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    [COOP/TVT/SP] DefendTheBase

    Any feedback already? I would be very interested in testing and performance results above 40 palyers.
  2. helling3r

    [COOP/TVT/SP] DefendTheBase

    Yes, it was a mistake; sorry. I corrected it above.
  3. Hello, i want to bring to your attention the release of my Defend the Base! Scenario. This release is Version 31, which should be fairly stable as its in development since 09/2012. What is "Defend the Base"? This mission models a fixed infantry scenario (platoon sized) where one force attacks a prepared and fortified defensive position and must conquer it in a specified time. Defenders can build various fortifications, weapon systems and gear. Starting positions and mission weather conditions are freely choosable. Attackers are a standard rifle platoon with weapons squad and a 60mm mortar section. It can be played in different modes (TVT, COOP against an AI attacker or alone). It is a somewhat assymetric scenario and meant to be played in two rounds, at least if its played in TVTs. Please refer to the provided README for in-depth details about the concepts and the missions details. Also there is some documentation in the mission briefing. Core features 1-85 players supported (platoon sized scenario), but can be also played without AI Highly dynamic setup: Defenders choose defensive position freely; then Attackers can select their staging area, time and weather Higly dynamic defence: Defenders can build static defenses, fortifications, gear, weapons, etc through a COIN interface ACE and ACRE mod integration Supports JIP and spectator Realism and gameplay widely customizable through mission parameters Playable as SP (with teamswitch), TVT, COTVT, COOP, with or without friendly AI (HighCommand support) Focusses on teamplay: Medic is important and can build an CCP Score system enables usage as competetive mission in leagues Play endless variations of the classic attack/defence scenario Where can i get it? What do i need to run it? All Versions need CBA, ACE and ACRE. Chernarus: http://silencers.de/~army/mpmissions/arma2/dtb/cotvt85(1)_defendthebase_a2_v31.chernarus.pbo Takistan: http://silencers.de/~army/mpmissions/arma2/dtb/cotvt85(1)_defendthebase_a2_v31.takistan.pbo ThirskW: http://silencers.de/~army/mpmissions/arma2/dtb/cotvt85(1)_defendthebase_a2_v31.thirskw.pbo (additionally needs KuiK's Winter Camo Pack) I appreciate your feedback and/or bug reports. Oh, and let me tell you that i am already working on a port for Arma3...
  4. Hi there, thank you for your reply. All the constants are defined in the defaults.hpp. The dialog appears and works as intended, i can see no error in-game. Also i cannot find the specified syntax error, the RPT prints out. It truly prints it two times, so maybe that points to a obfuscated other problem.
  5. Hi there, i keep getting errors with a .hpp i made for a GUI. I cannot see any error, however arma.rpt complains... Please advice! The errors: File gui\gui_transferMoney.hpp, line 88: '/TransferCOINFunds/controls/Value_DP_D ash.text': Missing ';' prior '}' File gui\gui_transferMoney.hpp, line 92: '/TransferCOINFunds/controls/Value_OP_D ash.text': Missing ';' prior '}' File gui\gui_transferMoney.hpp, line 88: '/TransferCOINFunds/controls/Value_DP_D ash.text': Missing ';' prior '}' File gui\gui_transferMoney.hpp, line 92: '/TransferCOINFunds/controls/Value_OP_D ash.text': Missing ';' prior '}' The code: // // GUI to transfer money from ones local COIN account to another player. // #define TextLeftX 0.020 #define HandlesLeftX 0.220 #define ValuesLeftX 0.555 #define ButtonsLeftX 0.750 class TransferCOINFunds { idd = -1; // set to -1, because we don't require a unique ID onLoad = "[""initGUI""] ExecVM ""gui\gui_transferMoney.sqf"""; movingEnable = false; // no movement while the dialog is shown class controlsBackground { class MainBack : RscText { x = 0.010; y = 0.010; w = 0.950; h = 0.380; moving = 1; colorBackground[] = {0, 0, 0, 0.6}; }; class MainFrame : MainBack { colorText[] = {0, 0, 0, 1}; style=ST_FRAME; }; class MainTitle : RscText { x = 0.020; y = 0.023; w = 0.930; h = 0.050; text = "Transfer funds"; colorText[] = {1, 1, 1, 1}; colorBackground[] = {0, 0, 0, 0.8}; sizeEx=FONT_SIZE_BIG; }; }; class controls { // Labels class Text_TargetPlayer : RscText { x = TextLeftX; y = 0.130; text = "Target player:"; sizeEx=FONT_SIZE_NORMAL; }; class Text_FundOP : Text_TargetPlayer { y = 0.180; text = "Offensive Points:"; }; class Text_FundDP : Text_TargetPlayer { y = 0.230; text = "Defensive Points:"; }; // Target selection and ammount-sliders class TargetUnit_Box : RscComboBox { idc = 22050; x = HandlesLeftX; y = 0.135; w = 0.500; }; class FundsOPSlider : RscXSliderH { idc = 20002; x = HandlesLeftX; y = 0.180; w = 0.300; }; class FundsDPSlider : RscXSliderH { idc = 20003; x = HandlesLeftX; y = 0.230; w = 0.300; }; // Value labels class Value_OP_Sel : RscText { idc = 22001; x = ValuesLeftX; y = 0.180; text = "0000"; sizeEx=FONT_SIZE_NORMAL; }; class Value_DP_Sel : Value_OP_Sel { idc = 22002; y = 0.230; }; class Value_DP_Dash : Value_DP_Sel { x = ValuesLeftX+0.06; text="/"; }; class Value_OP_Dash : Value_OP_Sel { x = ValuesLeftX+0.06; text="/"; }; class Value_OP_Cur : Value_OP_Sel { idc = 22003; x = ValuesLeftX+0.08; }; class Value_DP_Cur : Value_DP_Sel { idc = 22004; x = ValuesLeftX+0.08; }; // Buttons class ButtonOPTransfer : RscButton { x = ButtonsLeftX; y = 0.145; text = "transfer"; action = "dtb_COINTRANSFER_MenuAction_TransferFundsType = 0; dtb_COINTRANSFER_MenuAction = 1"; }; class ButtonDPTransfer : RscButton { x = ButtonsLeftX; y = 0.205; text = "transfer"; action = "dtb_COINTRANSFER_MenuAction_TransferFundsType = 1; dtb_COINTRANSFER_MenuAction = 2"; }; // close button class ButtonClose : RscButton { idc = 1; x = 0.430; y = 0.300; text = $STR_DISP_CLOSE; onButtonClick = "closeDialog 0;"; }; }; };
  6. No, they are alive for sure. Sometimes, a reconnect also helps for a specific slot...
  7. Hi, i have an strange issue with a mission i made. The JIP-Players are regular slots previously occupied by AI, no special scripts involved. I run @ACE. If a player joins such a slot, he will spawn at the ocean from time to time... whats the problem with that? What causes that, what did i wrong?
  8. helling3r

