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  1. Double Doppler

    Advanced Cockpit Interaction

    Bloody fantastic mate I'd love to make some of my future car mods use this system...
  2. Double Doppler

    [MP] Stratis Life

    Well that's very nice of you to release it to the public, something seldom in the A2 world (and I predict, in the one to come). But at the moment I think development of an RPG/porting is very hasty. Especially with the limited features available in the Alpha.
  3. Double Doppler

    Stolen map/mission

    I understand where you are coming from, but at the end of the day, the server bills are coming out of the administration's own wallet. If someone doesn't like what is going on in the server then I suggest they get well educated, learn how to create their own mission and write in programming language, then try doing just what that server did and create their own mission and host it. Sharing is fine, there is nothing stopping it if missions can be locked. Alot of decent mission editors share their stuff nowadays anyway. It is just forced sharing that I don't stand for. How else can someone gain an incentive to create something, if all that will happen is their work to be copied (and sometimes, credits removed).
  4. Double Doppler

    Stolen map/mission

    Most people create unique MP-missions to gain popularity on their server. The issue is, that stealing a mission disrupts the audience for the server it was originally intended for. Most people who steal the mission usually come from a shoddy background, they can't even setup websites for their server, are immature, and TBH, we find them running the dictatorships. It's really not at all like what you are describing it is - alot of people join the servers, teamkill/cheat then steal the mission and cheek the admins/creators of the mission/server. It's a touchy subject, but have a look at how many "life" 'clans' their are out there right now, and the ages of the administrators/mission 'scripters' < 16 years old etc. Their lack of capacity leads to poor leadership, and their clan dies out, just to found a new one, with a never-ending cycle. Alot of the audience for the good sensible servers get scattered around and servers never fill up to the brim. I second the multiplayer scripting guide, but for some (esp. thieves), even that might prove too taxing for their mental capacity. They just want to steal the work and get all the credit for something that wasn't theirs.
  5. Double Doppler

    Stolen map/mission

    AFAIK there is no limit to how much data/lines a string can transfer - and as for proving it, most communities/script-thieves don't care if they are banned/caught, they just keep their server UP, disturbing the original creator's audience... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only way to have one over the thieves is to either: 1) Keep updating your own files with the same expertise and quality it took to make them - YOU have something better than they do, the person who created it, yourself... 2) Obfuscate your mission (RP-Mods did it, I never recall them having any trouble again after they did) Why should mission-creators be forced to leave their missions open for reading? Isn't providing a public server for people to play on enough? I just don't get why some people hate implementing mission-protection, I mean it doesn't damage the community in any way. At the end of the day, if they really wanted the mission, they could always ask for the source or snippets of it. I'm sure the author would be kind enough to hand it over to help them... Oh wait - they pissed him off and are banned from the server - that's why they want to steal the work and create one themselves.... TBH the scripting system in Arma leaves it predictable most of the time - I don't usually open up people's scripts - if I see a nice one, I just observe the function off its YouTube video and compose a plan myself. That way, I can get better at scripting, sharper, and I can pat myself on the back from using my own initiative. However, there are once or twice moments where it does seem not possible without a peek at how someone else does it. But wouldn't asking do?
  6. Double Doppler

    Stolen map/mission

    Unfortunately that technique is old. Some 'kiddies' are known to send commands to the server to look up the file then return it to them as a string.
  7. Double Doppler

    Taser Mod

    Thanks. Didn't realize that. I sent a report to the admin team, they will probably fix it soon. EDIT: Download link is fixed now.
  8. Double Doppler

    Taser Mod

    *Update* v1.1 Added Taser weapons/ammo box. (Editor: Empty > Ammo > Taser Box.) Fixed restrain bug. (Victim seemed to "ignore" restrain and reverted to normal animation after the stun effects were over. Animation strings are CASE SENSITIVE.) ------------------------------ Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  9. Double Doppler

