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  1. Tankist001

    New Russian Soldiers

    I made some misstakes in config and I've corrected them
  2. Tankist001

    New Russian Soldiers

    These are retexture of Russians from Arma 2. A just addem them a new helmet and backpacks. This camo is real. KSOR and ODKB forces are using it. http://www.gamefront.com/files/20170148/NewGenerationRussians_v1.1.rar This is a new version.
  3. I'd like to present you my new addon: NEW RUSSIAN SOLDIERS http://depositfiles.com/ru/files/4j7eyswvs
  4. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    I did it, but I'm not sure if this will work, because I did it the first time. http://depositfiles.com/files/fvhu9v852
  5. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    please explain what it means to "Sign" ... I'm sorry, but my English is pretty bad and so I sometimes have troubles with the translation.
  6. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    http://depositfiles.com/files/896pww2ic I've corrected sniper and renamed .pbo files
  7. At last I've done my addon:yay:. These are Pacific Ocean Marines in digital camo. It's a retexture of Russian Soldiers From ArmA II. This addon is for Combined Operations. I also retextured some weapons and added new sounds. Here are some screenshots: http://depositfiles.com/files/rlfvlnyj8
  8. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    Unfortunately I don't plan Spetsnaz
  9. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    exall, I know how looks that kamo, but I've done it so big because my txture was very big)) If I made it smaller,it would be very bad ---------- Post added at 03:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:18 PM ---------- Here are some new screenshots
  10. Tankist001

    Russian Pacific Ocean Marines

    screenshots were clear, but after reducing them in size they become worse
  11. I'd like to present you my new project - Russian Pacific ocean marines. This addon is wip and soon this project will be available for downloading. Marines wears Pixel "flora" camo. It's just a retexture of russian soldiers.
  12. RUSSIAN NAVAL INFANTRY I'd like to present you my first addon. It is a retekstur of original soldiers from ArmA 2.It requies the presence of ArmA 2 Combined Operations the latest version. Addon includes: -Rifleman -Rifleman (AK-74U) -Contracter -AT Soldier (RPG7) -AT Soldier (RPG18) -AT Soldier (METIS-M) -Officer -AA Soldier -Machinegunner (Pecheneg) -Machinegunner (RPK-74) -Rifleman (TWS) -Spotter -Sniper -Pilot -Crewman Vehicles: -UAZ (SPG9, Unarmed, AGS30) -Ural (ZU23, open, ammo) -Zamak (Repair, fuel) -BRDM-2 -T-90 -BMP-3 -Tunguska Air: -Su-39 -Su-34 -Mi8 (Rockets) -Mi8 -Mi-24 http://ib1.keep4u.ru/b/2011/01/23/88/8890a928030d1631bbee7ebf66e3cd18.jpg http://ib1.keep4u.ru/b/2011/01/23/27/2737e442b1b20474f1e8ec63fca5a50d.jpg http://www.filefront.com/17837430/Naval Infantry v1.1.rar