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  1. Toonen1988

    Vigor squads

    I play Escape From Tarkov many times solo and duo. We love to fight against bigger groups, as solo and duo. Why? Because it feels so good when you destroy a whole squad. Sneaking around, make them confused, flank them, pick them off one by one. It's good fun, but in Vigor? Haven't played a single shooter on my console for years now. So I completely suck again with my controller and shooting is a bit clunky, arcade"ish" but I didn't expect anything else from a console shooter but I think that I don't like to fight against squads while being solo in this game. So it will be wonderful to have a matchmaking for squads, while I don't want that in Escape From Tarkov. Both are great fun but the shooting mechanics are so different. That's why I want Vigor more duo vs duo, squads vs squads like pubg and match everyone with eachother in Escape from Tarkov. It's just how the game plays and how it is made.
  2. Toonen1988


    No thank you! I've played Rust a lot and it's to much time consuming. We have already many games like rust but almost non like Vigor. This is the main reason why I joined Vigor, a more relaxing survival loot based shooter. We don't need a other Rust clone. If I had no job and being home all day, then Rust might be worth it. Rust doesn't feel like a game anymore but a daily job. And then you have players against you that are online 24/7 and wait till you go offline and raid your base. Those are also the people who complain about roof campers and yelling how newbie roof campers are, but meanwhile they raid a solo guy with 7 people. Wonderful community.
  3. Toonen1988

    Character customization

    Thanks mate, that's good to hear. I'm wondering if we would have more character customization in the future. Like hair, facial hair, shapes of the face, etc.
  4. Toonen1988

    Attacking players shelter

    This is one of the reasons why I stopped playing Rust for example. It's to much time consuming and always those worries that your base might be going after coming home from work.
  5. Toonen1988

    Character customization

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy this game very soon especially after my last ask question. But I would like to ask one more question. I can't find any information about character customization. I've seen some videos and it looks like that we can only choose from 6 faces, which is fine because not everything is implemented yet. Doesn't feel that immersion to see the same characters running around all the time. But for now, I'm fine with it, since it is testing/early access. But what are the future plans? Do we only get 6 preset faces, or do we also get customization like hair, eyes, facial hair or even gender. And what happen if you die with clothing, do you also lose cosmetic items or only the loot and weapons? I've watched tons of videos but can't find many information about this.
  6. Toonen1988

    Attacking players shelter

    Thank you for your reply. I'm going to buy this game one of these days!
  7. Toonen1988

    Attacking players shelter

    Hello everyone, I received yesterday a message about Vigor, it got into "early access" preview state. You can buy the founders pack for 20 euro's and play it unlimited. But i was wondering something, since i'm older and don't have the time to be online every minute of the day, how does the shelter work. Can other people attack your shelter, even when you are offline? I'm looking more for a relaxing survival shooter where you don't have to worry that you get raided while you are offline, something that happens in Rust. To much time consume and it feels more like a job then a game. So, can we attack other players shelter? If yes, can this also be done offline? It sounds a little bit harsh, but if we can raid other people shelters, especially offline, then i would leave this game alone. Bohemia Interactive is one of my favorite developers and it hurts to push away a game from them. But it's not the game fault but my own fault, because i wan't more relaxing gameplay. Going in a raid/match, kill people, lose or gather loot is what i want ala Escape From Tarkov. But i don't want to have any raids going on and need to stay online or check everyday if my base is still standing.
  8. Toonen1988

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    Just be patience guys!
  9. Same here, can't wait! :)
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, i will wait till the full release when it's more optimized. Problem is, their aren't really good CPU for AMD right now. If i'm going to buy an Intel CPU, i need to buy an new mainboard, and new windows license. I did search it, and you can only activate Windows 8 on 1 PC, and i will bound to your mainboard. So, i'm going to wait till full release, or till end this year and see what els is on the market.
  11. I got the OEM version, if you install it, the license will bound to your mainboard. I build PC's myself, so i need to use the OEM version. I use the AMD VISION Engine Control Center (amd catalyst) to overclock my CPU, it runs very stable. I only turned it on when i'm gaming. I use also an case that is build for an good airflow and i use the CNPS 9900 from Zalman and it's working very great. It doenst get warm and runs very stable. 1 time i had an blue-screen, but after upgrading my memory to 16gb, it never happend again!
  12. Hello guys, I have an qeustion! I was thinking about upgrading my CPU, because i want to enjoy and see the beauty in Arma 3 that Bohemia Interactive give to us! Here are my specs right now AMD Phenom x2 965 4x 3,4ghz (overclocked to 4.0ghz) Black Edition AMD HD 7970 1GHZ edition 3gb 16 GB DDR3 1600mhz vengeance corsair New motherboard ASUS (forget the model, but i was last year one of the newest) 600w RECOM power supply 1 SSD Vertex 3 (main OS) 1 SSD Intel 520 (Arma 2 + Arma 3) This is the setting i have right now in Arma 3! http://s24.postimg.org/5uq0hymth/image.jpg (133 kB) http://s23.postimg.org/owlyosxyz/image.jpg (131 kB) http://s23.postimg.org/5vh491e63/image.jpg (127 kB) Its not bad, but i want it higher, i get 20 á 35 FPS. My memory or GPU shouldnt be any problem, but my CPU is to slow to put everything on ultra. This summer i'm going to get an high resolution screen (higher then 1920x1080). I5 or I7 are better, i understand but i don't want to change my motherboard and buying windows 8 license all over again. So my qeustion is, what AMD CPU is the best choice for Arma 3 to put the settings higher, or maybe ultra? Does anyone has any experience with this? Arma 3 is runs very good, but i want it higher and enjoy Arma 3 at its highest when its released (full game). Maybe little offtopic, but i'm doing also 5k photographic landscape and nature, and i'm going to start (when the 4k's screens drops in price) 4k video recording. It must also be an good CPU that runs great for about 2 á 3 years!
  13. Toonen1988

    Arma 3 bots, looting.

    I dont know if this already reported on the forums. Can bots loot from dead body's? You needed to order them in the older versions Arma 1/2 (havent try this in Arma 3) but it would be awesome if they can look for them self. They go looting on dead body's (friendly or enemy's) when they are running low on ammo or injured without having any medkits, or searching for a new gun when they cant find any mags for their weapon. Maybe also trading with eachother when an bot has alot mags left, and the other one is running low on ammo. Or even interactive with an player, like trading mags when an player is running low on ammo. I know it would be an difficult task to do, but not impossible! I dont know how far Bohemia Interactive want to go with the bots, but this would be an nice feature if they havent mentioned this feature already! :)
  14. Trying Gepard GM6 Lynx (if available in Alpha)
  15. Want to see an stable version ACRE for Arma 3. Its one of the greatest mods I've ever seen. It adds something to the game. I hate the global chat in Arma 2... It's just great when you crash with your helicopter in multiplayer and search teammates for help with your radio. Or losing contact with teammates and trying to get back alive. It adds something realistic and also survival to the game. That's why I hate the global chat, everybody can read it even when they are on the other side of the island. I can't yell something outside in my backyard and the whole world will heard it..