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  1. Fyrd Judge

    Trouble connecting to servers

    Check game, i am back online now, Seems they resolved the issue.
  2. Fyrd Judge

    Trouble connecting to servers

    I am having an issue joining servers. Whenever I try and join a server, I get taken to the map screen then get stuck looking at the map, then a delay and i get the message "steam authentication error". can not get into any online game. This issue started yesterday. I sent a report as 7 others on my friends list are all having the same issue.
  3. You timed it perfectly, now that DAY-Z players are migrating to warfare servers and causing havoc on the majority of servers, especially with arma3 soon to be released in the shops it would benefit the sales of the product and the gaming community. It is scripts like this that should be introduced into the ARMA games as a matter of principle (Go talk to them), they should be protecting the consumers who purchase their products. I hope Benny introduces this into his warfare parameters ASAP. PS Great script.
  4. pls remove, wrong placement
  5. Fyrd Judge

    Trakir5 software update

    I have done. They know about it and are working on it.
  6. Fyrd Judge

    Trakir5 software update

    Done that, but still the problem occurs ---------- Post added at 04:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:44 PM ---------- Ok, i have just reloaded software 5.0 final, all back to normal. So it is the version 5.01 that was the cause of the problems.
  7. Fyrd Judge

    Trakir5 software update

    I used TrakIR 5 PRO for over 2 years and had no problem, unitl i upgraded sofware a few days ago. But i also noticed if i unpower the trakir, i have to press the same keys about 20 times to get them to work.
  8. Fyrd Judge

    Trakir5 software update

    Has anyone downloaded the latest’s software update, in last week and found that within ArmA 2, F7 up to F12 keys are not being Recognised? Or that pressing one key about 30 times, may change one of the keys now and again.
  9. Addon sync allows you to choose between ARMA 2 and ARMAOA and i use that always to pick my servers, so do I need to bother doing all this, or is there a hidden benefit here that I am missing?