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  1. thanks lots, man. it will be amazing in Arma3. One of the best news ever!
  2. Mate, you made, probably, one of the best Islands ever created in my humble opinion. Second to none. If you ever come to London you will be rewarded with some beers for sure. Thanks hips to you Sir, and to all of the other Island makers. And also to all general addon makers who in occasions contributed to make our lives more bearable.
  3. -=Borz=-

    got my a2 islands working in a3

    Wow, Sangin was always second to none, and now in arma 3:shoot: Thanks Smokedog. Fromz! Amazing islands. Nice work!
  4. -=Borz=-

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Murcielago always surprising us with some of the best developed missions for the Arma series, and always full of new details and features. Great work, like always. Looking forward for the next surprise.:don 14:
  5. all afghan/middle east themed islands, in particular helmand, sangin province map :)
  6. To be honest there are so many small pieces of info scattered around these forums, that is not very motivating to put all the required info together for a newbie. It would be awesome if BI produced a complete DVD (or series) for sale with all these resources, video tutorials on how to use BI tools step by step, end efficiently, etc. Thousands would buy it for sure and it would help them getting more people into the game, as more and more content and ideas would be constantly added. Everyone would benefit from it. I guess they would sell this more than the game itself. It would also help them produce and find new latent talents ;) Or perhaps a BI academy online with some instructors (which might be people already modding islands, units, vehicles, mission making, creating videos for intros, etc who are not employed) ;)
  7. -=Borz=-

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    What about a Max Mad or Waterwold style mod? kind of day Z, or wasteland on a big apocalyptic island/s, with plenty of home-made armored vehicles, buggies, boats, limited ammo, weapons, food, clean water supplies, etc and different clans or tribes? (or to play solo) that would be awesome ;)
  8. -=Borz=-

    Mine detection

    thanks man, will give it a try
  9. How can automatic mine detection be inactivated for AI? It is annoying hearing that: "I can see a mine" "I see a mine" "mee too sees the mine".... It would be nice if mines could be only detected by those using specific tools to detect mines, not by anyone walking close to one. IN addition, is there in MP a possible way to make mines and IEDs undetectable visually? In arma 2 I only saw them associated to objects like dogs, rubbish, satchels etc. thanks in advance, and sorry if this has been discussed in other threads :)
  10. Yes, fanboys ruin everything. They say "developer...take my money...". As a consequence, developers become lazy, stop listening to customers. They do not need to work hard to earn their bread, and slowly the game evolves to accomodate the desires of current and future fanbabies. I want this hatchet,... can we get killstreak system?...in the meantime developers abandom their values slowly and become profit-oriented,and consequently start many different projects, so they do not concentrate on their main product, but on space crafts and helicopters, the later of which could be implemented within their main commercial game easily... Anyways, this Developer, BI, still produces the best game in the market. Hope i am wrong, and their initial spirit never disappears ;)
  11. I do not see the game extremely futuristic, but i do agree that the map does not fit the arma series at all. It is like being on holiday and suddenly getting up from a hammock in the beach, get a gun and go to fight strange iranians with odd insect style glasses. Hope someone creates a real conflict scenario map :)
  12. I also felt the same as the author of the post, but in my case it happened when moving from the initial Op flashpoint (cold war assault :) to the arma series. ANd, still remember that feeling while being hidden in a bush and hearing a tank looking for you a few meters away (niinii niinii nniiiinnii nniinni inniii...), turning and coming back, almost driving over your body... that was the fear factor.
  13. -=Borz=-

    Diamond Ironsights, Why?

    I thought the one in the left were pikachu's iron sights
  14. -=Borz=-

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    thanks a lot UNdeceived. Very kind of you. WIll give it another trial, since the ambient of this mission looks amazing, almost magic. cheers :)