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  1. Yeah we need to brainstorm. To be honest, I forgot I wrote this post and just rembered while trying to think up a mission while bored. I think we should restart this idea. Is anyone in? I'm willing to work on some missions, we just need to figure out what the missions are going to consist of.
  2. bw1231996

    FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack

    Looks awesome Alwarren. Question. Do you model the weapons yourself? Do you modify existing models? JW.
  3. Hey guys, just a question that popped into my head. What mission/scenario do you play the most? I mostly mean Singleplayer scenarios/missions, but if you play say, SaOk's WLA together with some friends, that's ok. Let us know! Me, I play a lot of Whole Lotta Altis by SaOk.
  4. I might be able to attend. Infantry if I show up :D I am not really sure if I will be able to, so don't save a spot for me or anything, as I don't want to take someone else's place.
  5. Hey guys, having a little issue here. I am playing WLA (Whole Lotta Altis) and when I try to talk to a civ via SHIFT + Y it brings up the Zeus interface. Is there any way to disable this? Or is this a problem with the mission itself? I have had this problem with other missions as well, but I can't remember exactly which ones. Thanks for any help, Brendan
  6. Yeah I wasn't sure if I should post this in that section since this is just an idea/concept. Not an actual thing just yet. But if any of the mods want to move the thread, please do it :D
  7. Hey guys, so I thought this would be a cool idea. While the RHS devs are working on the mod, why not make some missions together to create a sort of mini-campaign using RHS? I think it would be a lot of fun. What we have to do is come up with the following: What map we are going to use What the storyline will be Characters Types of missions # of Missions I think it would be best if we assign each other different jobs, and then use something like Dropbox and/or OneDrive to upload and share our work with each other so we can keep up with each other and share knowledge. What do you think? Would you be willing to help and make some missions/scenarios? Let's do this!
  8. bw1231996

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    I have been stuck on "Tipping Point" for about a month, even though I have beaten the campaign before. My squadmates keep dying and I haven't even gotten to the part where you are in the valley going towards the boat and they start firing mortars at you. I think it is absolutely ridiculous.
  9. bw1231996

    Start Menu Background Bug

    No, I'm not :D
  10. Hey guys, for a while now I have been having some sort of bug when I start up A3. There is no UAV type background on the start menu like there usually is. All it is; is almost like an underwater view. It's really weird. Here is a video: Here is just a screen: Any help is appreciated.
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering what keybindings you use for which actions. I am just not sure what keys to use for the custom actions that won't interfere with the default controls.
  12. Hey guys, sorry if this is a noob question. I am wondering how to make a helicopter wait on the ground until me and my squad gets in, and then lift off and go to the waypoint I put down. It probably is really simple but I am having a stupid moment and can't think. Thanks for any help in advance.
  13. bw1231996

    Special Ops Campaign

    Just came across this thread. I have just started creating scenarios and I am learning quickly and getting pretty good, all while enjoying it. So if anyone decides to do a community project for a SF campaign type thing, I would be interested.
  14. Hey guys, so I have been wondering this for a while and came across this template for a DEVGRU hangar, and inside it; it has a "Lone Survivor Lock and Load" table that I have been wondering how to make. What it is is just a table with a bunch of gear on it including weapons, magazines, helmets etc. I was just wondering if there is an easy way to make this or do I have to do it in the editor piece by piece? There is a picture of it here (it is the 4th picture): http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26936 Thanks for any help. P.S. Maybe setpos?