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  1. Hey! So what happens to me is that when I join a game when its just started Im in fine but if I have to leave for some reason before the game ends then rejoin it lets me load into the game all I get is a black screen and loading across is then after a while of sitting and waiting praying it will work the de-brief screen come us where I can select "im ready" or "continue" nothing happens when I press "im ready" nothing happens but when I press "continue" it just puts me back into the slot selection screen and if I jump back into the game it just does the same thing over again. I think it only happens on warfare servers as I have never known it to happen on domination or any life server...
  2. Hello My arma 2 and OA giving me a lot of problems recently and I decided to do a complete uninstall of both of these and the expansions. I now have a problem when I reinstall arma 2 it auto updates its self to 1.01 which means when I want to install the 1.00 to 1.09 patch I can not. So what can I do because I need to get that up to date for my operation arrowhead to work as a combined opps :/ Its really starting to stress me out so any help would be extremely appreciated!!! Thanks
  3. Tested it out and what you put in the act of the trigger comes up with a blank error...
  4. Hello Im looking for a script in which I as a pilot can get into a blackhawk chopper and be able to drop a custom ammo box from my chopper for my other players to be able to use if they need more ammunition and then obviously it despawn after a appropriate amount of time. Im not looking for anything to fancy like it falling with an parachute although it would be nice it would add to the realism of my mission but I would be happy with it just to eb able to drop out of the chopper and fall to the ground :) Thanks!
  5. Hello! Im looking for a scripting mentor just to help me get from crawling to at least running. And before you point me to Mr.murrys yes I have read it twice over and I feel as though its only gave me a very basic knowledge of writing scripts. I just need someone to help me out a little just give me some example or help to explain to em as I learn best from hands on work not just reading countless pages from Mr.Murrys. I am a committed and hardworking individual and will not let you down. However what i expect from you is to be committed to helping me out im not asking as well for your full commitment and I understand that you may have other things going on but just asking for one or two days a week for a hour or two just to teach me a few things. I would be ever so grateful... Thanks!
  6. No Im not using mods.. Well only client side ones like JSRS which shouldn't cause a problem. And Im using CO + BAF + PMC and I think that that are only using CO but again that shouldn't cause a problem I dont think... And they launch using steam even though they have hard copys I think I dont know why they do but they do...
  7. Hey! I have a problem. When I host private games some of my friends cant join me and I can not join there games either its really annoying as you could imagine. My ports are open according to when I am on other games like modern warfare 2 but does these ports being open mean that they are open for all of my games? Also his ports are open. So I am thinking that ports are not the problem and something else is? Anyone with experience/solutions to this please help me out!
  8. Hey guys just wondering if its possible to make custom animations in arma ? And what tools you would use as I am thinking of making a zombie mod and would need to be able to give them the sort of zombie walk instead of a normal one... Thanks!
  9. Is it possible to use the AH-6X as a UAV instead of the MQ-9? Im sure in one of the tutorials for Arma 2 OA you can use it as a UAV. I want to use it in a mission I am making as the MQ-9 searches a wide area and moves around a lot and the AH-6X would be perfect for what I want to do... If anyone knows please help me out... P.S: Sorry if its in wrong part of the forums couldn't clearly see any other appropriate ones... Thanks!
  10. im having problems implementing the allBarrels = []; into the init.sqf am still getting new to scripting and so on and before you point me to murrys am in the process of reading it... So could you explain me how to do it please?
  11. Ohh dammit I cant believe I never thought of that haha! Thanks once again!