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    Former Marine, Gamer, Flight Simmer, UFO/Paranormal freak, Gun lover, RPM junkie, Owned by Macaw
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  1. Clan Info: If you're looking for a group of team play gamer's then please give us a look. We operate well managed servers, and we have an awesome community of supporters! ARMA 3 PUBLIC SERVER LIST See our ARMA 3 TS3 "channel description" area for up-to-date server info: ts3.veterans-gaming.com VETERANS-GAMING PUBLIC #1 ver. K Dynamic_War_Sandbox_VG VETERANS-GAMING PUBLIC #2 ver. K Dynamic_War_Sandbox_VG VETERANS-GAMING PUBLIC AW30 STRATIS DOMINATION VG (join TS3 for pw) -Dynamic_War_Sandbox_VG COOP is 25 player -Domination VG COOP is 30 player For current info on server mods, requirements and mission updates please visit: http://www.veterans-gaming.com/vg-plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?31993.0
  2. BLuDKLoT

    RH PDW pack

    The PDW has been a favorite since Rogue Spear. Cheers.
  3. BLuDKLoT

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    You're pretty helpful too Savage :)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Blud from VETERANS-GAMING. I wanted to drop by to say hello and introduce myself and our community. We Host an AO Server and have ARMA featured on our site as one of our main stay games! We love ARMA and are looking for people to play with. Your house, ours, wherever! We'd love to get a BIG game going, the full Server type. Can you guys recommend the best way to get something like this organized? Most of us are veterans or older dudes, but we have some young blood too, so it's all good we'll game with anyone, just bring your Warface! If you need some help with ARMA, or if you'd like to do some gaming (or both) drop by anytime. Server: VETERANS-GAMING COOP INSURGENCY/SOAR VETERANS-GAMING COOP Regards, Blud