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  1. Im glad to see this is being worked on. Testing out the latest git now
  2. We add 4 new servers for 200 more player slots, they filled in 5 mins. Still need more servers it seems.
  3. That isnt the problem... Nor what I asked.
  4. Is there a one with grid numbers? Ive been looking all over and the only one i know of is a crappy extremely slow pdf version
  5. Thanks, its creating the perfect atmosphere imo.
  6. I forgot to ask also, did you ever make any other versions of this mission for other maps? Like say chernarus
  7. I would love to see doom 1 style monsters be added into the game, they wouldnt have to be exact doom monsters if theres a legal issue but something like it. Im talking 2d versions that we can make a mission at night for on lingor or cindercity and have things get crazy.
  8. As if this mission wasn't insane enough
  9. I've got a server test it on, check out my sig for details, or pm me to work out a time.
  10. Sleep

    Interactive Smoke

    Sounds like a great warfx style mod feature to me.
  11. oh yes dirt colored blocks and other textures as well.... Then we start making huge nuclear reactors once you get the industrial mod going! bwbwhahahahah it will never end!
  12. well... I love you :o Theres a bit of issues with the skids and ffv that im sure youre well aware of, but yea... loves going your way right now.
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/ Seems to me it could work without any extra work being done on the game. Get steam setup for it with putting the mods in the right place once you subscribe, installing them, and steam will auto start your game with that mod. This could be a simple workaround for the lack of a simple way to download mods for 70% of the other people who own this game, and with all the mods arma has it could be a good showcase on how much work is being done on this game on a daily basis. It would allow groups to put up packs also, either choosing all the different mods or making their own 6gb or more packs (thats what ours is currently).
  14. Then this wont be for you. The point is to draw in those who dont browse this forum or dont know how to use mods in anyway.
  15. Do you think you could make this a framework. I figured we could just start the same way as always without trying to do the mission itself and only killing things. But a basic framework with no missions to do would be awesome. Used in conjunction with mcc this could be perfect for many types of training. edit: Almost forgot, when we got to the pickup point nothing happened. We waited for about 10 minutes in and around the area.
  16. I can safely say that this mission is kick ASS! The bugs or issues weve ran into have all been posted here. We've been playing this mission all week. Id love to see more built like this i.e. the living world and such.
  17. Sleep

    Avaliable Q4 2012?

    I was glad to see this. I dont want to see a completely fucked a3 thats been rushed to completion while ignoring big issues. Im looking at you physics, imagine the complications with them in this game.
  18. Sleep

    Tactical Breaching

    Nice work. Coiled breaching wire would be nice also.
  19. Sleep

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Can you check and see if the targets (ivans, close quarters, etc etc) can be added into mcc. Either I cant find them or they arent showing up. Lovin this tool still. It's pretty much all we use.
  20. Sleep

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    Just make sure you add the unit names youre fighting against into the settings.hpp
  21. Sleep

