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    Can you add the ability to flip a vehicle when it's right-side up? Sometimes I run into these situations but I can't unflip the vehicle because it's upright. A vehicle is on top of a house. I would like to flip it until it's on the ground and right-side up. It's high-centered on a tree stump or a rock. The wheels aren't making enough contact with the ground. It's pinned in between two trees or rocks.
  2. biggins

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Thanks for the update! I have been using these weapon mods since Arma 2. The variety of rifles, 3D models, textures, sounds and heat distortion are great! I found an error in the Readme file. The Magpul MOE classnames are wrong. Wrong names: RH_m4moe RH_m4moe_g RH_m4moe_b Correct names: RH_M4_moe RH_M4_moe_g RH_M4_moe_b Thanks again for all your hard work! :D I enjoyed the Mk14 EBR models from Arma 2. The BIS Mk18 ABR is disappointing.
  3. biggins

    EricJ Release thread

    Wow! That was quick! This will definitely tide me over for a while. Thanks again!
  4. biggins

    EricJ Release thread

    This mod is awesome and I've been playing with it a lot, mostly in missions I created in the editor. I love the rifle sounds and the variety of weapons. I don't really care about pistols either, they just get in the way when I'm looking through the ammoboxes. I have noticed some issues detailed below. They are mostly nitpicky things but hopefully you can fix them so the next release will be more refined. HK41716_mag and HK41712_mag are compatible with HK417 rifles but they don't fire rounds. m24Silencerw_ej (wood) is not compatible with M24 Desert or Woodland. AKM, AKM tactical and HK418, when fitted with a suppressor, do not have a suppressed sound in semi-auto mode only. ej_mzls_H and ej_mzls_M do not suppress sound. SFLMG_ej and SFLMGT_ej are not compatible with any rifles. SFSOCOM_ej and SFSOCOMT_ej are listed in the ammobox loadout but not defined anywhere. Legacy equipment? Legacy scarhnt_mag and scarh_mag are listed as compatible magazines for ej_scar_h_lsw causing an error when loading a mission. scarhnt_mag and scarh_mag are listed in config file in class CfgPatches{class EJ_u100{magazines}} section. Thanks again for all your hard and tedious work!
  5. I missed a few classnames as of v4.17: Also, most of the uniforms have a Rolled Sleeve version. Just add "_rs" to the end of the classname. Long sleeve: tfa_KHK_nwu2 Rolled sleeve: tfa_KHK_nwu2_rs
  6. I have a nitpicky complaint. The Ghostex Alpha 3 and Golf 1 patterns seem to have purple pixels instead of dark brown. It may just be the way my video card is rendering them but I'd rather not wear purple camo. ;) Hopefully I'm not stepping on Spectre's toes but here's a list of classnames I have compiled.
  7. The only reason I looked in the bin file was to find all the classnames. I wasn't modifying it or stealing intellectual property. I was trying to help Spectre find typos and missing or old code. Those files can get pretty big and sometimes it helps to have someone check your work. I would suggest keeping the crates. There are probably some newbies out there who don't use the Virtual Arsenal. I've known about it for a while but just started playing with it a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again Spectre!
  8. Thanks Tacti-Cool! I haven't downloaded that yet. I'm still having fun with the original. I noticed these plate carriers are not working. They're in the [TFA] Gear Box crate script but not defined anywhere. TFA_PlateCarrierH_AOR TFA_PlateCarrierH_Worn TFA_PlateCarrierH_Worn2 TFA_PlateCarrierH_Khk Keep up the good work SpectreRSG!
  9. This is a great mod! I seem to have a fascination with camo patterns and finding TFA was awesome! I've been playing around with classnames and found a typo in the config.bin file. I'm not sure because I'm looking at it in the binarized format. I know how to unBin the file but I haven't bothered to install BI Tools yet. The typo is the helmet TFA_ECH_DES. It should be TFA_ECH_DESERT. It's correct in one place but wrong in another. Also, can I request the 6 Color Desert (DBDU) camo pattern? The chocolate chips pattern used in the 1991 Gulf War. I was watching the movie Black Hawk Down last night and noticed most of the Rangers had 3 Color Desert (DCU) uniforms and 6 Color Desert helmet covers. I was also looking at the Delta Force guys with their black Protec helmets, DCU uniforms and black plate carriers. One more thing, can you include a text file with all the classnames in your next release? There wasn't one in v4.16 or v4.17. Thanks again SpectreRSG! This mod rocks!
  10. Thanks for creating this mission Lato. I have enjoyed it so far. I had a small problem when arresting a civilian. I was not able to fit the civilian in my vehicle because it was full. So I drove back to the FOB while he ran behind the vehicle. When I got back to the FOB, he stayed in my squad and I could not get rid of him. I loaded an autosave and tried it again with a bigger truck. I told him to board the truck and we drove to the FOB. This time he was successfully turned over to base security and removed from my squad. Also, I have a request. Can you turn off the hide bodies feature when someone is killed and you search their body? Sometimes I want to steal their ammo or weapons but I can't because they disappear so quickly. It's not a big deal but it might enhance the gameplay a bit. Thanks!
  11. biggins