    Taser Mod

    I present to you the first PUBLIC Arma 2 Taser Mod. This mod and its components were purpose built and created from scratch. This mod is avaliable for everyone to use, and works in MP and SP with AI and humans alike. Includes the X26 and X3 Tasers, both equipped with a flashlight and drive-stun modes. Tried and tested by the Life Project RPG. Designed with Life Missions/RP Mods in mind, so you no longer have to use those Makarov 'Stun' pistols... Installation and mission-integration instructions included in the readme. Addon usage and integration is subject to terms & conditions. Please see "LICENSE" section of the readme for the terms and conditions. By using this addon you automatically agree to the terms & conditions. Features: Highly detailed and accurate 3D Models, Textures and Materials, created from scratch for this mod and optimized for the Arma 2 game engine. (No ports from other games or conversions.) Complete configuration. All included weapons feature native animations and most features that the stock weapons have. (Gear icons, working gunsights etc.) Realistic ammo and range for each weapon. Drive-Stun option available on handheld Taser models. Ability to incapacitate a player/unit for 30 seconds. Each Taser is equipped with a flashlight, as an additional policing feature. Red-dot cursor replacement for Tasers, to simulate aiming recticule. Extra media and custom special effects features - pain screens, Taser shot sparks and sound effects. Flexible Taser scripts, designed to have minimal conflict with most Life Missions. Scripts compatible and tested in Multi-Player with a full RP community server. (Comes with a userconfig file, to define your own configuration values.) Scripts are designed to work in all environments, on AI and human players in both single-player and multi-player. Minimal latency and load on the multiplayer dedicated-server enviroment. Addon files signed with the V2 signatures and server-ready, with included .bisign and .bikey files. Changelog: v1.1 (23 February 2013) Added Taser weapons/ammo box. (Editor: Empty > Ammo > Taser Box.) Fixed restrain bug. (Victim seemed to "ignore" restrain and reverted to normal animation after the stun effects were over. Animation strings are CASE SENSITIVE.) v1.0 (22 February 2013) Initial public release. Video Preview: Images: X26 Taser X3 Taser Fully-functional Torches Emissive CID unit Notes: Scripts are required for mod to function correctly. Created and tested on Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations v1.62 and over. Not intended for stock Arma 2 nor tested on it. Mission Editors: Additional installation steps may be required for script integration into missions that utilize the "HandleDamage" event-handler. Credits & Thanks: This modification and its components are created from scratch by Double Doppler Modding. - 3D Models created and UV Mapped by Double Doppler and ported to Arma 2 via O2. - Textures created and mapped by Double Doppler. - RVMATs created by Double Doppler (NOHQ, SMDI etc.). - Scripts and config created by Double Doppler. - Special effects ported over by Double Doppler. Thanks to the Life Project RPG development team & community for MP compatibility testing. © 2013 Double Doppler Modding Download it @ Armaholic
  10. Double Doppler

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    What do addon authors do when they want to release their addon but a WIP forum thread was created? Do they PM admins to move that thread to "Addons - Complete" or do they create a new thread? The tricky part is what does the addon author do when they announced WIP updates in the WIP thread, which gets turned into a release thread? That makes the first post more recent than the succeeding ones which is confusing.
  11. Double Doppler

    Taser Mod

    *Update* The delay in release was caused by unexpected bugs with a full server running a Life-Mission in a dedicated server environment, I could not reproduce the problem in my testing environment because it was not my server, so I cooperated with the administrators into diagnosing the problem. As the main target of this addon is for the RP community, testing on that environment remains the top priority. Due to the nature of communications and organization, and the fact that it is a live server (with real players), the delay is natural. I will be working on getting it out as soon as possible.
  12. Double Doppler

    They better have female soldiers...

    Is all this philosophical talk really necessary? Anyone can carry a gun and shoot at a target... who says that NATO/US-Army must be the only force that will feature them - ever considered the resistance fighters? So I see no reason not to add female soldiers and units who can carry weapons. It shouldn't be too much of a task for the development team, after all, DayZ already "has" them... So I don't see any sane reason why Arma 3 shouldn't.
  13. I remember this! It used to be advertised on the FileFront Arma 2 mod website way back - It was supposed to be a sequel to OFP2 before Arma was out.
  14. The if statement works fine, I tested it numerous times with hint debugging to make sure it worked before I started working on MP compatibility. How the EH being fired multiple times affects the running of the code within the EH I don't know, and I don't think it should, because there doesn't seem to be any documentation suggesting so. Is there any substitute for handleDamage? I need to know what projectile a unit was hit with, who fired it, who it was fired at etc. all that handleDamage offers. What I can't make sense of is that the code does not seem to be processed, from what I can read on the BIKI it says more or less that the only thing that would be affected by using two EHs would be the return value. My one returns the damage done, where as the revive EH returns false. While the return values are different in each EH I can't understand why they should be affecting the runtime of the code inside the EH.
  15. All that remains within the EH's scope is a call to a function, which retrieves the passed array _this and performs a check on one of its variables, then passes another two variables to another function. // Executed within client scope player addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{_this call fnc_handleDamage}]; fnc_handleDamage = { private ["_victim","_selection","_damage","_shooter","_bullet"]; _victim = _this select 0; _selection = _this select 1; _damage = _this select 2; _shooter = _this select 3; _bullet = _this select 4; if (_bullet in array_Bullet) then { [_victim,_shooter,20] spawn fnc_hit; }; _damage }; The problem does not seem to lie in function "fnc_hit" because there is another method that spawns it, via a hotkey, that works OK in MP, with no problems. The revive function returns the value "false" at the end of its statement, mine returns the original values. Would this interfere with the run-time of the code within my EH's scope?