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  1. Yeah I hit a snag also with little cover. It seems the Taliban have NV goggles as there is no way around the jeep gunner. The weapons loadout could be a bit more deltalike with nade launchers. But then again Delta would never go on this kind of mission. This is a grunt mission which case they would send in a platoon with heavy weapons. Either way if its a stealth mission the jeep gunner needs to have normal vision and not bionic infrared. Real world would have already had a predator taking out the jeep before the insertion, plus Delta runs 6 man teams. But wouldnt use less than 12 on this kind of grunt style attack. There would also be two teams of overwatch snipers on both sides of the hills. Remember the Taliban stink as fighters and would never repeat never attack they like to hide in the shadows and wait for you to pass by them, they also like tripwires everywhere, mines and alot of morters. Of course this could be the navy seal Taliban who has NV and attacks.
  2. Which version of oa is it looking for as none of the scenarios work all say they need oac_core. I just got most of the scenarios to work with arma co.
  3. ocgamer

    CO16 Insurgency

    Do you have a link that doesnt take us to a website that spams us to death in a foreign language? Hard to know what item to click on when there are 20 that send you to a website trying to sell you something in german. ---------- Post added at 02:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:39 PM ---------- Wow your link is total BS sends you to a spamming website that will not close down you hit X and 50 more websites open. Thanks POGOMAN!
  4. ocgamer

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I havent found one T-72 unless it pops up in harder skill levels. In the non ACE versions the M1-A1 is not even needed unless T-72's appear. Given that Ft. Campbell is home for the M1-A1 everyone here is chomping at the bit to use that weapons platform at its fullest nastiest earliest opportunity. Side note I havent found one good tank scenario out of all the scenarios. I agree with you in playing MP games maybe some of the features should be turned off however we use it in SP mode so we have zero lagg issues. I will check out your suggestion, given that im lazy I wanted it already setup for me. Some of what is out there is close to what im looking for but it has operational problems that if fixed could benefit everyone. I would be interested to know if anyone thinks that Mullahs should have dragon or even stinger missiles when as we know they dont exist in Afganistan or Iraq or any middle eastern country except for three and we are not currently fighting against them as they are allies. Now if the sprites were say russian commandos or even splinter former warsawpact fighters then by all means bring on the SA-6 and more advanced weapons. Given the problem of equiping Mullahs with guided missiles we have excepted it but want to at least give them weapons they might be able to obtain not american made missiles they have zero chance of getting. There is not a single Stinger missile in Afganistan or Iraq now. You cannot even fire a stolen dragon or tow missile so that precludes the enemy from even stealing one and firing it. Some people have argued that even a hind helicopter is wrong but in my opinion its ok as the pakistani army flies for Taliban given enough money. Hey my 2cents but its an easy fix to get it correct. The soviet versions of many weapons while less sophisticated are quite fine weapons. The RPG-7 deminstrates that you dont have to have computers in a weapon in order to kill someone, and it has done that extremly well over the years.
  5. ocgamer

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Has anyone noticed that in SP the save games get corrupted? When resuming a save game the move keys dont work anymore. In any version?
  6. ocgamer

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    I dont have a server control button just the skill level (recruit, regular,etc) would this even make the changes perminent? Or just for that particular days gaming. I have to make these changes, dead bodies, vehicles disappearing and change some of the weapons authenticity to be more realistic because most of the people im dealing with can hardly use windows let alone the parameters screen. While I dont mind being flown in to Kentucky every week to explain these scenarios I dont want to end up living there on a constant basis if you know what I mean Kentucky is not Vegas. I have an expense account that could pay someone to reprogram the parameters to a more perminent basis the way I need it to be. At the very least I can get you into a real M1 tank for some live fire playtime. The weapons changes would be easy its based on actual weapons tests published by the Army. Things like range, accuracy, down time, and maintenance issues like fire to refit times (how long you can fire the weapon till you have to repair it) this is mostly for vehicles but some mounted weapons require much more maintenance than their always functional status in this game.
  7. ocgamer

    GITS Evolution for Arrowhead

    The mods you need to make your scenario run dont include any readme files so how do you know what @name to make them they dont show up in my launcher? like Desert SU-34 doesnt show up or the chenowth and about 4 other files? What gives?
  8. ocgamer

    Warfare Benny Edition ZGM

    How do you change the parameters the fields dont change? In the commanding menu. I want to fix the soldiers removing themselves from the battlefield as well as vehicles.
  9. ocgamer

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    [quote name=djczing;1806514Ive asked Benny about this issue in the BE warfare thread' date=' but have gotten no response. [/quote] Yeah I know the feeling someone here has be knowledgable enough to ask questions. Have you figured out the parameters option in the commanding menu? Nobody seems to know how to change the fields? Im trying to make dead bodies and vehicles stay on the battlefield forever like they should. Trying every key I cannot advance to the toggle field im not sure it even toggles as nobody has figured this out or is this just another bug? I too have noticed the COA error when trying the game if you deselect it in your launcher the game will not even run. You can play the game fine with the error, seems somewhat stable Ive only encountered a couple of errors with save games but all in all seems to work.
  10. Ah I figured it out you have to click on a base but if you dont own a base then you must click on the last spawn area.
  11. How do you respawn or even end the game. Everytime I try to restart it continues on with the previous game which of course I cannot play because I cannot figure out how to respawn???? You click on the respawn button and nothing happens? Also why is the enemy at the beginning of the game already in your first bases? Seems kinda goofy as most meeting engagements start at the center of the map. I have yet to see any allies or friends well maybe thats because I cannot figure out how to start the game. Would you recommend deleting this game and reinstalling it to reset and start over as there doesnt seem to be a restart button.
  12. ocgamer

    [CAMP][SP][A2][UNS] Operation Lowlands

    yeah I think I double clicked the .pbo file and it ran it.
  13. ocgamer

    [CAMP][SP][A2][UNS] Operation Lowlands

    Why does this scenario have to autoload? Why cant players select it from the scenario menu that way we can use a launcher to load the required @uns mod. As my ARMAII icon doesnt have any mods attached to it. How can you load this game in the scenario main menu?
  14. ocgamer

    co30 The Fightback.Zargabad MP

    Hey can you make the game not have to be autoloaded? I would rather selected it from the menu system. As its hard for me to remember this game and find it. Im also getting a termination error immediately the mission fails in the first second and kicks me out to the scenario load menu. The error says I failed the mission and everyone died then kicks me out no way to restart or even load the scenario from the main scenario menu.