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  1. This is correct... However, when it was white before logging in, and dark after logging in, not sure why someone would think it wasn't related to their account on said website.
  2. Fourty7

    FPS in Eden doubling via hiding HUD

    After thinking about this for a bit, my only assumption for what's causing this is; When the HUD is open, it has to read a lot of data to fill the right menu (mainly the object database), and when it's turned off it's not reading data... However, this seems unlikely for two reasons; I would not expect the amount of (data) reading done to be a constant, but the frame drop is measurably constant & consistent. There is never a delay when turning the HUD back on, where generally when you open something that needs to refresh its list by reading data there's a delay. May be the case, but I don't think so?
  3. @Janez Thanks for the reply & info. Very odd place to have the theme selector! :P
  4. Hey guys, I was coming to post something else, wanted to make sure it hadn't been posted before via searching, and ran into this; When you go to search on the BI forums, the filter options it offers are shown as white text on a white background. I am not 100% sure these are supposed to be buttons, but there were what looked like checkboxes to their left (Not really visible in video). It had been a while since I'd been to the forums, so I had to re log-in. Prior to logging in, the color theme of the website (Forum) had a completely white background, and when I logged in it switched to what you'd call "Dark mode". I was assuming this was the cause of the issue, however I checked my profile settings, and account settings, and did not see a way to choose a color theme / disable "Dark mode".
  5. Hey guys, I generally don't work in the VR map/island, but I have been recently. I noticed that while editing, if I press backspace (To hide the HUD) my FPS goes from around 150 to 275-300. This is most likely a thing on all islands/maps, but I only noticed it because my GPU fan went to 100% every time I was turning the HUD off. Just wondering why the EDEN HUD causes such an extreme FPS drop, also if this is expected behavior or something I can change/fix? ***After Edit*** Did some testing to verify, and this does happen on other islands, but with significantly less of a FPS change (About 5-10% on Altis, tested in a object-dense area + in ocean looking away from island, about the same percent).
  6. Fourty7


    The option does exist for all items spawned via Vehicles & Units (AI) sub-menus, however the option is not available for anything spawned under Aircraft, Naval, or Defenses? eg; Maybe this was intentional for Defenses because they have the option to disassemble, however if anyone would like to put non static-weapons into the defense asset list the map clutter could get crazy fast.
  7. Fourty7


    Notes / Ideas / Suggestions; CP Multiplier (setting on Warlords main module) does not effect awards for kills (10CP per kill regardless). The ability to modify CP cost for Arsenal (An option in the Warlords main module?) would be a great addition. The Y-32 (CSAT VTOL) has issues landing, possibly already fixed in the 1.90 update. An option to manually delete (recycle CP?) owned vehicles / AI units would help abandoned things, and allow players to purchase units/vehicles if their group is too large. An option to set the "attachTo offset" of defense objects would be useful for custom objects. Adding objects other than static turrets that are larger, you can end up inside them after being placed with no escape, death, etc. Not sure if per-object XYZ object offset can be implemented (An optional extra line in an asset's class list?) but could really help the custom warlords scene IMO. Maybe consider adding some things to "Defenses" like Sandbags, Hbars, those metal military buildings? Maybe even the drones (since they can't land) & the Jets DLC drone AA emplacements (eg; Pretorian)? The last few being kinda OP, could be balanced with cost. Also kinda wondering how they'd get handled by garbage system. Here's a video of using some other objects as Defenses while testing stuff. *** Not looking for answers, or acceptance. If you like the ideas, cool! ..If you don't, COOL! :D *** Take it easy, -Farty7
  8. Fourty7


    Hey guys, I've been trying out making a Warlords scenario using the tutorial documentation + some threads around the forum. Naturally I want to make a custom asset list, but I was wondering about doing something specific that I expect may already exist, undocumented?... So when you create objects (editor, game, scripted, etc.) you have the ability to run commands on said object (initialization code/script). Is there any way to add an "init script" for specific assets? eg; class C_SOME_CAR { cost = 100; requirements[]={}; init[]={"this setObjectTextureGlobal [ 0, "#(rgb,8,8,3)color(1,0,0,0.7)" ];"}; }; I'm assuming this isn't how it would be done (if it can), however, it would be a great option to have IMO. Personally I intend to use it for "painting" custom (workshop mod) vehicles Blue & Red for Blufor & Opfor respectively, but the ability to write init script for assets could be very useful for many things. If it's not available at the moment, could be worth adding if it's not too much trouble. Thanks & Take care! -Fourty7
  9. Fourty7