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I opened a ticket for it so it will get attention: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/70861 My guess is, that it is a problem with the PMR not being deactivating the black curtain.
  9. helling3r

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hi there, i have the same issue; what am i doing wrong? The spectator script fires correctly (called from the respawnAsSeagull.sqf script) but remains all black when the PMR sendet me to the unconsious state and i died within it.
  10. The event handler is initialized from the script that deploys the mortar. The shell is now moved to [0,0,5000] and then deleted instantly. This fixes the problem of the exploding shell when the event handler fired.
  11. How do i do that? How can i know on which units i have to call that thing to swap the camo?
  12. Is there some sort of list i can query? Or how can i check hiddenSelections without having to do it via the editor?
  13. Well, that sounds bad. Is there any other way to create winter camo without using mods?
  14. Hello, i want to create winter camo for a winter mission without to force the player to use mods. Is there a way to load such a camo for units? Or can i somehow "tint" the already present textures? I already played with setObjectTexture and "hiddenSelectionsTextures" but i was not able to create any effect (probably i do something wrong). player setObjectTexture [1, (getArray(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf player) >> "hiddenSelectionsTextures")) select 1]; //^^ and friends like these. Nothing worked so far :( The units i use are default USMC and Chernarus insurgents. Classes e.g.: - GUE_Commander - GUE_Soldier_CO - GUE_Soldier_Medic - USMC_Soldier_SL - USMC_Soldier - USMC_Soldier_Medic - etc Would be glad if there would be some solution that depend entirely on script and content thats already there (so no custom textures .paa files if possible please). Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!