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  1. Might I inquire what cpu usage did you have when you got 25-30 fps with Phenom 955? I just upgraded to PII955 from a C2D E6750 only to see zero improvement in FPS. C2D was using both cores almost 99% all the time. PII is using all cores around 20-60% and the crappy fps follows yet again. What the f**k is wrong with this game?
  2. A2 has some serious online problems. No wonder you can't find a decent PvP action in this game. BI might be working on this matter, but imo they should have worked it out before releasing the game, 2+ years ago. The f*cked up netcode is a game-breaker. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/1915 2 years, most voted, still unsolved. This should be brought to ppls attention when they are thinking of buying this game. Well at least now they can experience the warping for free with the free release.
  3. Atkins

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    Yes, as I've said earlier in this thread that answers to the OP's question can be found in the "Why is this game not more popular?"-thread, as well my speculation why it is so, and as well my reasons why I don't play A2 mp as much as i would like to. To be honest this topic is redundant and could me merged with the other topic. To Pufu, I did not say that I wanted BF game within A2. Whatever that even means. (I haven't played BF2 actually, just PR and FH2). I was using PR as an example how public gaming can be fun, organized and relatively easy to get in to and still drive towards realistic/immerse gameplay in huge maps with a lot of human players if the game developers decide to do it so without resorting to the "join a clan"-argument. By no means is PR perfect. But seriously, PR has solved/alleviated many of the problems that were mentiond earlier like example; The VOIP/TS issue is a bit alleviated; only 1 common Mumble server for every game server out there (each server has its own channel). This lowers the threshold to connect cos you don't have to find out ip address to every server you connect. This may seem stupid how ppl are so lazy for pathological players but casual players (which make the bulk of players) are indeed "lazy" (or ignorant) in that matter. The current game mode is explained while connecting to the server. It pretty much takes conscious effort to not read this info. And in general the easiness of connecting to a game. Find a server, click it and play. A2 server hunting usually ends up (if not to the fact that there is no PvP action going on) in the announcement that you are missing some weird ass mods/addons. Basically anything that lowers the threshold for casual gamer to engage in a game increases the popularity of the game. Note that this does not mean that the game has to be easy to master and arcadish.
  4. Atkins

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    I doubt no one doubts that generally private clan games are better than regular public play. But I still insist that it is not the answer to the whole general problem and it definitely is not "the way forward". To Zipper, PR has several game types, at least in BF2 engine. Those may not be to your likings but they seem to draw quite many ppl to PR at least. PR is just a mere mod but at any given time it has more ppl playing pure PvP game than A2 even though I would imagine it would be the other way around considering what can be done with A2. I just wish BI would learn from these rants in here that there something wrong with the game. Find out what is holding back the mp and fix it. Though I might be in the wrong place, asking wrong stuff. If BI designed A2 to be mostly played as a out-of-body-experience-with-crosshair shooting warping bots from hill tops while using TS then ignore everything I said... cos it definitely has succeeded in that area.
  5. Atkins

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    Okey these were some of the answers i got so far; * Ppl don't know what they are doing in public PvP * They don't use TS/VON * They TK * They lolz * It is a chaos Now, BI should look into why these type of things happen. Why ppl don't know what to do or who to shoot in public? Is there perhaps some room for improvements for the mission description itself or the way this info is laid out to players. Or perhaps something else? The thing with TS is that every clan out there think their TS server is the best thing since sliced bread and want everyone to join their Ts. First of all ppl should be using the in-game voip, which offers great deal of diversity and possible ways of communicate. Now if ppl are not even using that, then BI should be asking themselves again, why arent they? Is the interface too complicated or perhaps some other reason? Bad quality? Anyway, I get the feeling that you think the public play is bad and non-existent cos ppl are plain idiots but have you ever stopped to think that there perhaps might be something wrong with the game as well? And i don't mean the hard to master part. A game can be easy to learn and hard to master. It doesn't have to be impossible to figure out and hard to master. And to metalcraze: have you even played PR:BF2? Cos there is a reason why no one uses the bloody TS in PR; PR has 1, just 1 big common Mumble server which has channels for every actual in-game server out there. But the mumble is there just to enable 3d voip which AA2 has built-in. Anyway I am glad PR is coming to A2 so we might even see some PvP action in the public in the future.
  6. oldy; use this to report stuff like that: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/inv44/issues
  7. I have completely missed this mod. Looks awesome and can't wait to try it out.
  8. Atkins

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    You are still avoiding the question. Join a unit to enjoy mp is not an answer to the question. It is more like a work around for a more fundamental problem. It is still avoiding the fundamental issue why there isn't that many players in A2 mp as you would expect. And I do not mean the 2 to 20 ppl bot shooting-fest coop (I count CTI to this category). I mean real PvP 32+ player mp. Anyway who thinks that 32+ player PvP is not possible in a public server should try PR for BF2. You would be suprised how organized it can be if the game is designed to do as much as possible to basically force ppl to play together. Now the admin thing is new to me. It still begs the question, why won't they host? Is it because ppl won't join and admins feel that they host for nothing when no one joins, if it is, it leads to the same basic fundamental issue, why ppl won't join and play it? And you see this as a good thing? What is wrong with you people?
  9. Atkins

