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  1. Lorca

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    I'm surprised that Honey Nut Cheerios hasn't been banned in Iran; that tasty crunchy circular form looks rather suspicious for the volatile home security. And that Captain Crunch guy, I think there's a conspiracy going on somewhere.
  2. Lorca

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Sorry for the "hard" words but, don't worry, my words are soft compare to what they can say. Yes, there are helpful folks here as well. Maybe, that's another reason why I'm still sticking around here. One thing for sure though, despite all this, I'm ALWAYS defending/supporting BIS in other forums and, frankly, this is the only game that I support despite not liking the community as much as others. If anybody thinks I'm lying, go to the Bethesda forums; in the off topic section. In fact, here's a reply I made to another member there(my name is Lorca there too): http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1397955-dayz-arma-2-thread-04/
  3. Lorca

    Why is this game not more popular?

    You're correct. The BIS community is one of the biggest elitist communities I've seen in my experience in other forums. This community has a mile long footprint of being anti-newbie. In my early posts I was replied to by many arrogant jerks. Luckily, I love Arma 2 so much that I've put up with this "post traumatic stress disorder" community.
  4. Face it, even if BIS created a perfect milsim game it wouldn't have more appeal in the market. The hard fact is that mainstream isn't interested in milsim. Unfortunately, gamers nowadays want Hollywood Rambo style action. That's why Arma2 is a "niche" game/genre.
  5. To the OP: You're worrying too much instead of being happy for BIS. BIS has worked so hard and I'm glad they're earning some well deserve extra cash. God knows how much money an indie company needs. You can start worrying when you see the writing on the wall but in the meantime, don't put the cart before the horse. To stone an imaginary conclusion is the silliest thing one can do.
  6. Well, in business it's ideal and efficient to kill two birds with one stone. If BIS is doing this, I applaud them. That's how you run a business. I've been in other game forums and fans are lucky there if they get a patch every 3-4 months. BIS is one of the few devs that do care for their fans if you compare them to other companies and that's partly due because of their small company status.
  7. There's a very remote possibility that this could happen but in all honesty, I highly doubt it. BIS has very important and serious clients not just videogame players. I highly doubt they will give shitty half-ass products to their clients just because of a zombie game. If we had EA in the equation then that's another story. BIS is a business. They can handle at least two successful titles. If BIS does turn their backs on us, well, that's BIS for ya. It's not Dayz fault but their ethics as business people. Lucky for me, my life or my house doesn't depend on a video game.
  8. I'll drink to that. This is WHY I've been in favor of Dayz from day one even though I haven't played it yet. My wish is for BIS to use the new revenues from Dayz to make a better Arma series, a better engine, a better editor and, of course, a better MP.
  9. Lol, I didn't know "bored housewives" played videogames. I thought they were too busy cheating on their husbands. Anyways, Dayz has been a great chapter in BIS history so far. God knows how much money they have made and I hope Rocket gets rewarded fairly. Rocket single handily has placed Arma on the map. For those who are saying that they feel sad or whatnot that these new fans are here because of Dayz and not Arma 2 military gameplay, well, don't be. Most of the new Dayz players have no interest whatsoever in military sim games. So, all this bull about these "kids" are coming to ruin Arma is pure nonsense. If they are here for Dayz then rest assure that your military simulation "Arma" is safe. What about those who say only Dayz servers online? Well, where are the Arma 2 fans to open up their servers? Cons: nothing at all and this come from a guy who hasn't played Dayz yet. I'm not really into the vampire/werewolf/zombie culture, but, I'm looking at the whole picture and Dayz from a business point of view is a gift that not many companies get in a life time.
  10. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Lol, yeah. That thread was mind bottling. That jerk deserves to be banned from the forums as well since he enthusiastically admits he was cheating in Dayz servers. Once you cheat in one game chances are he's cheating somewhere else. Another fool who shot himself on the foot. Good job BattlEye.
  11. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Rocket has single handily put Arma 2 on the map. When you have a game that makes players sing while they drive along the roads of Chernarus then you've got something special in the making.
  12. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    yeah, that looks like a similar thread. Lol, one thing I've noticed about BIS forums is that more than any other game forum, they have this inexorable disdain towards threads posted in the wrong section. Veteran or noobie members will crucify you for this. Is mind-bottling. Even when logging in the forum for the first time you have to swear an oath to this law. First time I've ever seen that in a game forum.
  13. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    The Holy Grail of marketing is trying to understand what people want and give them want they want. Even when this happens, it's still not guaranteed your marketing will succeed. There was this music band who created a cassette with many songs, the not so good songs were placed on side B(as customary)and their best songs on side A. Guess what? one song, just ONE song from side B somehow touched a chord with people that it became an instant hit selling millions. Look at Facebook. There were other similar social sites that offered the same stuff and much more but somehow people were fixated with Facebook. It's a mystery really what makes something a hit and BIS should thank the Gods that this gift call Dayz no matter how insignificant and "childish" it may be for some has come to their door step.
  14. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Let us not forget that one of the reason of Dayz success is the map of Chernarus. Chernarus, like Arma 2 itself, is a very underrated map. It's a beautiful and, most importantly, believable world. Then again, I shouldn't be surprise since the devs use real world data to map Chernarus with some modification to make it playable. Also, another thing that makes Chernarus believable and something which many don't really pay attention perhaps, is the spatial distances. When you run or walk you really notice a correct amount of space that you have covered. In other words, unlike other CoD style shooters, you cover distances in a very unrealistic way. Arcade games are just like that; you pass along the whole length of a house in 1-2 seconds.
  15. Lorca

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    I agree 100%. I'm extremely happy for BIS because they are getting revenues that they should have had many years ago. Their hard work is paying off. Already, people are admiring the beautiful map of Chernarus. Anyways, don't worry about any significant compromises, if at all. Even if Dayz does become very successful I highly doubt it will hinder the quality of the Arma series. Is probable that BIS will still remain a indie company even with the possible success of Dayz. BIS has invested so much in the military style of gaming that I highly doubt they are going to throw it all for a zombie game. BIS is a business and I wouldn't be surprise if the CEO hires a few more employees to work on Dayz with Rocket as creative director and whatnot in that department. Luckily, EA isn't pulling any of the strings on this company.