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    Emita City

    Oh man, I am soooo sorry about that. I guess it just completely missed my mind or something.
  2. jsanders

    Emita City

    Whoa that's a lot of city. Also, Bad Benson, it seems like he (she?) is already doing something like that. One more question: About how long does it take to get from one end of the map to another?
  3. jsanders

    Emita City

    How much of this map is open terrain, including parks?
  4. jsanders

    Emita City

    OK, good. Most airports are locate towards the outskirts of an industrial area, with a little bit of the suburbs mixed in.
  5. jsanders

    Emita City

    You guys know that scene in Generation Kill where Sgt. Espera is talking about inducing orgasm with your mind? Seeing this map made me come close to achieving that! Oh, how close is the airport in relation to the industrial area?
  6. jsanders

    Emita City

    Wow, it's looking really good. Keep it up!
  7. I am requesting Chemical Warfare. Whether it's trying to keep it real with The Lost Brothers, simulating trench warfare with Invasion 1944, or coming up with a hypothetical "worst case scenario" with the Generation Kill mod, I think it's time to have some chemical scuds, missiles, artillery, and other means of dispersion in ArmA 2.
  8. jsanders

    Emita City

    You should make the city vibrant and varied, like one side is the suburbs for all the rich and well-off people, then there's a middle class neighborhood, filled with less expensive homes and virtually no parks. And then you have the ghettos, with run down apartments, lots of chain fences, poorly kept streets, maybe you can add the war-torn part of the city somewhere inside of here. And then you have the financial district, where people from all walks of life come to work in a labyrinth of various businesses and enterprises, filled tall skyscrapers, dark alleyways (perfect for an insurgency *wink**wink*). And of course the tourists' destination. Every major city has one. San Francisco has Fisherman's Wharf, Seattle has Belltown. This should have at least 1 famous landmark, a lot of shops and probably a pier over the city's ocean, if it has one. And, of course, the University District. Drawing influences from Seattle's own UD, yours should have nightclubs, bars, a soccer stadium, a lot of bus stops, small apartments, and a lot of restaurants. And, finally, you should have an industrial part of town, one where you can find hundreds of cargo containers, docks, and smoke stacks. Maybe you can somehow install the Chernarussian Electrical Grid somewhere in here. Well, that's all I've got for now. P.S. I'm not good at modding or texturing, but if you need help in any other way, I'd be glad to pony up my services.