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    Born in PÅ‚ock, where I live now, currently attending to school, in future I want to be a doctor.
  1. --- Mistake. Haven't seen "empty vehicle" part.
  2. I think issuing command "stop" or "wait" should get the job done.
  3. Maciek95PL

    Voices volume

    So here's my problem: in campaigns or missions, when my character says something, voice is loud enough, but when others talk, they're very quiet. It doesn't matter if it's on the radio or not, nor if it's speech from mission or regular AI saying that they've spotted someone. Can you help?
  4. First you have to create yourself. Place any unit, then "Empty" will appear. At least that's how it works in ArmA.
  5. I also would like to ask for older cars, so they fit Chernorus. Different GASes, Ladas, Warszawas, Syrenkas, Polonezes (I do realise how it sounds- "Polonezes..."- but I guess it's the proper form. :D
  6. I know that you can use trigger to check if any vehicle is present. You have to group this trigger with wanted vehicle and then edit the trigger as you wish. Just remember to group it and not synhronise. The same with guys. I don't know how to check if you've landed.
  7. You have to use right windows key. Or other one of 4: alt to ctrl. I don't remember.
  8. Does it mean that I should turn off ASR while using ACE?
  9. Maciek95PL

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    I've finally had enough time to finish your mission and I have to say, that's the best mission I've ever played! Great work!
  10. Maciek95PL

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    Yes, I've tried. Sometimes it driven farther, but it never gone far enough.
  11. Maciek95PL

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    It looks very prmising. English subs are working, thank you! Now I'm stuck on the cutscene, where It's probably because of mods I'm using. I'll try without them. Great mission for now. Very atmospheric. :)
  12. Maciek95PL

    [SP] For The Life Of A Friend

    Can someone tell me how to turn on English subs? I can't understand German but I'd really like to try this mission.
  13. Maciek95PL

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    I can't do much myself, but look here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Vagabon789 That's awesome.
  14. I've stopped on this mission too. I guess it is possible to finish it, but you need a LOT of patience.
  15. You shouldn't have to do so. Maybe you've changed options or you just don't have binoculars. It's very basic, but I can't tell you anything more advanced.