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  1. randomize position (assuming you have 3 marker named "pos1","pos2","pos3): spawn it like that : and Order attack like that to limit a trigger by mission time insert in Condition Field (exemple where trigger will be activated after 10 min mission started):
  2. http://rapidshare.com/share/76FA5A9E31EEB0CA3DE2FDF85343442B you can download RUIS.script modified from here, you can call it like before, 600 time between each wave, (wave are set to be between 30-72 units) and 20 the number of wave, before spawning a new wave it will waitUntil {(count allUnits) < 73}; you should integrate a cleaner script in your mission, to remove dead body and empty group , there is one in RUS script but it is only run 1 time per wave
  3. Explication : when you call this script using : and this configuration : There is 100% chance that 25 groups of 5-15 units spawn, (the script add a minimum of 5 group) 5% chance that 3 light vehicles spawn 5% chance 1 armored vehicle & 5 chance Air vehicle spawn IN ONE WAVE ! that is pretty too much :) you have to edit variable is RUIS script , exemple using same script call line and modifying variable in the script like that : There will be 5 group of 5-15 units (cause the script call a minimum of 5 group, you have to change this line 5 is the minimum group the script add.trying to explain you but its hard if you have an exact number of ennemy you want to spawn, maybe i can give you an exemple mission
  4. Give me more information about And How you call the script ! i am sure i can help
  5. Hello, i am trying to make this script working, it places an object (here _missionlocation) around an object (here _myunitsleader) all work till here but i want it, if the object is less than 500m away from _unit1,_unit2,_unit3 and _unit4 to select a new pos its why i use "while", i want it to get a new pos till the position be 500m away from my units, the script work but sometime the object is placed 300m away from units and i get hint telling me correct position were found >.> i did several try and try again before asking you dear community but if anyone can help or just try to help , many thanks in advance
  6. that's it! i am looking for the A2 specific version! , thanks a lot Fox ! [edit] Perfect it do the trick ! thanks again ^^
  7. Already done, but send me back here or on OA version
  8. Link to download revive script for arma II vanilla version is dead (On first page of this thread) , there are 2 link but both are dead :s anyone have a link working ? that would be great
  9. Thanks for replying :) i tried but it's not working :s here what i tried ; PopupMenu.sqf : And in CreatePopupMenu.sqf here what i have : CreatePopupMenu.sqf :
  10. I Have problem with a dialog menu, i get from a template, (All credits to Author) All Work fine, except one things, i hope someone can help me. Here the problem : The player can call "Menu" in action menu, Here all work fine but when you Open Menu by Clicking on "> Menu" Error Message appear, but all work fine, i just want to remove that error message cause even if all work fine, it's not very serious to have that error message. here script i use (i repeat this script is not from me, All Credit to Author) PopupMenu.hpp : PopupMenu.sqf i hope someone will find solution ! Thanks in Advance :)
  11. i have this line in a script called from Server : {if (((group _x) != Yankee) AND ((group _x) != FoxHound) AND (_x distance Base > 400)) then {_x setVehicleInit "search = this addaction [""Examine the corpse"",""Search\Search.sqf""]"}} foreach allUnits; sleep 1; processInitCommands; i can't find why it's not working ;s and -showscripterror don't tell me anything :o Any Help is Welcome !
  12. Thanks ! you're right ! here what i have and it's work (not tested in mp maybe you can tell me if it's gonna work) init.sqf {if ((side _x) != west) then {_x addEventHandler ["killed", "null = [_this select 1] execVM ""Clude.sqf"""]}} foreach allUnits; Clude.sqf _this = _this select 0; search = _this addaction ["Look for a clude","Clude\findclude.sqf"]; FindClude.sqf _luck = random 30; if (not((_this select 1)==player)) exitwith {}; _greg = _this select 0; if (_luck >= 25) then { hint "You find a clude"; _greg removeaction search;}; if ((_luck >= 20) AND (_luck < 25)) then { hint "you find a piece of clude"; _greg removeaction search; }; if (_luck < 20) then { hint "you find nothing"; _greg removeaction search; };
  13. yes that's it, check if they are not west and not alive and if its true so addaction to their dead body :o