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  1. check your mission.sqm "GLT_Missilebox_config", "glt_falcon_oa_config", must be listed in the addOns[]= and addOnsAuto[]=
  2. Vulc@no

    the USMC needs you....

    i make a update for our missions, changes: - some bugs removed, - added some new sidemissions - added some new vehicles - added some new scripts it can be downloaded here Thanks & Credits: Monsada - Upsmon Gnat - Tu22M3 EMERY - DPV konyo - A319 tcp - IED/Suicide Bomber
  3. Coffeeshop - a german server community presents : Our modified multiplayer mission´s based from co30 Domination OA! West by Xeno - ranked - revive Maprotation on our server are now= Thanks & Credits: IceBreakr - Lingor Island, Xeno - Domination, shezan74 - Fallujah-City, SNKMAN - Group Link4, Eble - F-14, Killswitch - CBA, Jdog - USS Nimitz, Schnapsdrosel - Female Soldier, Mukcep - Mi-26, Rocket - CH 53, Norrin - FAST ROPE, Lexx - Black Weapons, DanL2mx - Seals, cole - Vapor Trails, PRACS - MIG 21, SARMAT - IL 76, Lurchi AC-130 Script, RKSL - System, Myke - F-16 and Missilebox, BIS = ArmA 2 + OA special thanks to the arma community, for your work to make this game unbelievable, i hope, i dont forget a addonmaker ......... Requirements: - ArmA 2 Version 1.09 - ArmA 2 OA Version 1.59 Download: Coffeeunits 581 MB Coffeemaps 469 MB Installation: We use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. Unzip both files into your arma2 ( coffeeunits and coffeemaps ) Here you can see look like it should, "unzip" after successful ( i use on the pic the JSRS soundmod, its not necessary ) start now arma2co and enable in extensions @coffeemaps and @coffeeunits, or use a arma launcher than you can join our server, the missionfiles load by joining ( or get by request from me ) For better teamplay you can join our mumble voice server, or use the ingamevoice ;) Mumble Voice Server IP: mumble4.linux-power.de port: 64749 Feedback and bugreport please here or in our forum Our gameservers are powered by www.g-portal.de AMD 965 Black Edition 4 x 3.4 GHz 4 GB DDR3 100 mbit
  4. 15.9 are for the uss khe sanh, and 18.2 for the uss nimitz
  5. Vulc@no

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    very nice addon, special thx @lurchi, its works perfect in our mp mission, small laggs only with gunner and pilot are humans
  6. Vulc@no

    Revive Script

    hi, i have al little question, between a problem, i will add a 4 spawnpoint, not mobile i edit the init.sqf i added a marker base_spawn_1 and a marker with name fob, the base_spawn_1 and the 2 mobile are working, but i become no 4 respawnbutton in the deathcam, and no button in for teleport, any one can help, or send me a link for helping, i search in this forum, but dont find anything, for information, its the revive script used in domination by Xeno thx 4 help ;)
  7. Vulc@no

    USS Nimitz

    hi madiba, use the "JDG_carrier_Spawner" Modell, and all thinks are working, with the special commands you can steering any thinks ( elevators, catapults ) example, i use for my carrier this, init="nul = [4, 1]execVM ""\JDG_carrier\scr\elevatorAction.sqf"";"; elevator Nr.4 is going down, when a player join our server (normal is, all elevators are up)
  8. Vulc@no

    Isla Duala

    to stay on track , need ftp still ? ps, i love your island :cool:
  9. or looks here http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/files/tutorials/dedicated/
  10. HARDDRIVE at here HomePC :cool:
  11. no problem ;) i take a request only, not claim of a f18 :) i ask in another thread for a donation, and become the answer, its the false thread, thats the matter for my request here to become more information, cause i see in videos a working f18, 2 several modells, and i cant find a download sorry mate, i am new here, and i can wait :cool:
  12. Vulc@no

    USS Nimitz

    ok, please read the pdf. from the nimitz ;) dont use for the carrier this init ! delete this, and i mean it works :rolleyes: and check your other addons, for compatible with arma2
  13. its a addon request thread :bounce3: ok, its not very important to have a f/A 18, because one new class of a handfireweapon :rolleyes: the FA18 is the most build Navy Plane, why dont import into arma 2 ? F/A-18 Hornet - Number built: 1.808 F-14 Tomcat - Number built: 712 A-6 Intruder - Number built: 693 AV-8B Harrier -Number built: 323 anyone have a working "prototype" from a F/A 18, from where obtain she it ;) the other matter is, search the BIS forum, and you see, the F18 are on many wish list
  14. Vulc@no

    USS Nimitz

    play without Ammocart, its for arma1, arma2 has other classnames, and arma2 ctd
  15. hi, the ANZAC thread is closed :confused: We seriously need an F-18 Hornet. Its the all-weather carrier-capable multirole fighter jet, for dog fights and attacking landtargets.