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  1. cotabucky

    Xbox Controller Better Mapping

    Avibird 1,Or anybody for that matter lol. Can you invert the right stick without xpadder and still have the great standard xbox360 setup?Remapping so far has wrecked the proper sencitivety when I try and HOW THE %^LL do you do it in Xpadder? Talk about have a hard time lol... When I use xpadder it seems to be ignored when I run arma3 with the standard scheme.Everything is perfect for me except the invert look.
  2. cotabucky

    Xbox Controller Better Mapping

    For the love of all thats holy please just give us an invert switch for looking and flying on either stick(as in invert up and down directions)! It seems so simple to me but has never been done simple in any way.as it is now the default controls as far as sencitivity is great and the layout is just fine for me...The major problem is when trying to look down I have always pushed up on the stick and UP is down.Flight sims for years and RC planes for years,etc. Its kind of like asking me to use the brake pedal for throttle and throttle for brake lol.NOT gonna happen... When I try and remap all good control is gone.Unless i'm doing something wrong the sticks never feel right and turn rate,etc goes all to hell no matter what I set stuff at.DEFAULT layout with invert options gets my vote :) .Tried Xpadder and wasted a couple hours of my life trying to get the invert to work. ...Maybe i'm missing something but it shouldn't be this hard for this long.Love your work Bohemia and the games for many,MANY years but this 360 controller thing is just.Well blows my mind it hasn't been properly addressed yet.Maybe tomorrow??? LOL :) .Mainly just want this for Helis and flight.No replacement for mouse and keyvboard for other stuff imo.
  3. cotabucky

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Keep up the good work and support on the AI issues :) .After the impressive latest Beta patch features and fixes i'm starting to smile again lol(havn't tested it but like the fix's listed).Keep up the good work! SEPT 12th still seems an unrealistic date but you have your reasons i'm sure($$$).Fix and Polish this baby up and I can't wait to see what the Mod and Mission editing community can do from there :) .
  4. cotabucky

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    One thing thats stands out is the support from BIS employees to us PC people.Dwarden especially I can remember commenting to so many people and realy keeping the community informed.I'm here as so many others.To doubt is human nature but to look at BIS track record is a nice moral boost for hope :) .Keep up what you do and have always done.
  5. cotabucky

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    +1 .Nimrod and I have been friends for a long time and up until recently I haven't even had a doubt but WE have been burned before and ignoring the signs is just silly... I am an extreme hardcore fan of OFP/ARMA series for many,MANY years.BIS is my favorite company for many reasons and the 1st being loyal to there fans.I just have to share my concerns.I can only imagine a miracle taking place to get things on track for Sept.Well you have my money and as long as the support continues I will always be here.I just hope some of the realy unstable stuff gets fixed up so we can get back to making missions(again I know its a beta but Sept ready for release???) lol I'm praying for a miracle hehe ;) .Just keep up the good work and like always just be there making it better and better and we will continue to stick around and support you for the long haul.
  6. cotabucky

    ArmA 2 now, or wait for ArmA 3?

    Buy it,Get use to it and get SIXUPDATER and ACE so you can realy get a feel for the mod community and all this game brings.Support BIS ,enjoy the game and all the mission/mods out there and then you will be ready for ARMA3.Plus consider YOU can help the community improve everything and give feedback on what you like /don't like.Its a best buy IMO.I built a computer for this game and have happily never looked back :) .If you like open world Milsim and coop with editor,etc.Its the only best option.
  7. cotabucky

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    As a long time fan of OFP and ARMA2 I tip my hat to BIS team.Dwarden especially from what I have seen he earns his money for sure.Very interactive with the community.I am a huge fan of the MOD community(all of them) and everyone involved with ARMA2 like Sickboy and Sixupdater and ACE is an amazing addition to what is ARMA2.Dayz(YES awesome) and what Dean(Rocket) has done is just great for Bohemias sales but I hope BIS keeps doing what you guys and gals have always done.Make ARMA3 better and better and make what we love about ARMA2 perfected :) .I edit missions daily and hardly ever complete any of them.A buddy and I just keep getting wrapped up in all the editing/scripting,(smashing our heads trying to get what we want perfect :p )story telling,etc,etc. lol. Its a passion for sure.I ask for one thing in ARMA3...Just make everything we want to do in ARMA2 that much easier in ARMA3 lol.Well that and DO add the other bells and whistles like better everything :cool: .If it wasn't for the editor and open world /do anything mil sim.I wouldn't still be here.That,the mod community and all the support you have given us in this incredible game.Keep it up.
  8. cotabucky

    Israel in ARMA3

    +1 ,That just makes sense but what do I know :) .
  9. The thing thats wierd is they would just keep flying over even after all the ground troops were spotted(the ka52 and hind choppers).When using the Mi8 they lit em up every pass.Throwing abrams tanks without ammo got there attention though and all russian heli's attacked fiercly.Just the ground troops were being ignored a lot it seems.It may be something I'm missing but it didn't seem quite right.Seak and destroy did the same thing btw with settings to "no change".Tried other settings without luck.
  10. +1 That is probably true,But I still have hind 24v flying over known opfor infantry in the daylight NOT firing on them.They seem to take out the tanks but thats it.TRY IT.My buddy says when he tries it its fine.I think its the "GUARD" waypoint thats not doing what I want.
  11. As far as I can tell the only helicopter I can get to attack bluefor foot soldiers is the mi8(utes island).The other ones in guard just fly around over the enemy.It seemed the same in the regular official 1.60 update.This is when testing in the editor. Maybe its just the second gunner that is the issue or something I'm missing.As far as attacking vehicles they work fine.Just seems the second gunner in the mi24v doesn't always attack foot soldiers.Am I missing something?
  12. Love the changes to controls.Still don't know how to map the controller but the other changes are great :) .
  13. Latest Beta 160.88207 BROKE as hell! "Error creating Direct39 9 Graphical engine". This is what I get as well as a friend of mine.Unplayable .
  14. cotabucky

    All I can say is

    God bless BIS if they are doing all this work(obviously)to ARMA2 and giving us constant BETA patches improving things to have ready for ARMA3. I am 100% behind this and this is more of the same of what makes OFP/ARMA2 stand out.Instead of changing the wheel they constantly perfect what is broken or needs fixing and improving.That leads to perfection in my book.
  15. Not sure if its the right way but you could group each player to there own trigger and have it fire when they die( as in ! alive nameofplayer in condition of trigger) then just do the points command thing for that player in his own trigger.