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    Project Reality: Arma 2

    For those that would be interested to try out PR in a bit organized manner, RGG clan seems to be hosting a event (again) this sunday: Operation Cuckoo's Nest (24/06/2012) 14:00 GMT. More info from here.
  2. Atkins

    Will Arma 3 be better optimized

    Getting 680 wont necessarily boost ur frames, but it will rather give u option to increase some settings. I got 560 Ti SLI and same cpu and the difference to 1 560 Ti is that I can bump up AA etc to make the game look better. About the topic itself; Guys, expect that A3 will run like crap and will be in dire need of optimization, just like A2 did (and for some still does) and you won't be disappointed when A3 is out. Expect the worse, hope for the best.
  3. Maybe I am just slightly blind, or then I don't know what to look for but I don't really see any difference there. Or maybe I need more coffee to wake up completely :-/
  4. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Very informative guide. Cheers. 1 question though; Do we still need to install the OA hotfix, and/or does OA beta patch do the same thing? I haven't told anyone to install any hotfixes to play PR and kind of forgot that there even was one for OA.
  5. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/30792 Can we have decent binocular handling for the 1.61? I bet DayZ players would appreciate this as well...
  6. I doubt there are any cpus for that laptop that would make the game smoother for u. You pretty much have to buy a new rig, a desktop kind. Arma is not laptop friendly.
  7. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    It is a small group so they can't release that often, or so I've heard. Anyway, the current version is highly enjoyable as it is. No major game-stoppers or anything. Biggest complaint from the current players seems to be that the 19 missions are not enough.
  8. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    PR improves Arma2's public PvP gameplay. That is about it. It's not supposed to be an overall-modification catering all Armaverse players. PR is a no-hassle-PvP mod for Arma2. Imo the name Project Reality is a bit misleading in the case of Arma2 cos A2 is already quite realistic and PR doesn't really expand the realism of A2 as much as one would expect. In the case of PR:BF2 the jump from vBF2 was huge but in the A2 case PR is just a PvP mod with some extra tweaks.
  9. Is there net site with a server list? Could not find IFL in gametracker. There was few servers in http://arma2.swec.se/server/list with the search parameter "iron front" but only 8 servers are found, all usually empty.
  10. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Could u elaborate some more why the A2 version of PR sucks? Perhaps the devs could make it better if they got feedback from players who tried it and didn't like it. Imo PR:BF2 is great, PR:A2 but is great as well, even so great that I haven't played the BF2 version after A2 1.60 fixed the warping. Ace+whatnot might be great as well, but it usually demands u to join some unit/clan and play at a specific time. In the mean time u could try PR. It might not be the best (nor that realistic) but it still has players and u can get a decent public PvP gameplay going on. Valid reasons, cant argue with them. I just hope some of the mod makers at least look in to it. Well it didn't fell that flat. I think releasing PR before OA 1.60 was just bad. The warping was just so god awful and probably turned away a lot of folks. I for one could not play it in that state. But now PR (and A2) works quite well and there are pretty constantly players in PR at EU evening times. More would be welcome ofc.
  11. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    I wonder why some Arma2 army faction mods are not porting more eagerly to PR custom factions. On top of their own mods, their work gets more publicity and the makers still retain the credits. Win win imo. I would like to see FDF, Swedish Army, IDF, Germans, Russians etc present in PR. Just like PR:BF2 has about 13+ factions.
  12. I agree that it is absolutely possible that way and possibly the best way (experience wise) indeed but that holds true for all games and mods out there. Planned, organized unit based fight nights are a good thing but rare. I was rather talking about public (non-unit) based PvP mp gameplay earlier. PR is the only one where that actually works in armaverse, imo. If u don't count DayZ ofc. I was just getting this faction idea from PR:BF2 where there are already about 10 released factions and several on their way; http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f66-pr-bf2-community-factions It creates diversity but all united still.
  13. No, not every mod should nor needs PR framework. But it would help in the public PvP aspect of mods which currently lack it. Imo most mods in public PvP side did not work perfectly well before 1.60 patch and still don't, even PR was horrible to play before it. There is and always has been room for improvements on the public PvP aspect of arma2 mods. Most importantly that it is completely non-existent in most of them. I could not imagine what there is to lose from Unsung's ( or add any faction here) point if their units would be played in the public MP a lot more on top of the sp/coop and they still would get the credit for their work. I would be thrilled to play Vietnam stuff in public PvP and when there would not be a game going on, try some SP mission. But yeah, i suppose this won't happen. I am just a dreamer... :-/
  14. I would rather see Unsung stuff incorporated to PR:ARMA2 as a custom factions (or addon, or a mini-mod) to provide solid PvP MP gameplay. On top of that you could still play the SP/COOP etc. if you want to. Unsung could be to PR:A2 what PR:V is to PR:BF2. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f487-pr-vietnam-general-discussion
  15. Are there any servers (with players) running PvP missions with veteran settings?
  16. Have u tried different servers? Afaik, DayZ has some FPS issues atm. Also try at the Editor to see how the game runs in different parts of Chernarus.
  17. Atkins

    Graphics options

    Well, they could have made the same alterations as Oktane did so you don't have to run an addon.
  18. Yepp, FSAA looks a lot better. It reduces the flickering of distance objects and things like cranes and electrical wires look like they actually have AA but with SMAA or FXAA it looks the same as without them :( I wonder what kind of GPU(s) it takes to use FSAA > 4 in Chernarus cos I really can't set it higher than 1/2 (low/normal) without getting stutter when near the orange colored trees. And I am running 560 Ti SLI with 19x12 resolution. Could the 1Gb DDR5 be the culprit?
  19. Yes ofc. I've tried almost all PPAA settings according to the arma wiki page. I just don't see the benefit from either SMAA nor FXAA. FSAA is way superior.
  20. What am I missing, I just can't see any improvement from neither FXAA nor SMAA, no matter what i choose from arma2oa.cfg. But when I enable FSAA in-game I can see a clear benefit (and gpu hit as well). What is the difference with FSAA levels "Low to Very High" and "5 to 8"? Is it just a continuum of FSAA or what?
  21. I would not mind if BIS would take another look at Chernarus and fix some performance issues (the orange colored trees wtf), made more houses enterable, enhance the lights ofc and whatnot tweaks and stuff. I bet the almost 100000 DayZ players would appreciate the effort. I suppose someone could make a dev-heaven ticket about Chernarus and then we could bump it.
  22. Bump. Could u BIS guys check if the latest version with all the bug fixes would suit BIS security demands. I really like to read these forums with Tapatalk, at the beach, while drinking beer...
  23. I've reinstalled, updated and whatnot but tapatalk does not work with BIS forums atm (and neither with DayZ). Every other forums works well. You can find the BIS forums in the app but connecting fails and the app tells to contact BIS forum admins. I wonder if BIS has disabled tapatalk support perhaps? Can anyone use BIS forums with Tapatalk atm? Edit. Nvm, just found this; http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?125567-Tapatalk-smartphones-app-for-forums-browsing/page6 BIS has disabled it.
  24. I think there something wrong with the Tapatalk support atm. I haven't been able to connect to the forums via Tapatalk for ages. Can anyone else confirm this?
  25. One atm; http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma2/?query=i44&sort=c_numplayers&order=DESC