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  1. Don't see any of this happening in the near future that's for sure!
  2. If you had of read the mission briefing, you'd have known right away. ;)
  3. You should have hidden that post in a spoiler, as some people reading may not have discovered it yet. There will be a red rectangle on your map, leave the rectangle to end the mission.
  4. Yeah, you'll need to take your entire squad away from the tower before any friendly units will spawn.
  5. Mate, it's still really entertaining! Lately I've been having a quick game everyday after firing up arma to get myself warmed up. ;)
  6. Just thought I'd let you know that when I tried to play this mission, there were no enemies on the map at all, even after trying three times. Also, the helicopters always crashed before dropping me reinforcements or supplies, and reinforcements on foot never came, even after I controlled three gates (including the insertion point). I got the error message, "WICT\start.sqf not found" on startup also. Shouldn't gates be green markers as well after I captured them? Because the marker stayed red after walking through them/capturing them. EDIT: It seems the addon was not launched correctly when I ran ARMA, because I do not get the script error anymore and I now have AI in the mission. I'll let you know if I am still having the reinforcements issues. Nope, all is good it seems with the reinforcements. And I have to agree with others, this mission is a real challenge! Have the AI been designed to be quite accurate in this mission?
  7. Very entertaining, can't wait for the next issue!
  8. hungrytoheal

    Anyone try the Android version?

    I like how your instructor or whatever he is supposed to be always has his binoculars out, even when the targets don't go very far down rage. :P http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/arma2fr/screenshots/A2FR_screenshot_03.jpg http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/arma2fr/screenshots/A2FR_screenshot_05.jpg http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/arma2fr/screenshots/A2FR_screenshot_02.jpg
  9. Hey buddy, I really appreciate you going out of your way to upload a demo for me but could you change the island to Utes? I don't have OA. Thanks!
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I've tried that many times but I do not have the option under my radio or communication menu.
  11. hungrytoheal

    Arma 2 Retreat Tactics

    They still take their sweet time moving to the position in which you have ordered them.
  12. hungrytoheal

    Arma 2 Retreat Tactics

    I find that the main problem is, when in combat mode the AI won't actually follow you and retreat. You can't change their combat mode either.
  13. hungrytoheal

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    In what way does Call of Duty or Battlefield simulate a military environment?
  14. hungrytoheal

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    ArmA 2 is not a simulator, and cannot be used to simulate a combat or military environment? Oh, my mistake. ArmA 2 focuses on simulating a realistic military environment on a computer. It just so happens that doing this also offers entertainment for many different types of people and as a result we class ArmA 2 as a video game. Is it really so hard to understand? Stop being so stubborn and pull your head in.
  15. hungrytoheal

    Isla Duala

    Nope, I ran it with all other mods disabled. Same problem.