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  1. Hey guys, thought I'd start a discussion on the tac-ops DLC, as there's one on the tanks and jets one, so here's what I hope for, situational awareness, as not everyone has stereo sound, and the FOV is rather limited, I'd hope for a nice way have situational awareness in the DLC that makes it easier for a player to 'sense' what's going on around them. One idea a friend of mine and me had during discussions was a small ripple effect on the edges of the UI to show the direction something is coming from(like gunshots or vehicle noises.) Not sure how well it'd work though, but I like the idea of a way to augment a player's limited senses from having to play through a screen.
  2. goldblaze

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    It's too bad asking for a landing craft when they released the vehicle list wouldn't of changed much, would of been nice to have a way to transport the really heavy vehicles across the islands.
  3. goldblaze

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    From my tests, it has around the same or somewhat less armor than a blackfoot helicopter, which might make sense for a attack helicopter drone, don't you think? Also, I seem to have a problem where the mq-12 won't engage a target, it'll just hover there being shot at.
  4. goldblaze

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    lol, I mean the ones that don't have bridges to and from, but yes, would be nice if those bridges could be destroyed too
  5. goldblaze

    Apex Vehicles Feedback

    I kinda hope they add landing craft or something for transporting tanks across the islands
  6. goldblaze

    zeus editing area follow player

    I think your looking for altis life forums.
  7. goldblaze

    zeus editing area follow player

    this addCuratorEditingArea [1,getpos BlueforCommander,200]; sleep 0.5; this removeCuratorEditingArea 1; this i what I have so far, need to fix the bug, and then add a loop, currently this script will be sitting in the zeus module.
  8. goldblaze

    zeus editing area follow player

    Found a possible fix, but it's clunky and I'm not sure the best way to use it, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addCuratorEditingArea https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeCuratorEditingArea these will need to be used in some kind of balenced tandem to make the edting area follow a player, that's the only way I can find so far.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to make the zeus editable area follow the player, so he can only edit 100m around his unit, wondering if this is possible, and if so, how?
  10. goldblaze

    make trigger follow player

    I got the issue fixed with thisTrigger setPos (getPose player1); but I found what I want to do isn't effected by the trigger after init, so I'm off to zeus editing to ask, thanks for your help killzone, :)
  11. goldblaze

    make trigger follow player

    Even when set to anyone it doesn't seem to work. ---------- Post added at 10:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:44 AM ---------- set the trigger to anyone for to trigger for now, trying thisTrigger setPos [getPos player1]; I'm probably doing the getPos wrong somehow as it gives me a error that only one array is filled.
  12. goldblaze

    make trigger follow player

    Doesn't look like it works, I'm trying to get a trigger attached to add editing area so the editable area will follow the player acting as zeus around, maybe I'm setting the trigger incorrectly. The activation is set to none and condition is set to this, if that helps.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make a trigger follow a player, so far I've tried the code line on act: this attachTo [player1]; not sure what I did wrong but it wont attach to the player, any help?
  14. goldblaze

    Zeus SC placment

    Hellos, I've been messing with making a zeus mission for a while, and I can't seem to figure out how to make it so when you place a zeus, a sector can A) be set to be captured by more then just the zeus allies, and B) be set so the zeus has to make sectors capturable to all factions.(so the zeus of that faction can't use the benefits I'd give sectors and make the sector only capturable for his allies.)
  15. Does anyone know how to make it so zeus can give certain players access to a support module? Say I want to place a mortar somewhere on the map, is there a way to allow a player to call support from that by connecting them in zeus somehow using scripts?