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    You guys just have a different idea in your head what teamplay means. A better description for the lack of teamwork in BC2 is the lack of coordinated communication. The BC2 type teamplay is more of everyone-knows-what-to-do without having to tell everyone what to do. Anyway, the typical fix to come around the lack of MP in A2 that has been mentioned here as well (join a unit) does not solve the inherent issue; Why people do not play PvP MP in A2? At least to that extent what you would expect. A2 has all the aspects that would make you think that it is the perfect place to see huge PvP battles; it has huge maps, wide variety of units etc., diverse, good build-in communication system. Yet you don't see Project Reality type success when it comes to the pure PvP gameplay. BI should think about this a while. What is holding back the A2 for not coming a huge success in MP? It doesn't take a genius to understand what is causing this. The answer to this can be btw found in the thread "Why isn't this game more popular". After reading that thread a while you will soon find out what matters exactly are holding this game back... BTW, If ArmA3 will not fix these issues, same thing will happen with that game as well.
  10. Clans could use this steam group to announce PvP sessions: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/i44 But as long as the gameplay is warping pos, I expect that servers will remain empty... A possible solution could be to make a simple small missions without any particular scripting nor heavy vehicles etc. so that the gameplay would be as smooth as possible and playable with only 4-20 players. (When 20 players are online, the next map could be slightly bigger, for 10-40 players.) So a small area/village that allows pretty instant action to get the game going on. There is no way in hell a server is gonna fill up when ppl have to travel 30 mins just to see the 1 enemy that is 20km away and to get killed and repeat that. Server admins should allow a wide variety of FPS enhancing addons to be used to maximize the player base that could join their server. Shooting warping bots/humans with 15 FPS is hardly enjoyable and not everyone has a SB 2600K@5,4Ghz with SLI GTX 580. PS. Do a similar user interface to change class etc like PR:Arma2 will have.
  11. Afaik PR:Arma2 will have 0 bots in the regular gameplay just like in BF2:PR.
  12. Atkins

    184 cpu test with arma2

    I find that list quite useful actually. Makes it easier to decide should one upgrade cpu from e.g. E6750 to 2500k or PII 1100T. Price is about the same but the other one gives about 33% better results.
  13. Atkins

    Why is this game not more popular?

    True. This thing has nothing to do with consoles nor graphics ( well maybe a bit with flipping LODs) What ever the problem is, it is feeding a loopback system that makes the whole issue worse; Low player amounts keep new players from not joining. This holds true in my case at least, every time I check to see if there is any I44 (or some other) action going on I find that there are servers out there, but with max 30ish players and they all play against bots (blaah). So I just start PR and go play 64 or 128 PvP without f*cked up netcode.
  14. Add a working MP concept to that (read: PR:Arma2) and we will have a huge success and influx of new players in no time.
  15. Don't care about bot warping that much but was the actual human player warping diminished with this batch? Has anyone yet tested this...
  16. To the OP; If graphics is the scale you measure the degree of quality of games, why are you even asking this here. Web is full of A2 pics and videos and even demos. Unfortunately those don't tell the truth about the gameplay...
  17. Atkins

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey until someone provides better and larger statistics...
  18. 3 ways. First, maps are so large and there will be so few players that you will hardly even ever see enemies nor their vehicles which makes the whole issue a non-issue. Second, you will be rubberbanding and desyncining so badly that you are not even sure if you are in the same server with your own tank which effectively will makes you quit the game, so once again vehicles are a non-issue. Thirdly, if you ever come across with an actual enemy vehicle, he will be warping so badly that you can't even hit him. Me? Bad experiences with A2 engine? Noo..... :)
  19. Eeh, I could not find any servers running this beta. Are there any out there?
  20. Good to hear. Thank you.
  21. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/1915 I know it is about AI in the issue topic, but afaik it is the same issue with human players and it is almost 2 years old and most voted in the dev heaven. So I presume BI knows about it. Either they don't know how to fix it or they dont care or they have their priorities twisted... More about this: Multiplayer lag/stutter on moving objects Latency 2010 and still warping/lag Multiplayer in Arma 2 - Is Warping (Lag) and Cheats still an issue?
  22. Just one big ArmA2: WW2 would indeed be awesome for the players, but I can understand that the groups won't get together for various reasons. At least Finland at War and S39 are working together. Keep it up. GJ.
  23. Yeap and those leaked videos show that it is indeed present in PR as well. This issue should be nr 1. in BI's list of things to fix. :mad:
  24. Pz2 and Stuart may have similar issues. + it seems that colliding with other tanks doesn't always produce any particular crashing sound.
  25. Atkins

    Ai- Teleporting

    http://dev-heaven.net/issues/1915 A2 netcode sucks. Live with it.