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    I hate to sound like a broken rcord here eggbeast, but just check out how ASR_AI does it. Heres the settings.hpp as we use them currently. Their aiming is a bit too off but it works great for firefights and even better large scale battles. this is not our finished version but it works for what were doing right now. /* ASR AI settings this file must be found in <game folder>\userconfig\asr_ai\ for most settings, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled (default) for each feature setting below to take effect, it has to have the comment (//) lines removed */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_feature = 1; /* Mission makers can control these features by setting these global variables in init.sqf the asr_ai_sys_airearming_* settings matter only if asr_ai_sys_airearming_feature is 1 */ /* Enable rearming at mission start */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_run = 1; /* Rearming search radius - how far will AI go to grab stuff */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_radius = 150; /* Civilians will try to arm themselves */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_civ = 1; /* Units will take handguns */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_sidearm = 1; /* Units will take binoculars */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_binocs = 1; /* List of secondary weapons that any unit may take. Other launchers not in this list will only be picked by specialists */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_launchers = [ "M136","RPG7V","RPG18","SMAW","MAAWS", "cwr2_AT4","cwr2_CarlGustav","cwr2_LAW","cwr2_RPG7","cwr2_RPG75", "ACE_M136_CSRS","ACE_RPG7V_PGO7","ACE_M72A2","ACE_M72","ACE_RPG22","ACE_RPG27","ACE_RPOM","ACE_RSHG1","ACE_RMG" ]; /* list of frag grenades that units will look for */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_grenades = [ "HandGrenade_West","HandGrenade_East","HandGrenade","BAF_L109A1_HE", "ACE_DM51","ACE_DM51A1" ]; /* list of smoke grenades that units will look for */ asr_ai_sys_airearming_smokes = [ "SmokeShell","SmokeShellGreen","SmokeShellRed","SmokeShellYellow","SmokeShellPurple","SmokeShellBlue","SmokeShellOrange", "ACE_M34","ACE_RDG2","ACE_RDGM","ACE_DM25","ACE_DM31","ACE_DM32","ACE_DM33","ACE_DM34","ACE_DM36","ACE_M15" ]; /* The asr_ai_sys_aiskill_* settings are only checked once and matter only if asr_ai_sys_aiskill_feature is 1 */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_feature = 1; /* AI groups share known enemy locations over radio */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_radionet = 1; /* Maximum range for radios */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_radiorange = 700; /* Spotting range night reduction coeficient */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_nightspotting = 0.5; /* Gunshot hearing range coeficient (applied to shooter's weapon sound range) Set to 0 to disable this feature */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_gunshothearing = 1; /* Chance the AI group will search nearby buildings when in combat mode (0 to 1 values) Set to 0 to disable this feature */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_buildingsearching = 0.8; /* AI throws smoke when hit */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_throwsmoke = 1; /* Dynamic dedicated server viewdistance adjustment */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_serverdvd = 1; /* Configure AI skills based on their unit type (faction, training etc.) */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_setskills = 1; /* By default skill levels between 1 and 10 are used; 8 and 9 are special skillsets for pilots, not so great infantry combat skills but good spotting level 10 is also a special level for trained snipers Defaults listed below, to change, simply edit the values: */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_sets = [ /* 0 (perfect) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[1.00,0.00],"aimingShake",[1.00,0.00],"aimingSpeed",[1.00,0.00],"spotDistance",[1.00,0.00],"spotTime",[1.00,0.00],"general",[1.00,0.00]], /* 1 (sf 1) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.70,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.70,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.70,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.70,0.10],"spotTime",[0.70,0.10],"general",[0.80,0.20]], /* 2 (sf 2) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.60,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.60,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.60,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.60,0.10],"spotTime",[0.60,0.10],"general",[0.70,0.20]], /* 3 (reg 1) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.50,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.50,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.50,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.50,0.10],"spotTime",[0.50,0.10],"general",[0.60,0.20]], /* 