    Kryptek camo - WIP

    Oops, I found a small problem with version 1.0. Please use version 1.1 instead. Sorry Foxhound. The main PBO, Replacement packs, HTML classname file and backpack filler scripts are included in this download. Changelog v1.1 Added texture for drop leg strap on one of the Highlander models. Download version 1.1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/5rmqbq3mjvii7g9/Biggins_Kryptek_1_1.7z
  12. biggins

    Kryptek camo - WIP

    Kryptek Special Forces version 1.0 Release Version 1.0 is finally here! After spending many hours working with GIMP photo editing software, I am happy to release this to the public. The biggest addition is US Special Forces replacement packs for each pattern. I have also added backpacks in Highlander, Mandrake and Typhon patterns. There are some example scripts in the 7z file to change backpacks and fill them with ammo. I did a lot of searching before I found a good script, then it took some trial and error before I got it working. I included these scripts to make it easier for novices. My biggest thanks goes out to Massi for allowing me to use content from his 75th Rangers mod. Thanks to Valken and Crow_X for suggesting changes, even if I didn't take their advice. ;) Also thanks to R0adkill and Foxhound for adding this mod to the Armaholic website. Here is a screenshot to go along with it. Click the thumb for full size. Changelog version 1.0 Added replacement packs for U.S. Army Special Forces. Rebuilt all textures and added more detail. Delta1 and Delta2 clothes look different. For example, Operator = Delta1 and Team Leader = Delta2. Added backpacks in Typhon and Mandrake patterns. Refined texture for Highlander backpack. Changed helmet color for Highlander and Urban. Added Light units with no headgear (Rifleman and Medic). Removed goggles and glasses from most of the characters to allow users to customize them. Removed BAF and PMC addon requirements. Requires Operation Arrowhead or Combined Operations. Enjoy! Edit: Download version 1.1 instead.
  13. biggins

    Kryptek camo - WIP

    The default pack is supposed to be Highlander. I used a pic from a Grey Ghost Gear backpack. http://www.greyghostgear.com/images/350/6002-15_3.jpg I will probably redo the texture so it looks better and matches the Highlander camo I used for the uniforms.
  14. biggins

    Kryptek camo - WIP

    I have added backpacks in Mandrake (green) and Typhon (black) patterns. All characters will spawn with the Highlander (brown) backpack but you can add your own scripting to remove the default pack and add a different one.
  15. biggins

    Kryptek camo - WIP

    I'm not sure if there is a headgear mod. The other guy may have been talking about adding glasses or balaclavas. I've seen other mods that included Light models with no helmet, so I figured that's what he was talking about. The backpack was just a bonus. I assumed anyone who was serious about backpacks would use ACE or another mod so they could match the backpack to the clothing. I will consider adding backpacks in different patterns but the units will not spawn with the matching pattern. The player will have to write a script to make the player spawn with the matching backpack and add contents to it. I'm not sure anyone would do that. After all, if the enemy can see your back, you're already screwed. I won't be adding any custom patterns. I'm just using the patterns Kryptek has released to the public. They haven't released an URBAN DESERT pattern. I think 5 patterns is enough. If the Army adopts Kryptek's patterns, they will probably only use Highlander, Nomad and Mandrake. So adding Urban and Typhon is already a stretch. Thanks again for the suggestions.