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  1. I wonder what virus upload mission you're talking about. For me, since i met miller, he only gave me a mission to inspect an abandoned CSAT sight, then he gave me the mission to go check out the harbor near the bridge on the south-eastern island, then from there he told me straight about the dome and also told me about the sunken plane, but since i got a mission to destroy the dome in the tasks list in the map, and since i've already visited that island before and knew where the dome was (and it wouldnt be hard to find anyway), i skipped going for the plane and just jumped into my Neophron, dropped a GBU on the dome and Miller invited me to the island, from which we evacuated on a submarine and game was finished. Never got to upload no virus anywhere...
  2. For me the Xian stopped showing up after i raided the nothern airfield on the big island, killed everyone there and left in a Xian, and a Neophron stopped showing up after i killed everything in an airfield on the north-east island and stole a Neophron from there. So now only the heli shows up for me. Gotta find where its base is i guess... Although not long before my savegame bugged i saw a heli far away in the sky frozen in one position with noticeable pitch and roll angles (so not hovering) and rotor not moving, and after that it stopped showing up too, but then my savegame bugged so couldnt really enjoy lack of enemy air support for long.
  3. No, never knew such thing existed in Arma 3
  4. There are repair offroads? You mean like jeeps? Where to get one?
  5. I did too, but then much later in the game i went there to test the militia attack function. I was nearby since militia was attacking the nearby checkpoint, which is very close to a safe house, so i teleported there and cleared the checkpoint, and then i wanted to test the assault function and since those bases were the closest to me, i chose one of them as target and went there. But the attack didnt happen, from what i understood, even though the base was manned. Had to clear it alone.
  6. Alright, i'm in my first playthrough, and today after i saved game and fast travelled across the map i got a black screen. I could walk and do stuff but couldnt see anything, the screen was black even when you press M for map, and i think i even heard the sound of map opening but nothing on the screen. So i tried to load the save and game crashed with 0xC000041D - STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION. Restarted game, tried to resume the campaing, crashed with the same error. I need a fix, i'm not going to replay all the tedious hours i spent getting a neophron, a repair, ammo and fuel truck, gettin all the gear, money, etc. I saved crash report but cant figure out how to attach it.
  7. Yes i tried with both radar on and radar off. Yes. Go to the big volcano area, where the secondary and mobile AA radars are. Around those bases there are patrols of 4 CSAT soldiers with supressed CARs and CMRs. The patrols are quite abundant at least in my game, i was even killed by one while laying on a hill sniping another one in the distance.
  8. So i got into a Xian and flying around and the AG guided missile doesnt lock onto anything, even hot and moving targets like marids and cars.
  9. Shift

    Moral Fiber - failed help

    My mission now works as it should too. As always i accidentally wondered into Pyrgos and killed every greenback and vehicle before triggering the waypoint at the cemetary so after i triggered it mission was complete in seconds ._.
  10. Shift

    Moral Fiber - failed help

    Yes i have vanilla arma 3 with all the dlc
  11. Shift

    Moral Fiber - failed help

    Same to be honest with you guys.
  12. Shift

    Moral Fiber - failed help

    I also tried different things, i think the trigger doesnt activate because the APC's and cars stay at the point of first firefight, when they should arrive at the warehouse too. I tried damaging the APC's and cars and when i damage them they seem to start moving and going further down the road but the mission fails due to friendly fire. I think maybe they were supposed to be damaged somehow during the first firefight but for some reason that fails to happen. Just a wild guess.
  13. Shift

    Moral Fiber - failed help

    Hi i'm playing campaign for the first time, in this mission after the first firefight with AAF we proceed to clear the warehous but the trigger at warehouse never activates and the APC's stay at the place of first firefight forever. Is there a way out of this so that i can get to the next bugs described in this topic?
  14. Shift

    Install arma 3 apex edition

    Ok so today Apex installed, i didnt even remember that i bought it. How can i disable or uninstall it since i cant join my favourite multiplayer server now?