    Lock mouse to window option

    After doing some research, there's actually a command in C for this; https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms646262(v=vs.85).aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 Hope this helps.
  10. Hey guys, I've had this issue for ever in ArmA 3. I assumed an option for "Lock mouse cursor to window" option would show up over time, but it hasn't. The issue I have is that the game will alt tab if you click a mouse button while the cursor is not over the game's window, which can happen very easily since you switch between the mouse controlling the player & the cursor frequently. It happens more often if the user has multiple monitors, but it is possible to happen on a system running a single display and the game on fullscreen mode. To make things even worse, sometimes (aprox 1/30 times) when it happens, after alt-tabbing back into the game or clicking on the window's taskbar icon the game goes into a state where the mouse cursor, when placed on the display with the game, will alt tab as soon as you click. When in this state it clearly shows the windows mouse cursor the system is using, and not the ArmA 3 mouse icon (the "star trek" shape with no bar to make it an arrow) which is why it minimizes the window when the mouse is clicked again. It also seems to stay in this state until voodoo magic is performed, in the sense of... Sometimes alt tabbing back in fixes it, some times clicking the task bar icon fixes it, and sometimes trying both options 15 times each will eventually fix it... always unpredictable. A lot of games used to give the option to lock your mouse cursor to the game's window. I'm not very knowledgeable on coding, if this isn't an easy option, if new bloatware I mean operating systems (w10) caused issues with it etc.. I would seriously appreciate not being thrown out of the game in the heat of the moment then being stuck immobile for an unknown duration while the game continues, and I can't imagine I'm the only person who's seen this issue. I would suggest putting the option in either; Settings-Video-Display, or Settings-Controls-Mouse if you consider it worth the time. Thanks!
  11. Hey all, Recently I've been working on a 3D model which I intend to create a short video with as an intro for a friend's ArmA videos. The object is reflective metal, and I can use a spheremap to get the reflections on said object without needing it to be in the world / engine. Here is the thing I'm working on using a few different spheremap images (Real life not ArmA) I had already https://imgur.com/a/Gy1Nu For reference, a spheremap is a 2:1 image made using a camera that has an FOV of 360 degrees horizontal by 180 degrees vertical (Captures everything in all directions), then applied to a sphere (with default sphere UV mapping) which surrounds the camera/scene. For reference, here's what a spheremap looks like https://imgur.com/a/T0NCf I tried my own hack-job method, by setting the FOV manually in my .Arma3Profile to the following settings; #SpheremapBorken (180 x 287.99) fovTop=3.141592; fovLeft=5.026547; Since my main display is 16:10 I figured I'd try to set the vertical FOV to 180, take two screenshots (using splendid camera + backspace) in opposite directions and do some cropping + scaling in photoshop, but the FOV wasn't actually 180 degrees after going into the game and you can't manually set the angles for the camera (to my knowledge) other than mouse (inaccurate). I'm thinking there could be a way to control the camera with the debug menu, but I only know about 1/100th of arma scripting language :P Anybody have any ideas?... Or is there potentially a tool that exists for this already in the engine? Thanks for your time either way!
  12. Fourty7

    How much Arma have you played?

    ArmA 3 : 6,300 hours ArmA 2 OA : 3,300 hours AKA 400 days of running ArmA :X... https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561197961135345/?cc=us Scroll down to game list and sort by time lol. I have a bit of an obsession with flying, also mission editing! It's one of many problems I don't try to fix. ;D
  13. Fourty7

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Cheers haha :P. I can understand how it was missed.. Without taking the unit out of the turret, or previewing / running the mission & looking at all the slots you wouldn't. I'm guessing it's the same Unit Class used for all Autonomous vehicle/turrets used this way, but might need to re-check the properties of multiple (Eg; Autonomous Laser Designator turret).
  14. Fourty7

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Bug / Issue : AI versions of turrets always playable. I noticed there's no way to set or remove the "Player/Playable" status of the unit controlling the AI versions of automated turrets (Body-less unit controlling MK30A type). Tried resolving with code but there's no way to set a unit to not playable, also the following command apparently does not currently work. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPlayable Here's a very quick video showing what I mean in MP editor. (Fullscreen to read anything sorry) You'll actually notice they show up as a "Player" (red not purple) even when there's multiple, which should not be possible I thought? Anyone know a way to jerry-rig this problem, or was it overlooked? Obviously I can not use the AI turrets, but I'd really like to and don't want them to be player controlled. Thanks guys! Apex & Tanoa are amazing.. the sugar factory + N/E port are the best helicopter playgrounds yet ;)
  15. Hey guys, I've been considering doing a big RTS style mod, most likely Red Alert themed at first. Part of the mod will be a Commander unit comparable to Zeus, and it will be fine with Perspective camera, but an Orthographic one would just "make it". If this is already implemented in the engine, or if someone has already Jerry-rigged something alike would be awesome! Only idea I have is a grid of cameras with low FOVs? 100% a bad idea, not actually considering lol... Thanks a lot for reading though.