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  1. Moral Fiber - failed help

    My mission now works as it should too. As always i accidentally wondered into Pyrgos and killed every greenback and vehicle before triggering the waypoint at the cemetary so after i triggered it mission was complete in seconds ._.
  2. Moral Fiber - failed help

    Yes i have vanilla arma 3 with all the dlc
  3. Moral Fiber - failed help

    Same to be honest with you guys.
  4. Moral Fiber - failed help

    I also tried different things, i think the trigger doesnt activate because the APC's and cars stay at the point of first firefight, when they should arrive at the warehouse too. I tried damaging the APC's and cars and when i damage them they seem to start moving and going further down the road but the mission fails due to friendly fire. I think maybe they were supposed to be damaged somehow during the first firefight but for some reason that fails to happen. Just a wild guess.
  5. Moral Fiber - failed help

    Hi i'm playing campaign for the first time, in this mission after the first firefight with AAF we proceed to clear the warehous but the trigger at warehouse never activates and the APC's stay at the place of first firefight forever. Is there a way out of this so that i can get to the next bugs described in this topic?
  6. Install arma 3 apex edition

    Ok so today Apex installed, i didnt even remember that i bought it. How can i disable or uninstall it since i cant join my favourite multiplayer server now?
  7. How to improve visibility range?

    Yes, i would like to know how to get more visibility in my multiplayer missions and how to get even those 4km out of BECTI mission
  8. How to improve visibility range?

    Ok, i tried it and for some reason the same mission with the same weather settings and video settings produces different resultes when saved as multiplayer or singleplayer. In singleplayer i get full visibility, i can see all of Stratis when i fly the plane, but in multiplayer when everything is the same i get what you see on the screenshots above. So the question is now how to achieve same visibility in multiplayer?
  9. How to improve visibility range?

    I remember there used to be a preview button in the editor when i played arma earlier but i cant find it now
  10. How to improve visibility range?

    Ok i made detailed screenshots. On the screenshot one i create a simple mission named 1 in editor with just me in a plane sitting on the runway, i set all weather to 0 I save it into multiplayer missions, go to multiplyer, press New and choose the mission named 1 The mission starts and immediately we see some kind of fog/haze which becomes totally non-transparent at about 1.5-2km I tried to play with the visibility settings, i noticed that i only see changes when i go under 600m. If i go under 600m some object that are in front of the fog/haze dissapear (note the red marked area) If i set visibility to any number higher then 600m nothing changes, you can only see changes when visibility is below 600m. When it is above there's no difference when it's 4km or 12km View in flight. In flight it looks like the haze/fog is about 3-4km away from the point of view regardless of visibility settings
  11. How to improve visibility range?

    Oh yes sorry i forgot that BECTI has maximum 4km view distance which i set to maximum, but when i just place a unit in editor and go to that mission its the same like on those screenshots
  12. How to improve visibility range?

    Here, i made screenshots. This is what i'm talking about. The mission is BECTI Zerty, i chose clear weather in mission options. my PC which is actually a gaming laptop is quite weak though, maybe it has something to do with that?
  13. How to improve visibility range?

    Where do i set this bloom? Here's a screenshot of what i'm talking about
  14. How to improve visibility range?

    Will it remove this fog-like white thing? because its not that i get just clean low-res terrain and dont see objects, i see nothing, its like clouds but all the way to the ground.
  15. Sorry for noob question, but i am a noob so. My problem is whenever i play there's always this kind of fog thing that limits visibility to about 1-2km especially when flying aircrafts. How can i get full visibility of at least 5-10km? My visibility in video settings is maxed out. I tried different missions, tried creating my own missions and making weather as clear as i could (remember i'm noob so maybe i just dont know tricks in weather setup to get clear sky). I have two computers and i have this problem on both of them. I cant even land a Nephron properly because by the time i spot the landing strip i'm already misaligned or too high and fast or too low and slow, just because i didnt see it until like 2km away. Its really frustrating.