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  1. Armalite

    1.54 artillery computer problem

    Hey, im having exactly the same problem. the coordinates im given are given for my min/max engagement range are stupidily high even on close range. Min = 35602 Max = 55388 That is on [semi-Close], my issue is that the server i play uses ace for all its games, i am currently patched up to the latest version so im wondering can i anyway edit these ranges without having to remove ACE from my game ? or is there a fix/way to cure this problem ? thanks
  2. Armalite

    Customizable Characters / Camera View

    Not everybody plays in 1st person ... I would too love to see small customisable features like hats, helmets .. i hate wearing helmets in some games and would love the option to swtich to say a boonie hat or skull cap instead without the only way being to change units in say an ACE style game. and as for looking like Soldiers and not clowns, granted and understandable .. but think about it .. when boiled down .. Arma is a game like anyother and as such should include fun little features like customisable options if available.
  3. Armalite

    is hitting targets to easy?

    I find it varies, some missions and tasks its esier to hit the enemy then others , perhaps that just me but theres nothing as satifying as drawing an M60 or M249 and squeezing the trigger to mow down an incoming attack or patrol ... :D
  4. After speaking with STALKERGB in PM's he suggested i try and ask for the following. his British UK RMC units and 3rd para being made available as replacements for the standard USMC in Arma 2. i myself have no idea how to script for replacements but i fiqured for the british army fans this would be a good addition for Arma 2 Thanks
  5. Armalite

    Arma 2 Vehicle Issue

    Hmmm ... I would also like to know if there is a cure for unharmed self exploding vehicles for Arma 2. my issue seems to be for all game types and its usually after 5 minutes of being static that the vehicle will ignite and destroy itself . is this part of the game in respect of rezzing or limits to vehicles in game or can this be fixed as a bug of the game .. any help would be much appreciated.