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  1. Im glad to see this is being worked on. Testing out the latest git now
  2. We add 4 new servers for 200 more player slots, they filled in 5 mins. Still need more servers it seems.
  3. That isnt the problem... Nor what I asked.
  4. Is there a one with grid numbers? Ive been looking all over and the only one i know of is a crappy extremely slow pdf version
  5. Thanks, its creating the perfect atmosphere imo.
  6. I forgot to ask also, did you ever make any other versions of this mission for other maps? Like say chernarus
  7. I would love to see doom 1 style monsters be added into the game, they wouldnt have to be exact doom monsters if theres a legal issue but something like it. Im talking 2d versions that we can make a mission at night for on lingor or cindercity and have things get crazy.
  8. As if this mission wasn't insane enough
  9. I've got a server test it on, check out my sig for details, or pm me to work out a time.
  10. Sleep

    Interactive Smoke

    Sounds like a great warfx style mod feature to me.
  11. oh yes dirt colored blocks and other textures as well.... Then we start making huge nuclear reactors once you get the industrial mod going! bwbwhahahahah it will never end!
  12. well... I love you :o Theres a bit of issues with the skids and ffv that im sure youre well aware of, but yea... loves going your way right now.
  13. Then this wont be for you. The point is to draw in those who dont browse this forum or dont know how to use mods in anyway.
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/ Seems to me it could work without any extra work being done on the game. Get steam setup for it with putting the mods in the right place once you subscribe, installing them, and steam will auto start your game with that mod. This could be a simple workaround for the lack of a simple way to download mods for 70% of the other people who own this game, and with all the mods arma has it could be a good showcase on how much work is being done on this game on a daily basis. It would allow groups to put up packs also, either choosing all the different mods or making their own 6gb or more packs (thats what ours is currently).