using only vanilla content; I'm impressed by what the Taviana island team achieved, but there is so much custom content in there that my game is inevitably slowed to a crawl by all the errors being generated in the log file. No such problems in your map!
  13. VoodooMTL

    SUV Recolours

    Not bad, but you might want to consider a more subtle and realistic palette... i.e. white, silver, charcoal, tan, burgundy, navy blue. Clearly the OA SUV is based on the Chevy Suburban. Maybe have a look at Chevy's palette to give you an idea: http://www.chevrolet.com/suburban-half-ton-suv/
  14. VoodooMTL

    RUBE Weather Module

    I still can't get it to work, but to be honest, I'm not very good at all with scripting, so I have a hard time understanding your explanation. I figure it would help if I posted the code I put in the init. I mostly C&P'd bits from your demo.sqf file. theWeatherReports set [0, ([(RUBE_weather getVariable "date"), (RUBE_weather getVariable "forecast")] call RUBE_weatherCreateForecast) ]; theNotebook setVariable ["RUBE_forecastData", (theWeatherReports select 0), true]; 0 = [["object", theNotebook], ["forecast", (theWeatherReports select 0)], ["online", true]] execVM "RUBE\modules\weather\dialogs\fn_weatherReport.sqf"; Would you consider adding an actual demo mission for the next release in which the different objects have their own inits that could be used as templates? EDIT: On an unrelated note, I also find out that the demo mission somehow doesn't react well to planes being on the map, whether empty or piloted by the AI. The weather module will be completely disabled if there's a plane on the map... don't know if it was already a known issue. Helicopters seem to work just fine though. This seems to be limited to the demo mission - when running a map with the game logic modules, the weather works just fine.
  15. VoodooMTL

    RUBE Weather Module

    So I'm using the addon version, and am trying to figure out how to set up a notebook to display the forecast without using the demo mission. Did anyone figure out what needs to be in the object init so that it gives me the forecast? After a lot of trial and error, and consulting the script version files, I've managed to add the action to the notebook, but now I'm getting an error message, and no forecast appears on screen, just the work "any" plastered all over the place. Again, I'm trying to do WITHOUT running the demo mission, with the game logic modules on the map.