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  1. Another very similar thread for your reading pleasure: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141152-allied-infantry (its on page 2 atm ;))
  2. xcal13

    allied infantry?

    To quote another post of mine The thread http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?140366-What-would-you-like-to-be-able-to-mod-in-CCGM&p=2232593#post2232593
  3. Interjecting to stop a flame war, my views are irrelevant
  4. I also spent about 10 minutes before i figured that out, i actually thought they were missile silos (holding missiles to shoot down the drop pods) i even parkoured up on the hill the other side of the gate to get a vantage point to shoot at it (inadvertantly falling down the other side and finding one of those rusted radar stations which can be interacted with yet seem to do nothing, I've found them on most islands, seriosly what are they? woops going off topic sorry :/)
  5. Personally i'd like to be able to take those "drop pods" from the intro cinematic and the start of the campaign then port them into Arma 2 or Take on helicopters, Just because they're awesome :D Thing is i have no idea how to do that at all. It would also be quite cool if there was some mod where we could call in drop pods with 8 troops and land them on islands at a cost of a certain amount of materials, they could even be loaded with Ai soldiers that are on your side (since they already have some sort of fighting ai) would be like calling in ODST's or pelicans.. Space marines? :) The second idea seems more "because it would be cool" then anything, unless they automatically try and hack the closest hackable building they land at, at which point "drop troops" would definately be useful as well as awesome looking. "but lets not forget enemy AA turrets" <-- or maybe add that silo type building seen in the campaign which has to be taken out before troops can be called in.
  6. Anyday thats not a monday, tuesday or thrusday as i have colledge, mind you i play with sig clan so i'm on Arma 2 more than this.
  7. sure i'l join in, but i only bought TOH two days ago and can't fly on expert (no pedals)
  8. Quick question. What goes in slot 2 of the walrus? slot 1 seems to be weapon, slot 3 seems to be utility and slot 4 is Armour.
  9. xcal13

    Price changes?

    I bought the p&c version for £16.48 its now £15.99? that still seems incredibly cheap to me if i'm being absolutely honest. i imagine it's based from euro's and changes as other currency's inflate or deflate.
  10. I have no idea if I entered a code or cheat or if the game just glitched but this happened. Should this even be possible. I'm hoping so making those walrusses fly was incredibly funny :) :confused:
  11. Will this game have old school cheats like in some other computer games where you could, for example press "ctrl x" to bring up a console and type in a code such as "you don't deserve it"? Wow thanks for the reply Bohemia :cool:
  12. xcal13

    ION, Inc.

    no problem :) is it weird that i found the content before the page? That makes 7
  13. xcal13

    ION, Inc.

    http://www.ion-inc.com/press/ Anyone else click on the injured sea turtles link? i couldn't help laughthing can somebody pm me the passwords/logins too :confused: ---------- Post added at 09:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:06 PM ---------- I went with the "staring you in the face" comment and found the first 4. found the mistakes now can anyone tell me those villain names theres and some one else :confused:
  14. I'm the same only I don't have a microphone and i'm 14. i don't speak posh british like in the BAF trailer i don't know anyone who actually sounds like that :j: I may get a micro phone sometime so I thought I may aswell post.