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  1. I will certainly love it. Future, past or present! I play arma because of way the fights are handled, the way the AI works and the possibilities with infantry, helis and tanks. I don´t play arma because the weaponnames are realistic.
  2. I stopped using ZEUS after the last patch because something is screwed with it because of the AI changes in 1.59.
  3. This way it doesn´t show errors: {if (((side _x) != West) && (not alive _x)) then { _jok = random 10; if (_jok >= 5) then {_x addaction ["Look for a clude", "Clude.sqf"]; sleep 100; }}} forEach allUnits; But I don´t know about the functionality.
  4. if you want it really simple do this: into init field of unit: this addAction ["Arty Shot", "artyshot.sqf", laserTarget player, 6, false, true, "", "currentweapon player == 'Laserdesignator'"]; artyshot.sqf _round = "sh_120_he" createVehicle [getpos cursorTarget select 0, getpos cursorTarget select 1, 5]; You will get the action when you use the Designator. Point at something and boom! If you want to do real artillery action take a look at this: Artillery Module
  5. Sorry, but you should really do a syntax check. What do you want to do? Check on all units if they are not west and not alive. If true addaction to all units?
  6. Melmarkian

    Trigger via script then grouped

    Your code will not work because you forgot arguments at settriggerstatements and triggeractivation doesn´t work that way. Take a look at that: Triggerattachvehicle and createTrigger with the subcommands btw. you would better use a program like ArmaEdit or Squint to write your scripts. It will make your life a lot easier.
  7. Melmarkian

    Animations question

    Ok, He plays it one more time after the switchtrigger. But this has worked: 1. Into init-field: an2 addEventHandler ["AnimStateChanged", {an2 switchMove "UnaErcVelitelProslov1"}]; 2. Trigger opfor detected by blufor with an2 switchMove ""; an2 removeEventHandler ["AnimStateChanged", 0]; I used this for captives in one of my missions.
  8. Melmarkian

    Animations question

    I would do it this way: 1. Create a waypoint after the cycle 2. Place a Trigger with OPFOR detected by BLUFOR. Set Type to Switch and sync it with the cycle waypoint. Maybe place in the on act. Field unit switchmove ""; 3. In case of friendly fire I would use the firednear eventhandler with switchmove ""; or set a variable to true with the firednear eventhandler and make it another condition for the trigger at 2. (this OR hasfired)
  9. Melmarkian

    Gravity does not exist??!?!?!

    Yes, RPG7 fly how far? 150-200 meters before they drop. Not exactly forever flying.
  10. _tempRuckMagList + [_tempclass]; this should be changed to _tempRuckMagList = _tempRuckMagList + [_tempclass];
  11. Melmarkian

    Simulate Photo

    just use addaction: player addaction ["TAKE PHOTO", "Photoscript.sqf", [], 0, false, false, "", "player distance target1 < 100"]; photoscript: titletext ["", "WHITE OUT"]; titletext ["", "WHITE IN"]; phototaken = true; Don´t know about a sound. You have to look through the soundfiles or add one.
  12. Demonized is right. Just spawn stuff if you use it. I found something helpful to get rid of an area of objects: I placed a gamelogic called "sidemission" at the center of the area I want to delete and create a trigger with the following On Act. {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (position sidemission nearEntities 200); {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (position sidemission nearObjects 200); Deletes even furniture and crews of vehicles.
  13. Melmarkian

    Spawn heli and set name to it

    This works: stealm18 = createVehicle ["Ka52Black", getMarkerPos "helimarker", [], 0, "NONE"]; stealm18 setvehiclevarname "stealm18"; stealm18 setFuel 0; stealm18 allowDamage false; why more complicated? And what is _vehicle in your code? It don´t see where it points. Or just: _vehicle = createVehicle ["Ka52Black", getMarkerPos "helimarker", [], 0, "NONE"]; _vehicle setvehiclevarname "stealm18"; _vehicle Call Compile Format ["%1=_This ; PublicVariable ""%1""","stealm18"]; _vehicle setFuel 0; _vehicle allowDamage false;
  14. I noticed when you spawn explosives a few meters above the ground they do more damage.
  15. Melmarkian

    Spawn heli and set name to it

    To name it I use setVehicleVarName