4 (reg 2) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.40,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.40,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.40,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.40,0.10],"spotTime",[0.40,0.10],"general",[0.50,0.20]], /* 5 (ins 1) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.30,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.30,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.30,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.30,0.10],"spotTime",[0.30,0.10],"general",[0.40,0.20]], /* 6 (ins 2) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.20,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.20,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.20,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.20,0.10],"spotTime",[0.20,0.10],"general",[0.30,0.20]], /* 7 (civ) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.10,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.10,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.10,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.10,0.10],"spotTime",[0.10,0.10],"general",[0.20,0.20]], /* 8 (pilot 1) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.30,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.30,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.30,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.70,0.10],"spotTime",[0.70,0.10],"general",[0.60,0.20]], /* 9 (pilot 2) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.20,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.20,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.20,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.60,0.10],"spotTime",[0.60,0.10],"general",[0.50,0.20]], /* 10 (sniper) */ ["aimingAccuracy",[0.90,0.10],"aimingShake",[0.90,0.10],"aimingSpeed",[0.90,0.10],"spotDistance",[0.90,0.10],"spotTime",[0.90,0.10],"general",[0.80,0.20]] ]; /* Add class names below to override their assigned skill set */ asr_ai_sys_aiskill_levels_units = [ /* 0 (perfect) */ [], /* 1 (sf 1) */ ["sf_18d","sf_18c","sf_18z","sf_18b","sf_18e","sf_18a","RUS_Soldier_Sab","RUS_Soldier_GL","RUS_Soldier_Marksman","RUS_Commander","RUS_Soldier1","RUS_Soldier2","RUS_Soldier3","RUS_Soldier_TL"], /* 2 (sf 2) */ ["ibr_mutant"], /* 3 (reg 1) */ ["bink_usmc_tl","bink_usmc_sl","bink_usmc_dmr","bink_usmc_scout","bink_usmc_scout_l","bink_usmc_tl_des","bink_usmc_sl_des","bink_usmc_dmr_des","bink_usmc_scout_des","bink_usmc_scout_l_des","rb_teamleader","RU_Soldier_HAT","RU_Soldier_AR","RU_Soldier_Crew","RU_Soldier_AA","RU_Commander","RU_Soldier_GL","RU_Soldier_MG","RU_Soldier_Marksman"," RU_Soldier_Medic","RU_Soldier_Officer","RU_Soldier_Pilot","RU_Soldier","RU_Soldier_LAT","RU_Soldier_AT","RU_Soldier2","RU_Soldier_Sniper","RU_Soldier_SniperH","RU_Soldier_Spotter","RU_Soldier_SL","RU_Soldier_TL","MVD_Soldier_MG","MVD_Soldier_Marksman","MVD_Soldier","MVD_Soldier_GL","MVD_Soldier_AT","MVD_Soldier_Sniper","MVD_Soldier_TL"], /* 4 (reg 2) */ ["ibr_bodyguard"], /* 5 (ins 1) */ ["ibr_arl_officer","ibr_arl_sniper","ibr_arl_sab","Ins_Soldier_Sab","Ins_Soldier_Sapper","Ins_Soldier_Sniper"], /* 6 (ins 2) */ ["ibr_rebel11","ibr_rebel83","ibr_rebel111","ibr_rebel125","ibr_rebel132","ibr_rebel145","ibr_rebel151","ibr_arl_rif","ibr_arl_rif2","ibr_arl_mg","ibr_arl_ar","ibr_arl_at","ibr_arl_aa","ibr_arl_crew","ibr_arl_medic","ibr_drg_man1","Ins_Soldier_AT","Ins_Soldier_AR","Ins_Lopotev","Ins_Commander","Ins_Soldier_Crew","","Ins_Soldier_GL","Ins_Bardak","Ins_Soldier_MG","Ins_Soldier_Medic","Ins_Soldier_CO","Ins_Soldier_Pilot","Ins_Soldier_1","Ins_Soldier_2","Ins_Soldier_Sab","Ins_Soldier_Sapper","Ins_Soldier_Sniper","Ins_Villager3","Ins_Woodlander3","Ins_Woodlander2","Ins_Worker2","Ins_Villager4","Ins_Woodlander1" ], /* 7 (civ) */ ["ibr_arl_stoner1"], /* 8 (pilot 1) */ [], /* 9 (pilot 2) */ ["ibr_arl_pilot"], /* 10 (sniper) */ [] ]; hope fully this helps, I promise it works much better also :cool:
  22. Sleep

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    Or, you might like to keep it on for kicks![/size][/font] Hahha yea we've grown used to them picking them up and putting them on their back. Thanks, I'll change it tho bc it is annoying.
  23. Sleep

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    This is by far the best solution. Just add the names of the units you use to the script and set them to use one of the presets written within the same script (its much easier than i made it sound there). Works like a charm and easily better than zues. One thing about the picking up weapons tho, if you have civilians in a mission and enemies with weapons go down, the civvies will pick the weapon up. Lets just say our server is short a few civilian ai by the end of those missions.